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  1. aarinfantasy
    @suicidal: Actually I BOUGHT a Ai No Kusabi DVD in 2004 (my very first yaoi DVD) from this eBay guy... and I THOUGHT it was an original DVD! But when it came to my hands, I knew right away it is not...printed cover and printed DVD cover from a bubblejet printer lol! I guess that person has the original or copied elsewhere. So I don't know if there's actually any ever existed! I think it's from an original VIDEO TAPE (last time where got DVD in 1990) and the fansubbed version by one group in the 90s. Then they used they subs and transferred it on DVD (video from the tape and subs from the group). That's how the subs are - exactly the same like that group's. I forgot already how much I got it but it isnt expensive at all.... I think probably around US$20.

    @Miory: Well, ya they put those hologram label also...a bit fake I must say cuz some I really can see is NOT original ~_~;;; I mean u see pirated movies also got those hologram stickers selling at the streets! =x You got credit card and can afford, can buy anything from online stores.

    @cheezy: Manga whole set is more expensive compared to the DVD hehe. I envy ppl who studies art...it was my dream also. I love colors and art, was planning to do interior design or advertising. However, following family steps in taking over the business... that's why I am in business management field now.
  2. cheezy
    @MioryQuu: Nuh! Becoming a lecturer in TOA is **** work, under paid, over worked, I have a friend working as a tutor there in the Multimedia department XD What major are you studying/planning to study? I took up animation and I'm currently working in a game company =D

    @aarin: Bubblejet printer... Now that's rip off D: Tape as in those black lil box type of tape? That's like... ancient d...
    Wow, so you're like a boss now? D: *imagines aarin like Kanou-san...* =D You can always pick up art now if you're interested, one of my classmate joined my class when she was 28, by the time she graduate she's already 30 XD You'll see her walking around with dolfie and all. =D Before that, she did accounting XD
  3. MioryQuu
    @cheezy: At first I was wondering whether you are KiDChan or not. lol She's into yaoi too rite I guess. I'm planning to take animation too. Need to confirm within this month. ah... Haven't talk to my parent yet.I hear animation is quite hard to learn. Need to go night class?? Did you do sculpture? Is your friend a female from Sabah?

    @Aarin: haiz~ I don't have credit card *cry* I'll have to wait until I work. Does the official website of the anime sells their product? So we won't have to risk our money on ebay or other online marketplace which doesn't guarantee the quality of the product.
  4. cheezy
    @MioryQuu: I doubt she's really into it as deep are you are though =D Animation is... easy for me, I'm a computer geek XD If you're willing to pay the extra amount of money to study this course, then you should =D Interesting is, when I studied there, they focus on your 2d skills in light and mood studies and concept art. So if you're not into 3d, you can always fall back to that =D Bad thing about studying that is that both the permanent DG staff are gay (head of department and another lecturer), and they'll discriminate genders too... Wonder if they're in here or not, I'm so dead XD I didn't do the sculpture class, I think I went back to Penang when they had the class... Apparently my friend who took it said the clay stinks and you don't really learn much =D Usually they hire guest lecturers who has day time work so you will have night class, and when you're doing your final project, you'll have to fight for computers cause there aren't enough for everybody to use >_>;; TOA very Kiam Siap... And if you want to masuk this major, be prepared to fork out almost Rm1k for multimedia fees =.= and I don't think you'll use the equipment that much, CCTV cameras for shooting movie and all... I sound like I'm discouraging you here D8

    No, my friend is a male from Kuching =D Mr Reuben =D
  5. lovebishies
    cheezy:is TOA good? i have two places i want to go, either TOA or mmu. wanna go to LKW too but too expensive >_>
  6. MioryQuu
    @cheezy: hmm.... Maybe I should dress as a guy when I enter their class.wahaha... I'm interested in sculpture so I'm looking forward to it. Everyone use the school comp even though they have laptop?? I think TOA bought more comp and equipment dy. wow..must pay for the RM1K? Can I pay only when I want to use? haha... Not really I'm still interested in it. The DA lecturer you were talking about, is he big size and not very tall de?

    I'll try to spot for him XP
    By the way, you a girl rite?
  7. aarinfantasy
    @cheezy: haha...I don't think i can change field now cuz life's a lot going on... personal life things/relationships/family etc >.<

    @Miory: Yes the official site has link to online stores but most of them also points to big online stores like Amazon.jp anyway.
  8. cheezy
    @aarin: Aw >_< At least you're still surrounded by art here =D Yaoi is art, quotes her sis in IRC "<mioka92> when the receiving one squirts or cums <mioka92> it's like squeezing paint from a paint tube, really hard <mioka92> so <mioka92> ART"

    @MioryQuu: LoL I look like a tomboy, guess that's why he didn't kacau me Maybe you should XD. They have laptops O.O!? TOA's providing laptops now? O.O I guess the laptop's not powerful enough to run the 3D program smoothly =D They have quadcores and duocores in the lab, just use it, since you paid for it d.

    The DA lecturer isn't ... big size, and not so tall ^O^;; wears specs =D If you're talking about my friend, yea, he's short, but not that big sized, unless he grew during the last couple of months D: You'd be using the equipment for storyboarding class D8 So you can't avoid it... TOT Yeap, I'm a girl =D

    @lovebishies: Well, depends on what you want to do lo, example, I heard MMU's stuff are more towards concept and all, and TOA is more towards commercial. LKW le, my bro used to study animation there, he told me not to go there D: TOA focus a lot on your drawing skills and art sense, and they give you hell a lot of work to do, so you really don't have a normal sleep cycle for like 3 years, at least during my time D:
  9. ~silvis~
    @aarin & Miory: Thanks guys for the links!
    omg call me weird but I lol at the scenes! xDD it was kinda cliche and funny! Used to buy some anime from anime tech before I knew the art of downloading.

    I've never really buy original anime unless you count those from anime tech. ^__^;;
    More towards manga cause I can't fully understand the anime without subs. xD
  10. MioryQuu
    @cheezy: Lol... *buy more jackets and baggy pants. TOA doesn't provide laptop. I meant the student's own laptop. I hope there are enough comp for all. I heard many people drop off DA half way. Is it real?

    @Aarin:Maybe I should ask my friend to help me buy XP. When will 2008 Aarinsecret be released? Is there any possibility that you can add the translation of the interview or free talk of the seiyuu? Cuz their chat sound interesting.

    For me, I never download Anime unless I can't buy it anywhere that I can reach.
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