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  1. valkyriensz
    hi everyone...! ^^ it's been a while, very long while i guess *waves madly like orang "mesra alam"*<<<stress with japanese study...i'm kinda paranoid n bz with the study, though it's japanese beginner 1 xm next saturday *sweats* the thing which makes me so nervous is the oral part >__<' any tips to get rid my over nervousness? *sigh* i wanna have fun with u guys so much but...*sobs*....*open the text book again* well, soonest after i'm done the xm, i'll flooding my post in this group *evil grins* hehehe! ja ne~ gotta continue my revision again

    P/S: just wanna know, is there anyone coming to Times Square (3rd floor) next Saturday & Sunday for Anime Comic Festival? >__< (just curious)...i might drop by shortly after done my japanese test ^^/
  2. iruka92
    @valkyriensz - Nani??! Anime comic festival? 0_0 First time hearing something like it.. For all I know, there's only CF in December and the event awaits us at Sunway Pyramid Exhibition Centre..

    @Hime-sama - I hardly ... am able to get myself some NewS's concert goods.. *sniffs* Thank you anyway .. Will wait for it when the english licensed vers. are out.

    @Rage78 - Sankyuu ~ n i thought that endon is cheap .. -_-"
  3. valkyriensz
    @all === my mistake, it's Anime Comic Fair, not festival ^^' i got the info SMSed by my friend, n luckily she posted in her DA:


    she's really active visiting manganime events in M'sia<<<mainly coz she involves with cosplays and doujinshi projects ^^ look @ how wonderful her arts r...unfortunately i found no single yaoi, shounen-ai only XD XD XD *giggles*
  4. Rage78
    Hi minna, I need a lil favour. I'm looking for someone who can read in Chinese and is fairly or every fluent in translating it to English and have time to spare. I'm planning on a lil project of my own and would appreciate if anyone who fits the description to PM me?
  5. sef
    @silvis- Yup, TC is "Totally Captivated"...I got my raws from LJ but it's all in Korean . I only managed to buy until vol.3. I wanted to buy the following volume so much!

    @dreamer: I've check with some Aus forumer...what you mentioned is true...no yaoi manga in aus bookstore as well! Well, then I gotta order online and get my friends to bring back for me just as what silvis suggested. the reason I buy manga cuz I love the physical touch of the book. I don't really like to read scans~ but what to do - I still have to search scans like an idiot to satify the desparate me!

    @Rage: I've checked with AT three months ago- they no longer help people to order yaoi manga even I wanted to pay them one lump sum. They are really meanie! And, yes, the ring on Shun-chan finger......btw, for there's only one Gravitation OVA right??? Now on sale in AT- that's the only one, is it??? I don't really like FAKE. I can't stand those muscle~ is it something connect with "bara"??? Seriously, I don't fancy shota (except for loveless) & bara. As for ordering from Kino~ I don't know about the Japanese- I normally only buy sho-comi (magazine) and shoujo manga. As for Chinese sect- I tried persuading them since 3 years ago. But they never once promise to get me one *maybe I'm not a bishoujo so they refuse to help me*!

    @cheezy: I'm sorry to hear that regarding about your grandfather! My condolences. Please be well *hugs*!

    @iruka: Welcome back! Glad that you finishes your exams. Bring manga from Jakatra??? Haha, couldn't picture that they would actually available in their local bookstore except Kino. There a Brunei Aarin forum friend told me, she even have to spend time to go Sarawak to hunt for yaoi manga. But she found nothing and went home with a broken heart!
    I don't lepak around S.A. although I used to stay around that area when I was a little kid! but, those were the days!

    @valz: I'm totally going but which floor?? I wouldn't miss a chance to hunt for yaoi manga! But I only be there after 6pm- either sat/ sun. i'm not sure yet cuz hafta depends on my class.

    @everyone: I went Borders Garden today. I bought Tea for Two by Yaya Sakuragi vol1 & 2 (I love her work very much); S (yaoi novel) by Saki Aida & Chiharu Nara- there are few more titles around in the bookstores- can't remember the title, gomenasai! Then, I went Kino last Saturday- and titles I bought include Silver Diamond vol.2, Devil May Cry (novel), A Gentleman's Kiss by Fuwa Shiri, Wild Butterfly by Hiroki Kusumoto. Actually there are a few more titles still on sales in Kino. You guys can check it out!

    SideNote: I'm not too into coffee. I don't like the bitterness. I prefer tea! Oh, if I were to visit Starbucks, coffee bean and etc.....I normally go for Ice Blended Caramel! I can make tea at home. That's all *giggles*.
    My personal opinion. I only drink ice blended caramel. so, my no.1 like is coffee bean followed by starbucks then only san fran. And, I make one exception to cappucino- i love it from o'briens with the crispy chicken sandwich!
    Oh, if you guys have craving for tiramisu- please get it from alexis- availble in Gardens & Great Eastern Mall (Jalan Ampang)...I'm not sure is it available in Penang . It's really worth your price! One bite and you will fall in love!

    BTW....Where can I find VF scans???Can provide me the link??? (it suppose to be from one of the LJ also, ne?!) I want it in English! But I think I read it before in Chinese. I borrowed the manga from HQ bookstore in SS2 before.
  6. Rage78
    @ sef - I guess they didn't wanna take the risk of importing yaoi mangas in. They are dealing with those so-called figurines that are considered 'bahan lucah'. Better keep a low profile I guess.

    As far as I can tell, there's only one Gravi OVA. There was one song that I really liked alot - it's the one at the end, 'Smashing Blue'. Love it, love it.
    I haven't been in AT for a long time now. They didn't have anything that I would want so I don't bother with them anymore.

    Bara? Roses? Erm, I don't get the bara and FAKE thing? I've read my share of shota and I'll say this they're funny to read roflmao! Esp. Elle to Takara..I just find them hilarious for some reason. Loveless, for me, trascended the shota for me. For me it's just two damaged people who are sorta attracted to ea. other, I don't notice the age any more. Maybe it's also thanks to the fact that Ritsuka is such an old soul in a young body. Am waiting for the day where Ritsuka will lose his ears and tail..muahahahahhahaha. Seimei's unhealthy obsession with Ritsuka is creepy.

    I don't think the fact that you're not a bishoujo that Kino won't help you LOL! *huggles* there, there. I think Cheezy mentioned that Kastams is very jumpy about Jap. and Chinese mangas...coz well, they are well known for hentai titles lol. So maybe that's why they don't bring them in?

    WTF!? Oh I am REALLY pissed with Kino now. How can they be selling SD vol.2 when I enquired via email if I can special order it, and they told me NO. Fuwa Shinri's work to boot!??? There's explicit sex scenes in there for the love of yaoi! What on earth are they doing?????

    As for VF scans - you can look for club_sion on the LJ. You'll have to be a member to access downloads. Gomen, I can't remember the url offhand.
  7. Agate13
    H-hi! X3 nice meeting you all! (Oh boy, I'm nervous...) I just joined the group today so I hope everything will be in good terms~ I'm from Sabah and it's been awhile since I entered Aarin (but never get the chances to join any group)

    Hope we'll be friends ^^
  8. dreamer06
    @Rage: The kastam is jumpy about manga? But I think they don't really check if you're a Malaysian. Well, most of it except fruits...once i brought fruits back from Aus and they stopped me and checked the large boxes for fruit storage (the ones with holes) and took away all my box of mango saying that its not allowed due to some disease of something (but i think they actually distribute it among themselves during tea-break).

    @sef: Well, not totally no yaoi manga. There's still some like Invinsible Boy (Toumei Shounen) & Little Butterfly but its really really limited on the shelves & mostly from DMP(but maybe they will order for you if you ask?). I guess there's no market for it in Aus. Also it really strained the eyes to read scanlation so reading it from a book is definitely a better choice.
  9. aarinfantasy
    Welcome Agate13!~

    Hi all, I won't be able to look into here to often now... busy busy! >.<
    Doing JR Season2 is one, then Kirepapa OVA2 coming, then now attempting to revive an older title (2007) anime to fansub. I will still read, but wont be able to read all msg posted here which I feel sad cuz you all are just fantastically informative and fun to chat with.

    So I got to apologize ahead first ^^;;;
  10. valkyriensz
    @sef === NANI!!!?? SD vol.2 is out already?? when? i visited kino last week to find KKM novel (english or japan version)...only noticed Fuwa Shinri's Gentleman's Kiss and 2 other yaoi mangas which i'm not familiar with the mangaka but i do feel weird how Gentleman's Kiss is found 'legibly' on sale @ the display rack?? '' anyway, thanks for the info sef-chan! XD XD XD

    the Anime Comic Fair will be held @ 3rd floor (that's what my friend told me in her SMS) and it's a free entry, from 11am-7pm

    i usually download VF from mangafox.com by viewing the manga online n saving per page *kerja leceh* ^^'

    @rage78 === Gravitation OVA's Smashing Blue is totally smashing my heart! ^__^ among my fave songs which i cannot miss to play it everyday XD XD XD

    @agate13 & all new members === welcome to the group! and "HI~!" *waves madly* ^^/

    @aarin === aaaw...it's ok...i'm also feel guilty for haven't been active chatter here till i finished my japanese test >.<''' and also the donation, gotta postpone till i've settled my stuff down especially on registering for my japanese class beginner 2nd level
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