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  1. kavz30
    happy new year everybody! here's to a great yaoi-filled 2009!
  2. aarinfantasy
    Ya saw newspaper saying a cable got broken down...and it will only be back online at Jan 4th. So expect slow load time to Europe sites or middle easy sites.

    By the way, I am sharing this Resident Evil: Regeneration dvd movie (1 hour 36 mins long), and it comes with a parody which is quite funny! Download links here:

  3. valkyriensz
    @aarin == eeeh~? i didn't notice it had parody though i've watched it once (RE/biohazard degeneration) O__o what izzit?
  4. kavz30
    @aarin, thanks for sharing it with us *grins* am downloading it now...
  5. aarinfantasy
    Val, the parody version is from the official DVD also, it has cut scenes voiced by the same voice actors but with funny lines.
  6. cheezy
    Ah, internet's really pmsing on me TOT Anyway, Happy New Year everyone!! *hugs and kisses*

    @aarin: Ah... Regeneration, despite waiting so long for the movie to come out, the outcome, sadly is a flop... Really bad animation and... what a let down TOT I'm grabbing the file when internet's better Thanks for sharing XD

    @valkyriensz: This is going to be a promising year for Bl lovers XD
  7. iruka92
    I feel like killing Facebook. and somehow .. AF also takes a lot of time to load.. ToT

    @val - YESSU!!! Kunimasa!!!! :drool: Ahahaha ~ ` so hot. He's so adorably cute during one of those odd weathers where its cold .. and hot.. xDDDD ..

    Anyone know some other manga titles with Mpreg in it?
    I have a freaky obsession with them.. ^D
  8. valkyriensz
    @aarin == ah! i see...gotta hunt it down X3 thanks aarin!

    @cheezy == hai desu~ *tamama faced* i'm looking forward to the yummies very much

    @iruka92 == i prefer Kunimasa's nekomata (heavyweight Jaguar) in Madararui but for the human, i like Yonekuni more! >__< sadly he's a Snake Eye heavyweight class izzit?

    as far as i'm concerned, sekupi (Sex Pistols) is the only mpreg manga which i noticed...n some mpreg doujinshies which i collected most from bleach & king of fighters


    sorry to bring this up...anyone here know this BL anime (its title):


    n 1 more thing...i've been noticed this long time ago since the very 1st time i watched Gravitation, i just wanna know if there's any of u experienced the same as i did (wanna make sure that i didn't misheard):

    >>>Shu-chan's crying out loud<<<

    at 0:25 when Shuichi was whimpering, i kinda heard he cried "uwaa JAHAT! JAHAT!" pls correct me if i'm wrong >__<
  9. aarinfantasy
    @iruka and everyone: If you are experiencing extremely slow load in this forum from streamyx, try resetting your IP, it surely helps for me. I was using 124.*** IP and it load so slow I gave up and resetted now to a 118.*** which works.
  10. valkyriensz
    @minna == it seems that AnK remake 2009 gonna serve 13 episodes for us!! i found d info from one of the Utube users n provided AnK official website:

    >>>AnK 2009<<<

    currently i'm searching some updates on sekupi, viewfinder & yebisu anime >__<

    >>>Sex Pistols pic<<<
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