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  1. Hime-sama
    Sorry aarin...I haven't seen any. Didn't even know there is a Korean version of Antique Bakery. When is it out?
  2. aarinfantasy
    It was out since mid November 2008. If you guys see it, pls let me know~ thanks!
  3. valkyriensz
    @cheezy === i see, Utube n crunchyroll eh...i'm working on the uploading tasks...hopefully my internet connection behaves good ^^ otherwise, i'll have to shout out complaints to TM

    oh! aarin is expecting for Korean's Antique bakery movie?? is that movie gonna b included into ur sub project? *surprised* i've watched the trailer forwarded by a friend (as she also forced me to) from Utube n i was like lll luckily the Korean actors involved are quite acceptable for shounen-ai scene X3

    like my friend's comment about the trailer:
    "Nasib baik muka diorang boley tahan bishie, kalau jenis muka pecah mau menangis tengok kissing scene tu" LOL

    here's the trailer for whoever interested to have a look ^^

    i'm quite surprised the guy who acts as Ono has long hair n he's so daring to do the kissing scene! *blushed*
  4. iruka92
    ANTIQUE BAKERY THE MOVIE.......OHMIGAH............ that dude from Coffee Prince was sumpah hot.. PRETTY BISSHIE and a gorgeous, sexy, perverted gay ~ he's the waffle guy in coffee prince... Anyone remembered him??

    and joo ji hoon... lol. He's funny.. a totally different person altogether than the crown prince in princess hours.. I saw the trailer.. xD

    = = = = =

    JUST GOT BACK FROM JAKARTA!!!! and i didn't get to see much yaoi .. There are almost NONE... well, didn't search for 'em all the way.. was busy shopping clothes.. xP

    .. NO STOCK??!! I wanna buy JR.. for real this time. and there;re like only vol 6 and 7 in borders at gardens last week!
  5. Rage78
    OMG OMGOMG!!!!!!!!! *HYPERVENTILATES* THE PRINCE-SAMA from GOONG!!!! GAWD I LOVE THE GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAA~~must now go and hunt for it to DL....*faints* I always had a soft spot for Joo Ji Hoon...*nosebleeds*
  6. evangeline90
    Silent Library? Antique Bakery?

    *missed out on too much*
  7. Hime-sama
    Hehe...I asked my sis if she knew the movie was out in her korean forum...she said not yet. I can't wait too! The guys so hot!! XD

    iruka92: you could get JR from amazon. I think that's the only best option so far and they are reliable...unless for no apparent reason the custom decide to hold your package. I've never had my mangas detained by custom yet but I think sef had before.
  8. iruka92
    @hime-sama ... - someone willing to buy it for me? I'll bank in the money back??? Me have no paypal nor credit card.. *sniffs*

    = =

    On a mission to save my cash. Comic fiesta on December.... wake up you. no more unnecessary spending.. *chanting*
  9. kavz30
    hello hello hello!

    kavz is totally gonna go off topic today *grins*

    seems that there is a Aarin Secret Santa going on .... anybody who has a wishlist, please post here: http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/f18/t9...anta_post.html

    seems quite interesting but i dunno what to ask for *cries*

    hmmmm ....
  10. Hime-sama
    iruka92...well I have JR vol 6 & 7 if you want. I just got a few weeks ago from amazon. I could order a new one for you if you prefer new shrink wrapped instead. Cost is exactly as stated in amazon + shipping ^^
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