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  1. aarinfantasy
    @cheezy: LOL that's ART alright XD

    @Miory: I am sorry I don't have much free time to complete AarinSecret by Dec... so have to plan Feb 2009. I don't know what will be added in there yet.
  2. tinanit
    hello! i'm new here! Hope to get to know you guys better soon!
  3. MioryQuu
    @Aarin: Oh well guess I have to wait By the way, how many members are working on Aarinsecret?

    @tinanit: Welcome. Hope you have fun around the forum.
  4. Hime-sama
    Does anyone know if yaoi titles selling at Borders are up to date?
  5. cheezy
    @MioryQuu: =D Well, there's like 2 who dropped out from my class and another changed to Go Academy 'cause one of the lecturer just wouldn't let her pass one stupid subject =.= He's against her I tell you...

    @aarin: XD She's a genius with weird lines.

    @tinanit: \o/ Hey! Welcome =D

    @Hime-sama: D8 Up to date with those licensed title in US? .-. I really don't know ....
  6. Hime-sama
    cheezy: That's okay...thanks =)
  7. MioryQuu
    @cheezy: She must have pissed him off. Thats scary. I'll make sure I stay away from him. Any obvious action that the lecturer did which show they are interested in the guys student?? That'll be very funny.
  8. aarinfantasy
    @Miory: Actually there's me doing most of the mag pages layouts. Ppl or contributors send in text only attached with pics. We also have some mods as editors. Not many ppl... can be counted all in two hands.
  9. MioryQuu
    @Aarin: wow...Maintaining this site and doing all the jobs must be tough.

    I'm currently point hunting.How you guys get so much points?!
  10. Rage78
    @Aarin - Sucks bout Slowyx capping torrent dls...but where there is a will there is a way...and there is a way..Are you subscribing to any VPN service to bypass the throttle problem? I subscribe monthly to this service http://www.bolehvpn.net/

    All my BT downloads get good speed and loads of connection to international seeders as compared to using BT without it.


    @Miory - Move your points from Checking to Savings and you can accumulate your points by the daily interest.
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