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  1. Rage78
    @Agate13 - Welcome to the family! Unfortunately, yes, Kino has stopped bringing in yaoi titles as well as accepting orders for them. But somehow according to sef, they managed to get in Fuwa Shinri's A Gentleman's Kiss and few others as well, and they are selling Silver Diamond vol. 2 as well (after they told me that I can't place special order for something as harmless as SD *snorts)...go figure...try your luck Agate, you might find something you want..better get it now in case they really cannot bring in anymore...anything else, go to Borders. You might have better luck there.
  2. Tsukino60
    hihi minna san ^^ im new here..yoroshiku onegaishimas ^^
    Otanjobi Omedeto Aarifantasy san ^^
  3. dohkajou
    omedeto tanjoubi~have a great birthday.
  4. iruka92
    AARIN........ happy birthday nya!! ~ ~ and happy birthday to AF too!!!! xDD

    @rage - I sent an email to Kino on whether I can make pvt orders for Yaoi mangas, they said NO. and what.. THEY HAVE IT AT THEIR STORE??!! What kind of service they provide us a???
  5. cheezy
    @Hime-sama: Coffee bean's coffee, to me taste less sweet, so it's good =D and the atmosphere there's homelier I guess =D

    @Rage78: Thanks *hugs*. Safely made it there and back, the weather there was good, and it rained on the right time too, I guess grandma's blessing us up there =D

    Fake's art really pretty *_* Her drawing style's really different and it kinda suit tokyopop's typesetting *hint*. Gravitation... there's a ring O.O *flips through the book*! I must find it!! It has been years since I touched them XD Collecting dust and the pages are turning yellow now TOT

    Komatta's such a cute series, it should have a bigger fandom. I've read all the volumes in chinese and I i think I spent 2 sleepless nights on it. The story's so fluffy it makes my insides tingle~ You know, I don't mind Sakura crawling up my body, I'm just afraid I'll kill it by squeezing it...

    I stopped reading Bleach after they were trained by their father... I think... Basara's a really short story, only 3 books and it's an adaption from the Capcom game. Brave10 pula I think currently only has 3 and features my favourite Sengoku character, Yukimura (thought he's not the main character TOT)!

    They memang not keen on ordering BL titles in Jap or Chi in Kino, but sometimes they do take your order D8

    EoP closed d, didn't release for years D8 But I don't really fancy Yume no Kodomo or We are Gorgeous... Though I remember laughing a lot XD GREEN TEA FRAPPUCINO ROCKS <3!!

    *pats* There there, Kinokuniya is WEIRD. Their online customer service sux now, I can't order anything through mail right now, you'll have better luck ordering it through the counter themselves... I think they still take order for BL, 'cause I've just ordered Yumeka Sumomo's works and Nakamura Shungiku's W.P.B vol 2 O.o Books aren't here yet though TOT

    @iruka92: Congrats on surviving your exams =D Good luck on mission Bring-Back-Yaoi-From-Indon!

    Kinokuniya are internally confused. I liked it better before they reshuffled their system. Last time we get to privately make order from this guy who orders stuff straight from Japan for you, but now you can only go through their customer service. What a bother...

    @sef: Thanks sef *hugs* I'm well and genki now after days of mourning =3 Though it's my grandma, my grandma passed away quite long ago XD

    Sakuragi Yaya's works are so cute >_< Btw, Ice blended caramel rocks too =D Coffee Bean ftw! Usually I drink their hot chocolate though, like it cause it's milkier XD And Tiramisu from Alexis, is it made out of rum *eyes sparkles and mouth drooling...*

    I don't really like reading Shouta too, or Bara... This reminds me, have you read this really famous Japanese Manga called "Kuso Miso?" It's about some random 2 bara dudes doing it in the toilet, and saling berseme-seme one. The worst thing about it is, this one dude in there when he fk-ing the guy up the ass, he peed in there, and when he kena fk-ed he pooped... >_> That's where my phobia of Bara came from.

    @Agate13: Hey~! A late welcome from me =D Do they ban non BL titles in Kino?

    @dreamer06: Lol, imagine them all crowding around the boxes of manggo and eating them outside the toilet while drinking tea :3

    @Tsukino60: Welcome =D

    @Aarin: Happy Belated Birthday! Well, by the time I type this out it'll be belated >_< Sorry I couldn't be here to wish you earlier... I reached home about 11.55pm XD

    Sorry for the super Looooong post >_<
  6. Hime-sama
    Does anyone know if Borders still selling Embracing love? I want to get them T___T
  7. Rage78
    Hime-sama - Embracing Love was published by BeBeautiful manga...and it was under Biblos, so now they should be under Libre...Don't think there will be any Embracing Love in the bookstores anytime soon like VF as long as Libre and BeBe can't come to an agreement.

    If Borders run out of stock then, there's no way to find new stock if BeBe isn't publishing anymore.
  8. MioryQuu
    I'm 2 days late. Sorry for the belated Bday Aarin. Good luck in the year ahead and everything goes well. Hope you still a accept my wishes for you XP
  9. iruka92
    @cheezy - God .. this suck.

    = = =

    I AM MAKING A VOW not to step inside MPH or Borders or KINO!!! Bookstores are my enemy .. they're evil .. they burn my money ..

  10. Agate13
    AH...the govs are eevviiillll~~~ T^T i'm currently staying at Sabah now...how far is that....unfortunately to me, there isn't any Kino outlet here (or any major bookstore 'cept 'The Times')
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