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  1. Rage78
    BL manga on display in Borders Garden....OOOOOHHHHH! AARGHHH! But must wait for my friend to come back from his trip to Taman Negara so I can drag him with me. But no wait, December is not good for me, *sobs, sobs* have to buy Xmas present for my loved ones...and stupid TM people send me a bill saying I have to pay November and October bill AGAIN! Kononlah nak update their billing system ????? Dunno what is there to update. Saja nak kumpul dana, kot.

    @valkyriensz - MUAHAHAHAHAH!! I like that headline, 'Peminat bahan lucah' MUAHHHAHAAHHAA!

    @cheezy - I think underground is the only way to go..the less we appear on the Morality Police's radar the better for us...I'm all for The Conspiracy! SAVE YAOI, SAVE THE FANGIRLS!!
  2. aarinfantasy
    It's okay Val, donations are not a must~ lol

    LOL @ Peminat bahan lucah....
  3. valkyriensz
    @rage78 & aarin === hye there! nice to hear from u again XD XDD LOLs what else i can think of the headlines since they labeled BL/adult mangas even the figurines that way...yup...more BL mangas on display @ Borders Garden =___= dammit...i'm so pokai right now *sniffs*

    @aarin === i'm kinda lost, i wanna upload a funny japanese game show here ((gaki no tsukai - Silent Library<---who has watch it? ^^ really funny!)) but which thread should i put the download link to share with other forumers then? is it under general other downloads>>J-drama etc.? *seeking guidance*

    @lovebishies === Erk! only one BL manga drawn by Honami Yukine, story about 3some which is i'm not so into it *tipah tertipu dengan title dia* why? do u interested to buy it? *blink blink* ^^

    @cheezy === oh, my ex-boss isn't fat as u imagined, but she has 'sour' face (very kedekut to smile) -_-''' n she really has very loud voice, love to shouts until our neighbor department can hear every single word n curses out from her mouth! '

    i see more newbies joined the group (^^)v minna! welcome to the group n sorry for the late greeting XD

    i bet everyone has heard/read news a tragic disaster happened @ Mumbai =___= these extremist terrorists really tarnished Muslims, can't they do a diplomatic/peaceful way other than being a bomberman? *sweat dropped n more sighs* i wonder whether my former thesis supervisor is there or not for his international seminar '' hopefully he's safe n sound with his other colleagues
  4. Rage78
    @V - I wonder if Borders Curve has the same titles as the ones in Garden..easier for me to go there than Gardens...

    I saw the Mumbai bombing headlines on yahoo page but I usu. don't click to read the news...there's just too many bad news going on. You think they give a bad name to Muslims and I think the same, but apparently they don't - jihad is a noble cause for them. I'm not sure what they are bombing for since I didn't bother to read the news in detail.
  5. iruka92
    @cheezy - .. a.. at the CF. You know, Yaoi/shonen ai daojins. Lol

    I'm okay ~ with the gathering.

    @valkyriensz - Yup. I went yesterday ~ BORDERS ROCK!!! But they only have #6-7 vols of JR... swt..and .. *PEMINAT BAHAN LUCAH, HERE!!!!* lol.

    @Rage78 - As a muslim, Im ashamed on what they did.. what Jihad. Uber crap, man.. they just like to kill people and tarnish the religion.. they think that they're so cool.. haih...
  6. Hime-sama
    Just got from Borders KL XD...We had a rather fun time (me and my sis) trying to spot the hidden yaoi mangas in the manga/ graphic novel section. Funny thing is you have to really take a good look among all the shoujo/shounen manga to see which are yaoi ones. But their titles are not that wide anymore...so I grab onto what I haven't got before...so sad...not many choices like it used to be. Guess I have to get them from amazon T____T
  7. lovebishies
    @valky:nah, just asking. maybe when i'm interested i will ^_^
  8. cheezy
    @lovebishies: Awwwwwwwwwwww!! Well, at least you can go yaoi hunting in Jakarta! Have fun there okie 8D

    @valkyriensz: "Peminat-peminat bahan lucah buat perhimpunan haram" <--- LOL! I don't mind being in the papers for stuff like that 8D I get to make a big issue and the fandom will spread XD I remember during college time, I was watching 100++ episodes of "Gaki no Tsukai" and "Tunnels". Japanese owaraishi are so funny and retarded at the same time XD. You have to watch the hospital episode for Gaki no Tsukai, it's so hillarious I can't stop watching it XD. Hm, lucky you didn't work with that singa betina now, you'll lose your hearing =.=...

    Those people who loves to bomb up stuff should play games like Team Fortress2 or Left 4 Dead, the adrenaline keeps you on your feet, you don't have time to think about bombing people...

    @Hime-sama: Yea, I know how you feel, the list is so long and it's just staring at you TOT BTS's borders only has 1 floor now D8

    @Rage78: They're charging extra for streamyx? I didn't get a letter for that D8 Are they illegally asking for duit kopi again?

    So, we have a mini gathering then? How should we know who's who? Where and when to meet? XD And, JR's vol 11's coming out on 1st of Dec 8D Can't wait for it >_<
  9. Rage78
    HOLY COW! 100+ eps?? Is that a game show or something?

    @cheezy - You didn't get the letter from TM about their Bill Date Synchronization Initiative for 'Bil Telefon & Multimedia' *sic*

    "...blah blah blah we are in the midst of synchronizing our tel. & multimedia bills as part of our ongoing initiative to improve overall billing process for Streamyx and Telephony services. As a result of this exercise, the billing date for both your Tel. and Streamyx services will be adjusted accordingly..blahblahb.

    We wish to highlight that your current billing date for Stream. account is delayed for 1 month. From this month onwards TM will synch your Streamyx a/c bill date to the current date. blahblahblahb."

    Is it my fault that they suddenly discovered after more than 2 years that my bill date is *gasp* 1 month behind??? I'm not even sure how I'm one month behind..so I get slapped with a 2 months bill to pay - Oct. and Nov. Jeez. Yes, I'm more than a tad pissed.

    I like how they state that they have an ongoing initiative to keep their billing uptodate but never an ongoing initiative to make our Screamyx better. I guess I must be the only one to get this letter...*gets off soapbox* feels so much better already LOL!
  10. cheezy
    It's a reality TV show that's been running for years since 1980s. If I'm not mistaken it has more than 350+ episodes now. TOT "Ongoing initiative" my arse o0o, they love to cap our download and upload speed so much, we're paying more than we should. We should lodge a complain for this! It's a conspiracy against users!
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