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  1. kavz30
    @Rage78, Kino is a bit iffy at the moment *sigh* but their selection was way more diverse compared to Borders...ah, well, see what happens in another few months' time...

    @cheezy, LOL i will have to check out Shibamoto Thores then ... i kinda lost interest in TB after i watched the anime version ...
  2. iruka92
    @cheezy - Yeah .. I guess so..
  3. suicidal_yaoilove
    hey guys do you that there's Comic Fiesta 2008 this coming December??
    if i'm not mistaken its in Sunway Convention Centre. In Kuala Lumpur.
    20 and 21st of December 2008.
  4. cheezy
    @kavz30: I think the only way you can check out his work is with his artbook XD But really stunning work of art <3

    Who's going CF this year? I'm kinda stuck wondering if I should fork out the money just to pay for the entrance fee just to go in and go back out in like 10 minutes D8
  5. lovebishies
    @cheezy : woah, all the guys are gorgeous 0.0 he's trully awesome!

    how do you get points if you share your mangas or anime?
  6. valkyriensz
    hi guys!!!! *waves madly again* ohisashi buri desu!!! *sniffs & snorts* just came back from vacation with family...after done my japanese test, my dad had been forced to take his day-offs a week so we went to Perak (his hometown) & Cameron Highlands with my his relatives...came back to KL last Thursday & i was bz distributing souvenirs (mostly strawberries & jams) bought from Cameron to my mother's side to KL-Shah Alam-Klang (macam distributor kilang strawberry daa) =___=' pretty exhausted from driving all the way~ *dropped limp* so how's ur life treating y'all lately? really miss u all alot! >.< i'm kinda lost track of the topics here ' *whoops!* just now i finished download JRII ep.7 raw, it's similar to its vol.8 ch.1 manga ^^' sorry for the spoiler for those who collecting the mangas *overly excited* oh my, i need to hunt other animes since over 1 week i haven't get any chance to online b4...c u guys again! take care n papai~
  7. Hime-sama
    Hi valky ^^ Wish I could have a long holiday...so tired of work...not that I hate it but while year end meant long festive season for some but for me it's the most busy time of the year T______T Darn...good thing I have yaoi to motivate me >__< Anyone going to borders this weekend? I'm going there to see what they have and maybe stock up a couple of mangas on the way...lol... XD

    And by the way...I thought Heise is a girl? O__o
  8. aarinfantasy
    Ya Heise is a girl~

    Comic Fiesta?? Would like to go but I don't think that day I can be in KL...
    Wouldn't it be cool to think that we can setup a yaoi panel there? haha
    Then again, later the next day we get "Bahan Lucah di Comic Fiesta" in newspaper just like what happened to the Kinokuniya's case =x (even if it's just BL's kinda hugs/kiss).

    Anyone who is going do let us know here about it ya!
  9. cheezy
    Lol, if I'm not mistaken, I read in the rules and regulation they posted in their site saying no child porn or homosexual content stuff... D8 so no yaoi booth... But do you think it's possible to have a little yaoi gathering 8D? Hopefully I can hop in as a staff for my friend, free enterence XD
  10. valkyriensz
    @aarin === nice idea though we know what r the consequences we have to face later XD XD XD perhaps we can do it by undercover...example like there's a guy who is selling pirate CDs discreetly though he's doing burger+roti john business @ pasar malam near my house :X oops...!

    @cheezy === that's really a disappointing of CF's RnR...oh well...but i second ur yaoi gathering suggestion \^^/ *raise hands* anyone agrees besides me?

    @hime === well as for me, i'm wishing for permanent job...being a petrosains part time volunteer really doesn't bring me anywhere coz i always get few working days in a week (coz they're determining volunteers working schedule like a duty roster) =.= n i'm very hate their political sentiment even if it's among malay-malay...i'd rather mix around with u guys coz they're really boring~talk about flirting n being bietchie+flirtatious *puke*
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