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  1. yuyue_hirakiseira
    living in Penang... must know how to drive side by side along those bikes as Penangites love biking...
    compare Penang and KL, there are more bike than cars...
    anyways i live in Penang....
    i hate driving but due to my mom who wouldn't wanna drive, i got to drive it...
  2. iruka92
    @silvis - *sigh* Because mine is a public school ... and ... yes. Ignorant students like me are most likely going to be in hell because of em.. I DONT LIKE COMING TO SCHOOL!!! *_* .... its not like my results are bad.. i have tuition.. haha. Anyway ... its .. creepy.

    and i'm the ketua keceriaan/spotcheck for the whole school now. *ka-ching* .. Give me the cellphones! Haha.

    @Val - will miss you, really.

    @minna - GONG XI FA CHAI ~ ~ anyone got makan2 .. i wanna join liao ~
  3. GBirdie
    Hey there guys.... I'm gonna be going to West M soon to celebrate CNY there, at the same time.... thought just wanna look around to see if there's any Yaoi mangas that I can find there? I'm pretty sure there aren't any here in Sabah though...
  4. sakurai93
    i'm from KL.. XD i' still in secondary school.. i'm too young aint i? lol.. i dont usually buy yaoi mangas though.. so expensive.. but i manage to buy 2 of them at kinokuniya.. ^^
  5. GBirdie
    kinokuniya?? doko da sore?? where's that?

    Expensive, meaning how? what's the price range like, per book....? Coz I never really bought much manga before, though the pricing last time was pretty cheap I guess.... I don't know about now, much less about yaoi.
  6. cheezy
    @GBirdie: Kinokuniya's in KLCC But I think you'll have better lucking looking for English BL manga in Borders. Either Mid Valley's Gardens or Time Square

    @sakurai93: XD Not young at all, my sis bought Gravitation when she was what... 11? I feel so bad corrupting her...

    @Rage78: The Chinese bilingual's point size's kinda big, it's easy on the eyes too. Maybe should use that >_<
  7. sakurai93
    @cheezy.. lol.. i'm 16 and i already watch sensitive pornograph when i'm 14.. hahaha.. btw, does borders have lots of BL?? i go to kino and there is only 1 BL manga but when i go to borders in times square, i found 5-10.. sometimes, i hate malaysia for making us hard to get BL manga..

    @Gbirdie.. well i think the manga u said is like the cheap ones that can be found in any kedai mamak. lol.. malaysian publishers wont publish a BL manga, so all yaoi fan here just have to go buy imprted BL manga from US which usually is RM43.99 i think..
  8. GBirdie
    Thanks to cheezy and sakurai93. But RM44!? Wow........ that's a steep price.... By any chance are there original Japan/Japanese copies? If any, how's the pricing like...... more expensive??
  9. sakurai93
    dont know.. i tried searching that day and cant find one.. it's so hard to find a yaoi manga in kino lately.. they just dont sell lots of these things once at a time.. that time, i tried searching ciel tres tres or be boy magazine.. lol. cant found it...
  10. iruka92
    @sakurai93 - You can make a special order at Borders. Ashlyn from NekoTales told me so. You can even order VF. Lolsz.
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