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  1. aarinfantasy
    Hi all~ I am feeling better now.

    @cheezy: Try resetting ur IP if download is slow...sometimes diff IP works better. Aww, guess I miss out on more VK's stuff. By any chance you caught a pic of this couple who dress up as Yui and Dark Tamahome (from Fushigi Yuugi)? She dressed in some kimono and the guy's my friend... I just knew they went there on MSN today but they didnt take any pics for themselves! >.< So I really wanna see it~ haha

    Yes Val, I just read the AnK news and VERY happy about it. The Sex Pistol one also although I never read the manga b4~
  2. kavz30
    @aarin - hope you will be good as new in time to celebrate New Year's eve! oooh, very glad to know AnK 2009 will be picked up! *grins*

    @cheezy - i always thot i was a patient person my "dear" internet connection is proving me wrong! my broadband service provider has given me a new IP, and it's not working any better! *growls* i've been sufferring internet withdrawals here...

    @Rage78 - am on the mend. no, i need MORE mangas to keep me happy and healthy! *LOL*

    @val - thanks for the news on AnK 2009 ...
  3. iruka92
    @minna - TADAIMA!!!!! and I didn't get to buy any mangas.. *sobs* because I splurge too much in Jakarta.. so I only allowed to buy an Esprit jeans.. (super gila sale!) and 2 books of Mitch Albom's. I saw Kino... but since the LG displayed only Channel.. LV, YSL .. so my mom said.. "Ahh.. no need," . WTH??!!

    @CHEEZY -
  4. cheezy
    @rage78: I used to glue myself to RPG games when I was in secondary school, when I was young it was Super Mario, Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, Castlevania and most of those Sega console games. Nowadays, I find it hard to get good RPGs that really hook me... The last I played was Drag-on Dragoon series, the storyline's so sad I think I cried playing that game TOT oups rant too much d... Wish I have an xbox360 instead of PS3 though, more games and cheaper to buy them too TOT But, bah, MGS4 IS epic *_*

    I'm pretty sure the group scanlating Koori has been dead for years, Essence of Purity. They're kinda anal about their releases and all, but in the end, they didn't finish a lot of their stuff (Like Nakamura's Umi ni Nemuru Hana...TOT) Hakkenden has way more dialogues compared to Abe Miyuki's other work, maybe the translator's slow on it ^_^;; The story gets interesting in the later volumes though, go pick up your Chinese again, I think by the time you're good at it, they haven't even catch up 8D Koori ended very long time ago, and none of the publisher's taking it up... wonder why O.O

    @valkyriensz: Read AnK on ANN yesterday XD The character designer's by the Blassreiter dude, hope it's drool worthy! And Sex Pistol *_* I was hoping they'll make a series instead of 2 OVA TOT *me wants more~*

    @aarin: Glad you're better now >_< I tried resetting my IP, still as slow as tortoise. Last week there was an incident with an internet cable in the middle east, wonder if that's the reason why we're having shitty downloads right now... Well, if you have an yahoo/flickr account, you can add me to see the VK shots 8D I did see a Mioka on the first day, but I think I saw the Dark Tamahome too o.o Didn't take picture of them though >_< Sorry. I'll try digging through CF forum's photo thread for them, once CF's back online...

    @kavz30: TOT same here, I wonder why people tend to release stuff when internet's really f*cked up... so many things to download and I'm just staring at them 'cause everything I start the download, they fail, miserably... *stabs*

    @iruka92: Welcome back iruka!! It's ok, Singapore's really close to Malaysia, we're sitting right on top of it, you can go there anytime ne ^_^
  5. Rage78
    Can't believe it's already the eve of New Year...scary how fast time flies.

    @Cheezy - Currently my friend is obsessed with playing Persona 4 (I think) I saw the OP for it and I must say it has that 70s vibe to it and it looks more like a Darker than Black style anime. If he liked it that much, it must be a good game...He seems to be in zetsubou over the hard to beat bosses LOL! Serves him right!

    EOP has officially died without officially telling the rest of us...Or maybe they did make an annoucement on their channel but I don't go there coz no one ever answers me when I ask about the status of their 2 projects. Anal, arrogant and rude as well. I just don't really get why they are so anal bout their releases, their scan qualities always leaves me in despair and I've come to associate not so good quality scans with Obsession and EoP. LOL! But I do understand that sometimes you just gotta live with what you can find.

    I think I'm gonna drag that sidekick of mine to shop for a kick ass Chinese-English dictionary..as to whether I can figure out what it means from translating the word one by one is anyone's guess.

    I'm optimistic that SiH will complete the whole Koori series since, as you mentioned, no publisher wants to take up the challenge...Maybe it's too dialogue intensive? Not pretty or popular enough as Silver Diamond?

    I've been rebooting my modem over and over and over to get a good IP...sigh...so troublesome...

    @Val - that is awesome news about Sex Pistols and AnK...Long live those series...*kisses, kisses* the new chapter releases of SP really got me into raptures...

    @Iruka - Okaeri!! Sounds like you had a good and not so good time LOL!
  6. yuyue_hirakiseira
    ahhh new year gonna arrive soon so as my exam...
    great...i haven't even revise all yet...
    but luckily my exam is before cny...at least that's a good news to hear bout
    anyways hope everyone will have a great new year and may all your wishes came true
  7. aarinfantasy
    A big HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all
  8. ~silvis~
    happy new year you guys! <3
  9. iruka92
    Happy new year!!!

    (Spm.. )

    - - -

    @val - HOMG!!!!!!! Yatta!!!! YATTA!!!!

    Thank you minna! , , , I haven't buy anything for school .. haih.. and I've just discovered the beauty of Sex Pistols.. Now I can d/l till vol 8 .. Somehow the idea of animals seemed divine! (Jaguar... nya!) Hhaa
  10. valkyriensz
    HAPPY NEW YAAAAA~H everyone!! >__< i'm celebrating new year with a scar on my nose thanks to my cat's damn sharp claws...bad Ousama!! *pinch his ear* but i can't blame him 100% coz i was at the fault too, i was holding him when the new year's fireworks heard...he got shocked n zaaas! he slapped my nose TT___TT

    @iruka92 == yesh! Sex Pistols...Kotobuki Tarako sensei's idea really rox n unique! the idea of humans with different animal spirits AKA madararui in search of their mate makes me in fact, Sex Pistols is among the 1st yaoi manga which presents Mpreg >__< i like Yonekuni (Takehito Koyasu) x Shirou (Hirakawa Daisuke)

    @rage78 == my friend also raving me about that game Persona 4 coz she said it has few little hints about BL O__o' but i don't like the english dubbed version so she offered me to give a copy of her downloaded version - Persona 4 japanese seiyuu with english translation (that's more i like it) XD XDD but currently i'm desperately searching for Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne >.< it's very hard to find it in KL even my friend whom i mentioned just now said in Terengganu also couldn't find anywhere

    @cheezy == ya! me too want more Sex Pistols T.T more lovey-dovey show from Yonekuni x Shirou & Kunimasa x Noririn XD XDD oh now i know why it's very slow to download n online nowadays =.= why laa streamyx cannot have the speed just like the oversea's *pouts*

    @kavz == u're welcome, anytime dear

    @aarin == hopefully AF could grab n manage to have them in ur sub project b4 any licensing issues popped up *prays hard*
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