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Malaysian Fans!

  1. iruka92
    @everyone - .. I can come on both days.. *probably* If my friend did buy the 2 days ticket for moi ~
  2. pamelatee85
    hi all!! i'm new here.. didnt know there to be soooo many people from malaysia over here! hope all is fine.. and a merry (early) xmas to everyone~ ^^

    there's a gathering for this social group? when and where? you need to buy tickets?
  3. iruka92
    @pamelatee85 - lol.. yeah.. you gotta buy the tickets if you wanna get into the CF.. There's going to be an on-spot ticketing booth so you should be fine.. ^^;
  4. srhadm
    @iruka92 - who? can i ask for one? tehee~
  5. iruka92
    @srhadm - *twitch*twitch* HAHA.
  6. srhadm
    @iruka92 - kedekut :P
  7. srhadm
    yeah?well if it's on both days, i'm pretty sure can manage on 21st. ^^
  8. cheezy
    @valkyriensz: I think my bro's taking the begininer lvl 2 classes on Sat too, 11am to 1pm XD Maybe it's the same class as yours, as for my friend, she's took the lvl 2 class, don't really know the schedule but it's on Saturday too O.O

    @lovebishies: I'm taking it you're the same age as Iruka92 then XD So it's the same age as my sis XD

    @pamelatee85: Hey~ Welcome and Merry Christmas to you too *hugs* XD

    @all: Lol, everybody can join in, that's why it's called a gathering ne 8D I guess we should have the gathering on both days (I'll be there on both days, but I won't be buying the tickets in on the 20th since I'm only there to drop by my ex-college to pick up something and to meet up with you guys ). Only thing now we need to confirm is when's the best time to meet and where to do so 8D. Hm, I prefer not meeting up in the hall itself though, so people who's not interested in going into the hall to see what's CF about, don't need to buy tickets for the mini gathering (namely me, the kedekut one XD).

    If anybody's wondering where to get the tickets for CF, my friend in the committee told me Animetech's selling them tickets (for both days I guess). Pyramid's Comic Paradise and Sg Wang's Sun Comic's selling them too. I'm not sure whether you can buy just for one day, but unless you really want to go into the stuffy hall (it always is), you can just linger outside the hall and there will still be cosplayers/fans/artist/forumers/otakus outside the hall ^_^. Other than that, erm, Saturday's doujin day where local artist sells their doujinshi (no BL titles though T^T) and Sunday's the cosplay competition ^_^
  9. valkyriensz
    @cheezy == wooa ' hahaha! let's see in my class only got 3 malays included me n others r all chinese; majority of them r married...those who r single...*thinking* eh wait a minute, ur bro? (not ur bro's friend??) r ur bro+friend married??

    count me in as kedekut one too cheezy! XD *totally broke* TT___TT

    @all == so should we have the gathering 1st b4 entering CF?? (for those who r already bought CF tickets) coz there's people who will not entering CF here *pointed myself* ^^
  10. Rage78
    I'll take cheezy's word for it that the hall is stuffy. Never been to the Convention Centre before..so, add me in as another 'kedekut' one LOL!

    @valkyriensz - my phone line is still down...sobs sobs sobs...whylah so many holidays in Dec!? What am I gonna do with my free time if I can't go online..stupid TM ppl..gonna call them on Monday again. Sigh....
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