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Malaysian Fans!

  1. ~silvis~
    you can go to iShop to buy them iruka.
  2. valkyriensz

    hi...back again alive...almost boring to death coz streamyx now nonstop pissed me off =___=' kinda felt lucky i've completed the Silent Library uploadings *phew* oh ya thanks for the love angie!! >__< muaaacks back to ya! LOLs...i'll probably be going to CF only on 20th coz 21st dec got wedding cer. of an old friend ^^' so everyone wanna have gathering on both days @ CF???
  3. iruka92
    @valkyriensz - I'll be coming on the 20th!!!!!! *yay* ..

    @~silvis~ - SANKYUU!!!
  4. cheezy
    I'll be going on both days I guess 8D So we'll have the mini gathering on the 20th then?
  5. sef
    @everyone: On the 20th? It's saturday? ...I'll try to make it. It's in sunway, right?! What time?
  6. ~silvis~
    I'll try to come on the 20th though my parents are not so sure about it yet. Will persuade them.
  7. Hime-sama
    I can't make it that day!~ TT____TT
  8. iruka92
    sunway pyramid exhibition centre... and i found out that sunway pyramid IS in PJ.. whatthe.. i've always thought that sunway IS IN SUBANG.. xDD
  9. cheezy
    TOT Why Hime-sama T^T *sobs*. The exhibition center's on the same area as IT center or Asian Avenue, just the floor above if I'm not mistaken, so, it's in between the old and the new pyramid 8D The more the merrier XD Anyone going to cosplay there?
  10. iruka92
    I wanna cosplay!!!!! *whines* but daddy doesn't let his girl wearing skirts or tight things!!!! .. *not that I care* but I don't know how to cosplay!!! xDDD

    No budget... no guide... no nothing.. T_t
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