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  1. suicidal_yaoilove
    hey guys HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!! been busy with all school and no fun so now i'm having fun collecting ang pau!!! well i'm using streamyx, but when it rains it kinda slowed down...
  2. kavz30

    Wishing all of you a belated Chinese New Year! To the non-Chinese members, hope you had a great holiday too!

    *hugs to all*
  3. Rage78
    @Cheezy - I'll have to check out that dictionary you mentioned. I tried NJstar but um, evidently I need to learn more bout using it LOL! So many things there left me blur blur..I'll have to get the pirated version w/o the 30 days limitation.
    Ah, screamyx...you can't live with it, you can't live without it...which just sucks for us since they don't listen to what we want. I guess all those portable USB thing depends on how close you are to their source and how many othe thousand ppl in your area is using them - if you want good speed. My friend is using Maxis but he said he had to sorta hang the maxis thing outside his window to get a good reception XD..but apparently they will charge you extra if you exceed their monthly cap. I think he said it was 3GB or something. So if you do a lot of video streaming and dls then, you're gonna choke blood paying for it.

    I love going to Low Yat..just love the way they ***** bout Screamyx..some of which makes me laugh.
  4. suetlana
    It's been a while. It's now the second month of the year. Time sure flies faster these days LOL~. Hehehehe Just posting random message here. I'm lazying around from marking the papers...lazy....lazy....lazy.... when the laziness attack, nothing you can do

    Aww...that was suck about maxis. 3GB is really not enough. I could used 3gb in one day. That suck if I need to pay extra for another 29 days!! and screamyx LOL~ Let all scream out LOL~
  5. Iscariot_XII
    marking papers? U teacher ah?
  6. suetlana
    Yeah, marking papers. A teacher Primary school! I don't know what should I do with them (my students). Half of the class got 0 out of 40 for paper 2. By the way, I'm teaching math. I feel like cursing them to stone LOL~ What the hell did I teach them in class T__T. it's like they didn't absorb anything. They might be stone already, that's why they didn't absorb anything. I should have curse them into sponge! God, please present me with more patient to guide the not so bright students that I have, amen
  7. kavz30

    i feel for you ... i was a bad math student and i barely passed each exam/test...tahan tahan...
  8. suetlana
    kavz30, at least you passed!!!! I would like to have you in my class . I've combine with with paper 1. guess what, only 1 out of 40 students passed ;_; is it my fault? ;_; Tapi I br ajar them a month. whet the hell did they learn from year 1 to 5 . It's going to be one tough of a year T___T. Yeah, I tgh bertahan ni . It's not their fault to be born not so brainy like us
  9. dohkajou
    you teaching primary 6 huh?at least they a little bit easy to handle.my cousin is a teacher at a kindergarden and she always told how she wish to strangle some of the naughty 5 y/old.ahaks~
  10. suetlana
    hi! dohkajou~ yeah. year 6 but I also teach year 1,2 and 3 which I find it quite okay. The class control is okay but the ability of them absorbing the knowledge is the problem T___T. since they're from the last class of year 6. Yeah! I totally understand your cousin! You would wish you could strangle them!! I have my time when I teach primary one and two where some of them are very hard to handle that you they would absent everyday Being a teacher nowdays really does need a lot of patient because pupils now are not as obedient as we were
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