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  1. MioryQuu
    @rage: I did save all except 200 points. I waited so long to buy Ayase card but now it's not longer available and I still don't have that amount of points
  2. sef
    Hi there, my bad for no visiting this social group often! ...
    My warmest welcome to all the newbies!
    So, anyone knows about the status for "Only the ring finger knows" final novel??? any idea from getting it from Borders??
  3. cheezy
    @MioryQuu: He smacked my ex-classmate's butt =D Sat on my senior's lap... and acted really feminine in front of me D8

    There're interest rates to points O.O?!
  4. MioryQuu
    Yup. Click on check beside your points and there got state there saving and stuff.
    @cheezy: ok.... That must be a funny scene. Did anyone freak out. haha
  5. Hime-sama
    sef: Final novel? You mean vol 3 one?
  6. Rage78
    Can anyone let me have the host link for IIR OVA2? Much thanks!

    @Miory - *huggles* sorry to hear bout the Ayase card...There's nothing we can do except to keep accumulating points - if you want more points, you could upload videos...but I guess you're already doing that?
  7. cheezy
    @MioryQuu: thanks for the info =D Yea it's quite funny when the slapping butt thing happened right in front of me =D

    @Hime-sama: I think sef's talking about the 4th volume, Soshite Yubiwa wa Kokuhakusuru (Your Confession in Both Hands). My sister only bought 2 volumes from borders, I haven't seen vol 2 or 4 there yet...

    @Rage78: I'll forward it to you =D
  8. zehroshi
    wah. Haven't checked in for a while and so many things going on. XD
    I'll rarely ever really go hunting for an original anime dvd, even online, since there is the possibility of piracy there too. Though I am planning on saving up and purchasing the original Japanese Gintama anime dvds though. (damn you, Gintama~!)

    You can earn points via uploads on the forums, right? =o *has tossed all her points into the bank XD*
  9. Rage78
    @cheezy - thanks for the PM...there's a vol. 4 of OtRFK???? must find it...must find it...

    @general - my evil friend asked me to check out the Soviet March song from Red Alert 3 and I keep replaying it over and over and over and over...wondering if there were some sort of subliminal messages to switch loyalties to the Motherland...
  10. aarinfantasy
    @Rage: nope I did not subscribe to any of those...I hardly use torrent now.
    Getting it from Host Links is better or own server~

    I was looking for more yaoi mangas at Borders, like Only The Ring Finger Knows and Viewfinder... never read them before but heard great reviews on them. So is Borders selling them?
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