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  1. ~silvis~
    omg they're really going to stop selling yaoi! #&$*I was just hoping to wait out a few months before they start selling again! There's a lot of people that actually buy yaoi manga!
  2. kavz30
    thanks for posting the article, valkyriensz! that reporter sensationalised everything, didn't he/she/it?!? Wah liao!
  3. Aamyra
    Uggggghhh. So annoying. So narrow-minded.

    So troublesome!

    And for the record, most of the mangas published by June are shounen-ai, NOT even yaoi -_-.
  4. valkyriensz
    TT____TT u're most welcome....reading those news really torn my heart apart, felt like my life has been sapped away...damn those narrow-minded people...even tho i'm a muslim myself but...but.....(yeah, i'm not really a pious one) i treasure whatever things which dear to me TT_____TT i can't believe they're condemning all on our beloved mangas...*curses*
  5. evangeline90
    Oh Shit!!! Kosmo's not even a REAL newspaper, it's just a gossip tabloid!!! And the gov't did a ****ing RAID!? I mean, that's just a slap in the face to all the mangaka and fans out there!!! SHit...

    *In a pissy mood*
  6. valkyriensz
    yeah...in order to avoid their premise been raid, they (the bookstores) have to stop selling the yaois permanently or else no business again...we, the fanz & mangakas are the poor victims!!! T___T
  7. evangeline90
    The gov't is stupid... God, they have so much more to worry about that's IMPORTANT but is too boring to get media coverage, so they handle the things that are sensational and have media coverage but don't have any significance to the country as a whole whatsoever...

    Vallllllllllllllllll T^T *Sad*

    Man, how am I gonna ship my manga back home now?
  8. Aamyra
    Meh.. the blame should mainly be on Kosmo. The gov would turn a blind eye on things had that reporter NOT write those articles.. gaaaah.
  9. kavz30
    i have a question: June will be publishing a 2-part manga - A gentleman's kiss - this aug 26th and it's ready to be shipped out on 2nd Sept. i checked out both amazon.com and amazon.co.jp. was wondering which site to buy from (sorry, never bought things from amazon before!). i think if it's from a japanese retailer, it should be faster for the book to arrive here, right? plus i think shipping expenses would be cheaper...i dunno ... any ideas on how i should proceed with this?

    minna-san, arigato in advance for helping me out!
  10. Roksu
    Wow, I didn't know that such things had happened. The english msm papers didn't mentioned anything bout it and I just knew when I read the comments here.
    I don't even remember the last time I bought shonen-ai/yaoi manga at Kino.

    Is Kino the only one that's affected?
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