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  1. kavz30
    hellos! me malaysian too!! *grins* just joined the forum and this group today ...
  2. skutergirl
    Wooohhh.. Selamat datang sume...(Welcome everybody..)

    Uhm.. Is it true Kinokuniya is not selling yaoi mangas anymore??
  3. kavz30
    Hi skutergirl,

    yeah, i got a shock when the staff at Kino told me the yaoi titles are "temporarily unavailable" on "orders from the upper management" ... and i so wanted to get the Ai No Kusabi novels for a friend of mine! *cries*
  4. valkyriensz
    yo! it's been a while....luckily i saw somebody brought up the issue

    @skutergirl, kavz30 & all malaysian yaoi fanz

    i knew the reasons why they removed all the yaoi related publications be it either kinokuniya or borders...i heard from my friend, there was an article published in a last week local newspaper (she couldn't recap whether it was harian metro or kosmo)...this reporter wrote & issuing about homosexuality phenomenon in society as the main topic but it dragged along with manga issue & complaint: yaoi stuffs (referred to the mangas/publications) are widely sold, openly to the public =___=''' the 2 page-article reported that selling the mangas could be one of the causes of gay phenomenon in malaysia & influencing the youths to involve homosex relationship *cries* soon after the article published, kino & borders had been ordered by the authorities to remove all yaoi mangas in their store

    hell with that......!! TT___TT they cannot simply blame all on the mangas *curses* dammit!!! my love mode collection is left with 2 volumes more to complete!! (10 & 11) & i have other yaoi manga collections to be completed!!! darn! damn!!!! aaaa!!! *heart attack!* i dunno whether we can purchase the manga by ordering/online (shipment)...anyone has any info/know anything to confirm it??
  5. skutergirl
    Hooo... It's sad to hear those news. Now I don't feel like going home. >_<
  6. valkyriensz
    u don't feel like going home, while i don't feel like to work anymore...seems it's pointless to collect money since they ban yaoi goodies TT___TT haih...what to do huh...? i feel so dull without them...uuuuuuurgh
  7. kavz30
    hi valkyriensz, thanks for your post about the reason why yaoi was banned *growls* that stupid reporter should have done some homework about yaoi ...stupid idiot! how dare that person blame on mangas and deprive us of our favourites?!?!

    anyways, i went into Kino this past Fri and asked the staff about it. they said that they will be quietly selling the remaining yaoi books in their stock (go and check and book for them via the bookweb http://bookweb.kinokuniya.co.jp/indexohb.cgi?AREA=05). they won't be bringing in anymore yaoi titles after this *sigh* darn, and i so want to finish my Ai No Kusabi and Junjo Romantica collection. i have no idea if i order online will Customs check (and confiscate) when it arrives here ... btw, i think DramaQueen does ship to Malaysia and Singapore...might have to save up LOTS of money (i hate it that our currency is so weak!).
  8. valkyriensz
    no sweat...i like to share anything for yaoi with other fanz & thanks to u for the info about kinokuniya's koso koso (quietly) selling the remaining yaois TT___TT now how can we help & support our beloved yaoi mangakas if we can't buy their mangas anymore *more curses* damn them, those who banned yaoi!! =___= so far, we're clear about kinokuniya...anyone know any info about borders bookstore?<---i seldom visit this store coz hooked up with kinokuniya ^^
  9. evangeline90
    Man!!! Which f***** up reporter said that!!! They really should research it man... Ongoing studies show that there may be a homo gene you're born with. So homosexuality isn't just a culture, it may be biological.


    I mean, I can still get it now I'm studying overseas, but what happens when I go home!!! *cry*

    But I do know Yaoi can be gotten from Taiwan, though you'd need to understand mandarin unless you only want to look at the pretty pictures. They're much cheaper than english publications.
  10. kavz30
    @evangeline90 - there, there, i'm sure things will be alright soon... just make sure you buy all the mangas u need and bring them with you when you come home

    @valkyriensz - no sweat about the kino info. yeah, how do we support our favourite yaoi mangakas now??? *sigh* i tried to find for that silly article online on harian metro and kosmo but it wasn't there. a friend of mine (doesn't read yaois btw) was utterly sympathetic to my misery *grins* she suggested writing to the authorities, telling them how stupid they are! *LOL* but first, i want to know the idiot writer who started the mess in the first place!!

    @everyone else - anybody got any ideas whether Borders is also doing the same as Kino?
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