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  1. cheezy
    Nope, sorry, I didn't really browse through the English section, just went past it >_< English manga's very expensive for me to buy them ToT
  2. Rage78
    @ cheezy - tis true that they are very expensive. I wish that I had paid more attention to my POL classes in primary school. But I hated it coz the teacher on the first day of class started telling us some joke story in Mandarin...Hello teacher! I don't speak a word of it...ever since then, I've been ditching it every chance I get.
  3. iruka92
    WHO WENT TO SEE FEDERER YESTERDAY??!!! I didn't go to the match in Bukit Jalil but I went to the Autograph session!!!

    *nearly died after seeing Federer face to face... nearly fainted when he said hye to me .. nearly died when he smiled with that super sexy grin of his ... *

    I can't believe that I've forgotten everything (on what I'm supposed to be wishing him) during the autograph session. *slaps self*

    aww man ... i miss VF..
  4. lovebishies
    Hey, guys~
    Happy belated birthday to Aarin, and the new banner is awesome! ^^ ... o.o Woah I have missed alot XD
    Anyway, who's this Heise?

    Oh, I went to Borders few weeks ago and bought my first yaoi manga, Vassalord Vol.1! Finally I have got guts to buy it lol XD Anyway, does Borders have The Tyrant Who Fall In Love? If they do, I want to buy it~!
  5. cheezy
    @lovebishie: Heise's the one who drew the image on the banner, she's quite famous in deviantart for her BL art 8D Really pretty too XD >>Here's<< her DA link I think she came out with her own artbook too XD

    @iruka92: Ah! I'm jealous~ I think I'd stone there with my mouth wide open and drools dripping from the corner of my mouth if I was there D8 Go! Federer go~!!

    @Rage78: I hated Chinese thanks for a kindergarten teacher of mine who used to cane me for my bad chinese, and you can't blame me for not being very good at it when English's my first language at home >_> So I suffered throughout primary and finally when I went into secondary I told my mom, "Ma, no more of this! I can't stand it anymore!!~" Since then, I've given back most of what I've learn for 6 years to my teacher in primary school... I'm not good at writing, but at the very least I can read fine D8 Gotta thank my mom for forcing me to a Chinese school >_<
  6. kavz30
    *bows at newcomers* welcome, welcome! feel free to stop by my page and leave me a msg - i'm a bit dizzy at who's just joined us...

    @Rage78; i am not so sure, i mean Kino is still not openly displaying and selling yaoi mangas *sigh* i REALLY miss browsing through Kino! On the other hand, all of the Borders bookstore branches must have banded together and decided to give the authorities the middle finger when the whole yaoi ban fiasco started, they're the ones still selling yaoi. i badly want my Ai no Kusabi vol 4 *cries*

    @cheezy, i used to collect the Trinity Blood manga - i have vols 1-4. kinda gave up collecting when i got the anime version. now i'm looking to get rid of them. do u want them or are u looking for the latest volume? let me know, yeah?

    OK, this is all for now...take care!
  7. Rage78
    @kavz30 - The thing with Kino is, are they or are they not. Cowardly retailer. I'm thinking that Borders is still bringing yaoi in coz it makes the most money? Seriously, if they had an online bookweb, I'd SO order from them every month just for the yaoi manga..as it is, driving out to Curve Borders is a tad too troublesome and far for me. I like the image of all Borders standing up and unite against evil homophobic regime. XD. Eh, don't they have AnK vol.4 in the stores yet? *there, there, huggles* Patience is a virtue. If any retailer can get it in, Borders can.

    @cheezy - Heise has her own artbook??? Oh dear gawd, where does one get one? Her artwork is just hot! Who would've thought that you actually managed to subconsciously learn chinese during those 6 years of suffering LOL! It sure comes in handy. Me, on the other hand, was in my Jimmy Lin and HK's 4 Heavenly King phase wayyyyyyyyyy back in secondary school. For the sake of learning how to sing along, I learnt to read Chinese as they sang along LOL! I wouldn't say I totally can read everything..it's just a word here, a word there and some recogniseable words in a sentence that is mostly guesswork LOL! But if I had to translate something, it's no good..it'll end up as, 'something something year something something why something something you. I wonder if that's why I hate eating bananas?

    @iruka92 - Poor you LOL! I guess he's better looking in real life, huh? I'm not a tennis fan so I can't say anything bout Federer. But I do like squash. I think Ramy Ashour is hot. =). LONG LIVE VF and ASAMI!!!! Thank god for fan fictions.
  8. iruka92
    Ahh.. I'm broke ... I wanna buy more Ouran. My friend got herself the VF character book. I was the one who bought the thing for her since she was too embarrassed to buy it herself..

    Dear god.

    The page was like twice bigger than my monitor. My friend's nose bled by then .. *sigh**

    @rage78 - I've joined a slashed ff for tennis community in LJ. You know what.. most of them paired Federer with Roddick. The fanfic was awesome ... -but sometimes, real life gays terrifies me, in a way -. Not that I've met one.. I mean .. I'm suspecting that one of my closest friend is ..

  9. suicidal_yaoilove
    @ aarin: thats not bad an idea you know. I'll surely buy it if its affordable ^^
  10. cheezy
    @iruka82: There's nothing scary about real life gays, they're great people, friendly and they're the best person to have a heart to heart talk since they somewhat understands you too

    @Rage78: 8D Yea, she has her own artbook, new one came out not too long ago and apparently according to her journal her has a mini book for sale or something XD Should check her DA for more info. If you're able to sing in chinese, I doubt you're a banana

    @kavz30: Nah, I'm not collecting Trinity Blood, I wouldn't mind if the mangaka was Shibamoto Thores, the one who drew illustrations for the novel. His drawing's waaaaaay prettier compared with the manga >_<
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