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  1. sef
    @Rage: I don't know. It's just "bara" somehow relate me with FAKE- that's all! ...don't mind my weird thinking.
    and, you are right about the reason why Kino is really stricted for bringing in the Chinese & Japs manga (aside from my lame reason). Plus, I guess Kino is trying to randomly bring in yaoi titles. they don't help in special orders though.
    thanks for the LJ thingy.

    @dreamer: I've only mentioned some titles to the Aus forumer. they said couldn't find in the bookstores but you can definitely get through online stores. it's just that not as if my friends going there for a month. they are there for a short vacation

    @aarin: *hugs & kisses* gambatte and advance thank you!
  2. aarinfantasy
    It's the forum's birthday! 4th year ler! XD
    It's also my actual birthday!~
  3. Rage78
    WOOHOO!!! Happy Birthday Aarin AND the AF Forum!! Let's celebrate!! *throws confetti*

    @Aarin - it's okay if you can't always come here to talk. We understand and is grateful for all your hardwork!

    @sef - Randomly bringing in yaoi title is not gonna help us..now you have it, now you don't. Bara and FAKE...Maybe Ryo...LOL! He is kinda pretty LOL!
  4. valkyriensz
    @aarin === wawawee~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARIN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AF!! *joins rage throwing confetti too* XD XD XD
  5. Agate13
    *Aarin*= Uwaa! Happy happy Birthday!!! ^^

    To all= i'm still quite confuse about the non-bxb novel/books at kino. do they really banned it??? (runs in circle...confused/panic) it been VERY long since i last went to the store TT^TT
  6. LiZaRdBoi88
    HAPPY B'DAY TO Aarin and AF!!!!!
  7. evangeline90
    Happy Birthday to YOU~~~
  8. Hime-sama
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR AARIN&AF...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUU!!! Okay...that's suppose to be me singing but I don't think you'd want to hear my voice...really...lol XD
  9. aarinfantasy
    Thank you all~ *hugs*
  10. Rage78
    Konbanwa minna-san, just received good news from the DMP people. They said that the 4th vol. of OtRFK novel is scheduled for a June '09 release!! WOOHOOO!! I can't wait!!!

    I even asked if they would consider licensing Takamure Tamotsu's Nocture and Prelude. Nocturne was scanlated but unfortunately Prelude was not. So, we were left at cliffie in vol.1
    They said they'd pass my request to their licensing dept. for consideration. *keeping fingers crossed*
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