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  1. suicidal_yaoilove

    @ arrin: err... i wonder does the aarinsecret magazines sold in store??? =P
  2. cheezy
    @iruka92: Lets become PM and legalise BL =D That'll make future yaoi lovers and our lives very much more easier XD *pats iruka92*

    @Agate13: Well, you can order stuff online through their website and get them to send to you... If you buy up to RM500 over there, you'll get free delivery service =D
  3. aarinfantasy
    @suicidal_yaoilove: Nope obvious not...lol. It's free and I done it with some ppl out of interest. I LOVE the idea of doing an actual printed AarinSecret mag too and sell in bookstores too. I got lots of feedback from ppl they will actually pay to buy it! XD
  4. ~silvis~
    @aarin: Loving the new header for Blue Fantasy! ♥ oh happy belated! xD
  5. sef
    @cheezy: you will win my vote!

    I love the new Blue banner the most!
  6. kavz30
    hello people!

    happy belated birthday, aarin! and i love the new Heise banner/artwork! it rocks

    btw, i was a Borders MidValley last week and I noticed that they had new stocks of yaoi...right now i am on the AnK streak, and the customer service person told me that they will be expecting vol 4 of the AnK series soon. can't wait for that!

    other than that, i have no news *LOL*
  7. Hime-sama
    Absolutely love the new themes especially the dark theme. The image of an evil vampire lord conjures up as soon as I look at the pic XD I love vampire stuff and can't wait for the new movie Twilight to be aired soon in local cinema! >__<
  8. cheezy
    @sef: *passes sef the vote for cheezy as PM buttons* XD

    I was at Kinokuniya last Saturday, and I saw Silver Diamond at the English shelves while I was walking passed it At the Japanese shelves, there are quite a few BL titles there, like JR vol 3 to 10, Mangetsu Monogatari, BroxBro vol 2 still D8, Togainu no chi vol 1,2, 5 and another Togainu no Chi vol 1 by Yamamoto Kana and etc. Nothing much in the Chinese shelves though, Trinity Blood's really not there anymore D8 *sobs*.
  9. kuzc
    hello. =3
    kinda new here. =p didn't realise there were so many malaysians. =p
  10. Rage78
    Welcome kuzc and other newcomers!

    @cheezy - Did you happen to see Mister Mistress vol.2 while you were going by the English shelves? No? Sobs, sobs?

    @Aarin - The new banner reminds me of a viking god of some sort..very hot viking god...yum yum...Heise's art is amazing..I wish I had that kind of talent.

    @kavz - I wonder if the sudden influx of yaoi manga means that our typical M'sian bad habit has struck yet once again? - out of sight out of mind kind of thing. I guess I better drop by Borders MV as soon as I can.
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