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  1. sakurai93
    really?? i thought borders dont sell japanese stuff.. and what is VF??
  2. iruka92
    @sakurai93 > ViewFinder @ You're My LovePrize in Viewfinder by Yamane Ayano. It's a great GREAT manga and hats off to one of the most sexiest male, ever ALIVE! *fufu*
  3. cheezy
    @GBirdie: Usually those Japanese Tankouban cost about RM29.70 (usually published by Kadokawa and Zero-Sums). But shoujo cost cheaper, about RM22... Don't know why though

    @sakurai93: I'm pretty sure Kinokuniya doesn't bring in any more BL magazines since years go. Usually you'll have to order the books 'cause they just don't bring them in anymore, unless someone asked for it x.x Now, if only Borders brings in Japanese books too... It'll save a lot of hastle, but they then to charge shipping fee >_>;;
  4. sakurai93
    @iruka92: oh... lol.. i just finished reading that in 2 or 3 days ago..XD

    @cheezy : oh.. really? so i need to telephone them and said i want it?? is it ok for me only? lol.. yeah..i hope borders have japanese stuff too.. i love buying seiyuu magazines.. XD
  5. cheezy
    You can try their website first to see if they have the books you want... If not, well, I've never tried calling them, it's always the other way round XD Usually I'd prefer online booking, but their customer service these days really sucked and they don't really process japanese books for you >_> So, I'm stuck with ordering up front for books that isn't in their database in the website.
  6. Rage78
    @cheezy - The Chinese Bilingual Point...? Is that a particular brand of dictionary? I don't think I came across it in MPH or Popular...All they had was that Tuttle and Oxford...Tuttle is wayyyyyy too costly.

    Now I know what my friend meant when he said that chinese translation like to shorten stuff...XD
  7. sakurai93
    @cheezy yeah.. already tried the website.. it sucks. -.-" oh well, i just call them, one day.
  8. aarinfantasy
    Hi all! It's been a while...me too busy with some fansub things. Guess what? Kirepapa OVA2 will be out very soon! I am almost done with it~ Probably tonite! (But dun spread it around yet, I am sure some ppl still dunno) hehe.

    @sakurai93 and others who's interested: Yes you can order books from Borders but they will charge you extra RM5 for it if it's special order for you. You can call them (the Borders you visit) or you can go over their info counter and ask to place an order. But before ordering, ask them if it's available in stock (sometimes they keep inside store and not on shelf), if not then check if they are shipping/restocking it so you don't have to pay the RM5 special order. But the RM5 one ensures you will get the book (may take weeks).
  9. sakurai93
    yay.. thanks aarin.. lol.. i already watched kirepapa ova 2 chinese sub a few days ago coz of too bored.. and i think it's gonna be out like an hour from now... well i just download it tomorrow.. i havent done my homework yet.. XP
  10. evangeline90
    Kirepapaaaaaaaaaa *screamssssssssss*
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