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Malaysian Fans!

  1. 775752
    it's beeen a while friends!!! nice pictures
    anything new?
  2. sweetmisery21
    Hi everyone thought id join since im originally from malaysia currently in melbourne tho, was there in may-june on vaction visiting my brother in KL , was on the look out for yaoi manga which i might add was rather hard to locate other then one bookshop in KLCC >_> .... but anyhow just dropping by to say hello (^O^)/
  3. ReasonX07
    heyz o,o didn't know that there was a M'sian group here =X Ehh... guess I'm dropping by to say "hi" as well? >_<
  4. evangeline90
    @Ila: Hahahahaha, your bro must be crazy jealous that you got out first, and at only one minute earlier!!!!

    Hihi ya'll newbies~ the M'sia group is growingggggggg!!! Aarin will be so proud! ^^
  5. erilly
    Waaaa!! Im a newbie for this club! Didnt even know its existence until Sef recommended. XD
  6. anniza34
    Hi, Malaysian Fans!
  7. sef
    & all new comer^^ and glad erilly like it......
  8. skutergirl
    Ahhh.. Welcome everybody.

    So glad to see this group becoming bigger and bigger each day.
  9. erilly
    To Anniza34 - Thank you for accepting my invitation.
    To sef - Thanks for inviting me in!! lolzz
    To skutergirl - Im glad there's some malaysian here (glad our forum founder from Malaysia too)
  10. evangeline90
    Hello everyone!!! Spread the word~~~ We are one person shy from 20 members!!! *Anticipating*
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