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  1. dreamer06
    Thanks for the welcome!

    @sef: why do you have to get those manga all the way from Aus? it isn't sold in Malaysia? I'm not sure but I haven't notice any/much of yaoi manga (i assume) in the bookstores in Aus, then again I don't usually check as i read from scanlation anyway
  2. cheezy
    @aarin: Fake's a good manga XD That's the only English manga I bought, well, just vol 6 'cause I couldn't wait for the scanlations XD Silly me... Gravitation is popular, long time ago, I guess that's the only BL anime (still is) where you can nice drawing consistently in the anime, even though they did change at the end .-. The manga well, I remember when I was in f2, it's really popular O.o The story's really hilarious and entertaining, worth every cent spent on it =D

    "I like angst (like Nowaki x Hiroki in JR, or Ai no Kusabi), mystery/twist (anything like twist in plot such as Death Note or Code Geass), comedy romance (like JR etc), dramatic (cliff hanger), dark-themed (like vampire) or cool looking guys (like Squall or Cloud from Final Fantasy)."
    That's practically everything except crossdressing... LOL, means no Okane ga Nai too...

    Lol, everybody in my office's drinking that Oldtown Hazelnut Coffee... I'm not into coffee, but I guess I'll give it a try. =D

    @Rage78: Why do they charge it so expensive when their (BB i mean) quality is so bad that you can muntah darah o.o OmG! You like Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike!! I LOOOOVE that series and all Abe Miyuki's work... *swoons* Her characters are so adorable and SOOOO lovable!~ You've brought out the fangirl in me =p. Madness is really good, I like Shimotsuki Kairi's shounen works too, like Basara and Brave10, but beware of super big boobbies XD Beautiful drawing and character designs =D. I cried buckets at Hybrid Child's ending too TOT Can't wait to order that book from Kinokuniya :3

    Lol, I started BL cause of Gravitation too XD I started from the manga though, then only they release the anime, I was like, "Oh! So pretty~~~"

    Sorry about that, I just dled the file, sitting in my HDD but I didn't open the zip yet =p I guess you'll have to wait for the English publisher to publish book 4 before you can get it. D: Other wise it's usually just illustrations for the book's in Japanese =D LoL If I'm as rich as some politician, I'll legalise BL =D. Asami's mouth is very very "talented" ne =D

    @dreamer06: Hey! Come bersama-sams nosebleed =D

    I'll be away to Penang for the next couple of days to attend my grandma's funeral... Only will be back on a Thursday, see all of you soon. =D
  3. aarinfantasy
    @dreamer06, if you read the past few pages of this Social Group, you can find out why most of us import now. To make it short, last time our local bookstores Kinokuniya and Borders sell yaoi manga in Jap, Chi, Eng. But now Kino stopped selling it already because some reporter go and report on their newspaper citing "bahan lucah", thus the government make a ban for Kino on importing it. So only now Borders selling it... and at risk like Kino's fate too. The next best option is to import - hassle free but very expensive and take longer time to receive your items.
  4. Hime-sama
    Welcome dreamer! *hugs*

    Aarin: I'm not much of a coffee fan...even if I do go to Starbuck I will order the iced green tea instead which I love very much >.<
  5. cheezy
    @Hime-samaL: Starbucks' green tea furrappucino (did I spell this correctly D8)? I only order that over there. XD I usually go Coffee Bean though...
  6. Hime-sama
    cheezy: lol...Think so...XD Thing is I don't go out to KL much so I usually go to Starbuck @Alamanda Putrajaya when I get the urges for caffeine or their delish green tea !X3 I've never been to coffee bean before..how is the coffee there ? ^^;
  7. Rage78
    @ Aarin - by keeping a list of it, do you mean the titles I mentioned in my posts? Yeah sure, no problem. Let me know which ones you need from me and I'll upload it ASAP. If there's any other licensed titles, let me know, I just might have it.

    I didn't realise that Nescafe 3-in-1 is that strong...I didn't feel sick or anything from drinking that. So, I guess the Hazelnut one wouldn't make me sick. LOL!

    I tried this Ipoh Kopi-O ( I think) once, a colleague of mine gave it to me to try. My gawd, I felt SO sick the whole day, I kept going to the toilet to purge, but only felt better for 5-10 mins only. Never again! I'll stick to Nescafe 3-in-1. Yaoi/BL is a very good addiction. XD

    @ cheezy - First of all, my condolences for the death of your grandma *huggles* hope you and your family have a safe journey to and fro. And remember that your grandma has lived a full life so, don't be too sad.

    FAKE's art was really heavy on the drawing lines wasn't it? It felt very masculine to me and I took a while to get used to it..kena conned by the pretty cover of Ryo LOL!

    About Gravitation, did you notice the ring at Shuichi's hand at the last volume last page?? I was like SQUEEING!! RING!! RING!! I wonder if anyone else noticed it? I started from the anime and then the manga. Lucky I did that otherwise I wouldn't pick up the manga. The artwork is not the kind I like. Now that would be a waste since it's such an angsty, funny series.

    I don't know why they charge so expensive for the BB mangas. Maybe the titles were super popular? Or they thought the fans would pay no matter how expensive it is? Dahlah expensive in USD then AT go and tambah lagi a few more ringgit and you end up paying 50+.

    AAAHAHHHHHH!!!!A fellow Komatta fan!!! WOOOHOOO!!! It seems that our tastes is rather similar!! I'm waiting really, really impatiently for BE & gang to quickly release the vol. 10 chaps..the UST really kills me..really frustrating. Worse than Misaki being in denial. Her rendition of Sakura is just soooo beautiful!! So kawaii!! She does a really good job with the animals. I was like AWWWW when I saw the photo album that Takara's dad put together. I keep reading Komatta over and over again. I haven't read all her works yet. I've only read Komatta and Sweet vs. Home. But I enjoyed what I've read.

    Ah, you like Madness too!? Madness is really full of madness isn't it. TOTALLY LOVE IT!!! I thought the storyline is pretty good and not the typical love story muahahahha.Goodness, I think I'm gonna have to re-read it. Hope Soup finishes this project soon. I've never read Basara or Brave10. I don't usu. read shounen..except K.H.Reborn and D-Grayman. Only coz I was too impatient to know what happened next while watching the anime. LOL! I was a Bleach fan once but I quit coz I can't stand how Tite is dragging it on & on & on & on...too many filler eps. I don't think sensei knows where he wants to go with this at all.

    When you say order HC from Kino, you mean the japanese edition is it? I thought you mentioned that they're not too keen on bringing in Japanese or Chinese mangas anymore since our Kastam is very jumpy about it?

    Ne, have you read Hamada Shouko's Yume no Kodomo? For some reason, I like that series..but I really hate the group that took up this title. Not that I'm not grateful that EoP did this title, but personally I always felt that the group very action. Dahlah quality scan, editing and translation tak best, but nak action. I'm just so frustrated with them coz until now they haven't updated any projects for so long. Don't know if they are still around or not. Ask also no reply. But such a pity. Just one more volume and a half to go before they complete this.

    I wonder if our similar tastes also extends to Miki Araya's We Are Gorgeous? I had stomachache reading that. Total crack!

    @Hime-sama & Cheezy - SB's green tea frappucino is one of my guilty sins too! It's just absolutely delish. I think I can actually drink it everyday.That would be very bad for my wallet though. Hahaha.
  8. iruka92
    Minna ... I AM DONE WITH EXAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Failed my addmaths though but heck . . . let's partay!!!!!!!!!


    Anyone here lepak a lot in Shah Alam?

    = = = =

    Anyway .. I went to Borders and saw vol 6 & 7 of JR. -_-" If there was the 1st vol, I wouldn't hesitate on buying .. demo ne, its a pain if you're skipping volumes.. and I WAS LOOKING FOR VF!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My friend bought the artbook .. (i bought it for her since she was too embarrassed) and damn ... it was so SO GORGEOUS,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GAH....... ASAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Totally love the 1st page (BDSM - hohoho) and the character book. xDD Takaba was so funny when he went to spy on Asami .. .

    "Everytime I got drunk, I'm screwed .. Everytime I got kidnapped, I'm screwed ..."


    Still on a tight budget -_-" .. i'M going to jakarta sometime between 29th nov - 1st dec .. Anyone knows where to get yaoi there? VF esp .. or JR!! 0_0 .. I mean, the muslim community is a little bit sien there but .. I don't think their Kino has been raided, no?

  9. Rage78
    @iruka92 - congrats on finishing your exams!

    Maybe you can contact the Kino in Jakarta or something as ask if they are allowed to bring in yaoi mangas. If can, then special order from them, but I'm not sure how fast you can get it.

    At the Bangkok Kino, they told me it takes 3-4 weeks if it comes in via the US route, and 6-8 weeks if it comes via the UK route. So timing it to coincide with your trip is gonna be crucial.

    As mentioned in earlier posts, you're not gonna find VF on any shelves in Borders. You'll be better off with the scanlations and wait for them to finally decide on the license issue for VF.
  10. Hime-sama
    iruka: You can get VF from a few sellers selling at amazon market but I don't know if they can ship outside of USA. But you need USD100 ++ in your pocket ^^;

    I have a friend from Indonesia and she said there's a Kino shop there (not sure where it is though) but she said the yaoi mangas there are costly compared to those selling at our Kino. So she usually buys a lot whenever she could visit Malaysia.
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