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  1. MioryQuu
    I'm looking for viewfinder too, Okane ga Nai, Crimson Spell and BrotherxBrother. Anyone got info about where I can find them?
  2. Rage78
    @Aarin - Ah, I see. Sometimes I find it faster to dl from BT using VPN than using host links...Screamyx. Need I say more LOL! I wish they fix the domestic problems instead of running off to pursue overseas project *shakes head* You get good speed using Screamyx?? I've always wondered eversince I knew you were a fellow M'sian.

    Oh Aarin, you haven't lived and fangirl until you've read Viewfinder..*faints* they just finished the last chapter of the HK arc and I think it'll be on a hiatus (a short one hopefully) while Yamane sensei takes a break. I dunno if Borders sells OtRFK and VF or not. VF was licensed by BeBeautiful. Bleh! BB sucks all kinds of suck. Their mangas were so blardy expensive. OtRFK is....sweet. Tis the only word I can think of to describe it LOL! Gomen...

    @Miory - You won't find English version of OgN since it's not licensed. You'll have to check out the scanlations for that. CS is licensed and so is BrotherxBrother..You can either check Borders or order online. Check the LJ for VF scanlations. The last chapter just about killed the fangirls..I think the comm was littered with dead, nose bleeding fangirls..hahaha
  3. cheezy
    @Rage78: Yea, there is, I can send you a link where you can find vol 4 =D. Unless you prefer to own the book... Gotta try your luck with Borders. Brother x Brother isn't licensed, that I'm sure =D I nosebleed a lot on the last chapter of VF >_< Ultimate uke and seme action!!~

    @zehroshi: LoL, Gintama is a good investment, total crack which brightens up your day XD

    @aarin: They did sell Only the Ring Finger Knows, bothe the manga and the novels in Borders, I think my sis took the last book on the shelf though >_< I've never seen VF on the shelf... You'll probably see a lot of squealing fangirls at one corner if they did XD
  4. Hime-sama
    Viewfinder I only read scanlation and I saw one or twice manga auctioned on ebay but you have to be rich to bid and can imagine the price of one volume reaching USD100++ since it is very very rare!!! O_o

    I previously have the complete copy of Only ring finger vol1-3 novel but I already sold them. The story is definitely worth buying but I'm not sure if Borders have any now.
  5. ~silvis~
    @aarin: I would totally recommend OTRFK if you don't mind the sex being very light. haha I mainly read it for the story. I can't wait for the 4th novel to be out in stores!

    haven't been out lately busy studying for my exams! >__<
    random: Obama won! xD
  6. MioryQuu
    @rage: I reached Vol 5 chap 17 for VF. Akihito got shot Don't die.
    I'm going to Borders this Friday, hope I can get what I want.
    Is Only the Ring Finger knows nice?
  7. Rage78
    @Miory - OH YES! Only The Ring Finger Knows is nice. It's sweet and adorable - don't take my word for it. Give the manga a try and then you read the novels...as Silvis said to Aarin, the sex is very light but the stoyline is beautiful.

    VF is all kinds of kickass..if you're crying at ch.17 then when you read the final chapter, you'll have spontaneous, massive blood loss like Cheezy and I did (along with a whole bunch of drooling fangirls) The ending was what we always wanted and MORE!!!!!! YOH & FEI *faints* I'm not much for that pairing but dang it, sensei did good. muahahahahahha now take that, MikhailxFei shippers!

    @Hime-sama - WAH! USD100+ on auction??? I should be really rich if I auctioned off my vol.1 & 2. I tried to get the other volumes but I think BeBeautiful was already running into problems or something at the time. So I think vol. 1 & 2 is it? Even if the auction price goes up to 200+ (that would be too outrageous) I wouldn't even sell my copies..they are precious, precious.

    @Cheezy - Thanks for the link again..xoxoxo hee...I'd love to own the books - I think I'll wait for everything I want to be out first then order it all at one shot. Need time to ahem, recover from my credit card bills...lol.

    The last chapter of VF was totally awesome wasn't it? I heard that sensei has added a lil extra story in the vol. 5 about our beloved S&M seme-uke on life after HK...I'd say Takaba would still be feisty and running around and Asami will still be enjoying himself chasing after his errant bottom. I've noticed that sensei likes her ukes feisty and stubborn.

    VF was never seen on the shelf coz I think by then BeBeautiful was already in trouble...I special ordered mine from Animetech when they first came out. I didn't think there would be problems with BeBeautiful until I still couldn't get my vol. 3 of Haru wo. I placed my order with Animetech in August and by January there was still no signs of it. They couldn't even tell me why they couldn't get it. Which was weird coz I saw on Amazon etc it was already up to vol. 4, 5 and I was still waiting for vol.3. LOL! Daijoubu...I already cancelled my order with AT ages ago.. Got fed-up. I used the deposit I paid to buy the Loveless artbook. My Haru wo scanlations are now super precious to me xD

    The BrotherxBrother - is it the Yuzuha Ougi one? Because I'm pretty sure that was licensed - Oh wait, I think I got them confused...*blushes* gomen, gomen. I thought the Yuzuha Ougi was titled as BrotherxBrother too...but it's just Brother. Gomen, gomen...there's another titled Brothers by Yamato Kotatsuha...Those 3 titles always causes confusion for me.

    @General - I don't know bout the rest of you but I thought Time Lag was really nice too and I'd recommend it too..it gave me that nice feeling just like OtRFK..does anyone else share this view?
  8. evangeline90
    The good thing bout last chapter of VF is that Asami finally showed some emotion~~~ It was so hawt, I blushed nonstop O///O
  9. Rage78
    @evangeline - Agreed. But didn't you think he looked, kinda um, weird and funny when he smiled at Akihito at the airplane? Hee..But the emotions he showed when Akihito was shot was really wonderful to see...he's grown up. And Akihito too *SQUEE*
  10. cheezy
    @evangeline90: XD Nosebleed fest!

    @Rage78: Hehehe, no problem =D I'm waiting for the bank to bank in my check XD Can't wait for Friday =D Good luck with the credit card bills D8 There's an extra chapter in vol 5 ... *drools*

    I think there's like a lot of titles with the word Brother and BrotherxBrother XD. I was referring to Kisaragi Hirotaka's version of BxB XD You bought VF in Jap? I thought AT charge extra (a lot) for shipping those BL titles in, have you tried asking Kinokuniya whether they can bring it in?

    Time Lag's so cute, it feels so fluffy reading it =D

    @~silvis~: Good luck with exams~ *Obama power!!~*
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