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  1. aarinfantasy
    Hihi all~ If anyone knows Junjou Romantica Vol 8 (Eng) is out at Borders, please post here! So I can check Penang one, after a few days...cuz KL ones arrived first. It's usually one week+ after the official date of release.
  2. Rage78
    Hello everyone! Ohishashiburi~

    I just wanna check with anyone here who downloads from IRC - is anyone able to get into the Rizon channel? I haven't been able to connect to the server for days..wondering if this is a common problem or an isolated one.
  3. aarinfantasy
    Sorry I can't get on IRC, it's been almost a year since I can't because it gives me error on my current pc.
  4. iruka92
    Aiyo.... school ... gila ... homework ... INSANELY GILA ... ... the school's new system is crazy as well.. Can you believe it that they made the whole thing turned out like the points system in Hogwarts??!?!!!


    = = = =


    I now have tuition even on weekends.. and .. did I miss anything?
  5. cheezy
    @iruka92: O.O they have point system in school now O.O swtness

    @Rage78: I just went on Rizon yesterday, it seems to work fine for me And streamyx connection's back~! *throws confetti*

    Btw, the new layout for the group thingy's kinda weird, still not used to this XD Anyway, just downloaded the new Nitro+ Chiral game, Sweet Pool, really interesting plot line 8D I'm going to rate it above Togainu no Chi (cause I couldn't install TnC at all =.=)
  6. yuyue_hirakiseira
    @iruka92 uhhh point system... crazy...
    nevermind... after your secondary school, in college you won't have that point system...
    now i'm revising my studies
    it's on 20 jan
    just around the corner...
  7. valkyriensz
    woooah!! *surprised with AF social group's new look* >__<

    allu everyone, welcome back to school for those who r schooling ^^ n welcome back to college/U new semester for those who r studying n last but not least welcome back to office for those who r working! *waves hand*

    argh..i'm kinda feel retarded n emotionally unstable a bit knowing that i have to leave KL early tomorrow morning to Penang >.<' this post might be my last post (for the time being) since i dunno whether i have a chance to on9 during the KPLI course T___T i'm DEADLY gonna MISS U guys n AF!! *sobs*...seriously DEADLY tau!.. again ^^'

    so...that's the only thing i wanna say...hope u guys always have fun n cheerful days...anyone is welcome to bother me with SMS <<< sabishii onna desu (lonely woman)...bwahahaa!

    lastly, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all AF Chinese forumers >__< what animal year izzit now?? <<< *lost* ^.^
  8. ~silvis~
    @iruka: oh your school just started that system? Had mine when I was there in form 1 already.
    @aarin: Might go to borders at garden tomorrow will keep a look out for you.
  9. cheezy
    @valkyrienz: T^T We'll miss you lots! Happy CNY to you too 8D Everybody can celebrate it, and I think it's the year of the cow/bull/buffalo/beef/... *_* I'll spam your phone once a while, though, please do get yourself some form of internet connection >_<
  10. Rage78
    @valky - Gonna miss you lots too! I hope you'll enjoy staying in Penang, even with the crazy traffic and all...I heard that it takes gutsu to drive in Penang. LOL!

    @Aarin - Was kinda lost for a minute there after I clicked on the social board...I think the only thing I'll miss is the latest posts upfront instead of right at the back like now.

    @Minna-san - I can finally get into Rizon now...Must be TM's fault. I wish the Rizon server isn't SO sensitive though. It's annoying.

    @Cheezy - I tried using the Chinese dictionary yesterday for the first time with hilarious confusing results...it's like it's in code or something and I had to figure out what on earth they were yapping on...the fonts in the dictionary is SO small...I feel like my eyesight is getting worse LOL! It wasn't too bad though after I figure out how to search for what I'm looking for..but the Oxford Concise dictionary isn't so concise after all XD
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