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  1. lovebishies
    @iruka92:yeah, i remembered the guy from coffee prince, he is hot! XD

    no yaoi in jakarta? ; nuuuu, no yaoi for two weeks! X____X

    i hate shopping. i went to bandung before and it suck >_> there were too many pengemis out there. it's scary. i hope jakarta isnt like that.
  2. iruka92
    @hime-sama - i would love to buy the first volume... *quite a choosy* lol. I'm spoiled myself too much. .. wait .. i wanna go have a look on the item.. i'll get back to you through PM if that's okay.. xP .. *checking my cash*

    @lovebishies - yessu. PENGEMIS .. humm. Not so. But there are those lingering people at the airport waiting for passengers.. like some rotten ... *scary* .. the pasar too was too terrifying. I felt like staying up at the hotel all day.. We only went to this cultural village and the rest of the holiday was splurged on shopping! ... most of the items were ridiculously cheap.. the cab fare was surprisingly cheap as well...

    Go to my blog HERE if you're interested. :P
  3. lovebishies
    @iruka92:lol you got the same problem as me! when i arrived at bandung's airport, our driver wasnt there. Many people asked us if we want to have a ride. It's scary =_= After a couple hours of waiting, we decided to take a cab and when we arrived at the hotel, our driver was there. He thought my father said to wait for us at the hotel! It's stupid and unbelievale. =_=
  4. valkyriensz
    aaargh!!! my internet is suck!! i can't even successfully upload 1 out of 6 parts of Silent Library game show be it whether MU, rapidshare or mediafire!!!
  5. Hime-sama
    Hehe...I'm in a mood for being santa...if any of you lovelies wish for any cards from Lv1 - Lv8 you can just pm me. Go on don't be shy! I'm sure we've all been good yaoi fangirls/boys X333
  6. evangeline90
    Ne Hime, I want your face on a card, which lv is that one? *Mischevious mood*
  7. Hime-sama
    Tee-hee...you're such a cutie pie evangeline90... lol >____________<
  8. aarinfantasy
    Hime-sama, do let me know of any updates on the Antique Bakery Korean movie ya~ Yes we are planning to fansub it~
  9. Hime-sama
    aarin: Cool! You're subbing it!? Can't wait!!! XD ...and I notice you're on Low Yat forum too right? My nick is svage98 there so give me nudge if you're online anytime there ^__^ I don't like LYN much and homophobic is pretty horrid there =_=
  10. iruka92
    @aarin and hime-sama - Is LY that reliable?? .. I mean.. they sell the craziest stuffs there.. and my cousin told me to get things at lelong instead. xP
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