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  1. lovebishies
    $50?! That's a lot! Urgh.. our money*US dolar..
    i should get a work soon so that i can have my own yaoi collection!
    i spent most of my duit raya on food
  2. valkyriensz
    hi everyone...i'm so worn out today...had went into long sleep like a bear's hibernation after came back from perodua service center (coz my mom asked me to accompany her to send her kelisa for service) =___=' i always sleep a lot & very long during my 1st day P!<---girl's "monthly disaster" aiyo...i missed so much fun here...even i didn't notice when was my downloads finish including aarin's IIR2 thanks aarin for providing me with the host link *big huggies to u* pls send my thanks to ur translators too for the hard work translating the animes~ ^^ regarding the donation, i'm really sorry for the delay coz the disastrous accident happened...need to wait till i'm in top shape again plus today is my 1st day P! n i'm already "flooding" a lot *blushed*

    @cheezy === LOL...if i'm a super rich woman, i'd love to put tight securities inside n outside my house...should any violation happens, i'll kick that person out<---applicable to both my brothers only XD XD XD i heed ur advice to 'ponteng' the class but couldn't avoid my mom's plea to accompany her to perodua this morning...aiyayayai~

    @evangeline90 === seems like no need for me to give the link anymore coz i already had deleted IIR raw given by my friend ^^ hahahah...bad me~
  3. cheezy
    @lovebishies: It depends on steamyx D8 Sometimes they block the connection and there's a downtime for BT (most of the time anyway >_>). So I queue the files when I sleep, the next morning usually it's done =D.

    @iruka92: LoL There's always a darker side of humans =D Well, my friend's parents tend to trust me with the well being of their kid 'cause I look "trustable" with my petite looks... They don't know how wrong they were =p

    @valkyriensz: =D Lets hope one day you'll turn rich and money grows on trees! I sent my car for service today too D8 My dad kicked me awake at 7am just for that D8 So tiring >_<

    @Aarin: Spending money on food isn't bad D8 Well, I spend more money on manga and artbook rather than anime, usually I'll just DL those anime, as for buying DVDs I gave up buying after AnimeTech ripped me with those sucky subtitles >_> *stabs* Manga is love <3
  4. evangeline90
    Gives Aarin a BIIIIIGGGGG HUGGGGGGG~~~ *Squeeee*
  5. aarinfantasy
    *gives evangeline90 a big hug back* XD

    @lovebishies: Yeah I know, now US dollar rate is much higher RM1 = US$3.55 (as of yesterday).

    @cheezy: Streamyx kinda capped our download esp from torrents (I stopped using torrents quite some time ago), and they blocked us from entering Veoh! >.<
  6. cheezy
    Well, they block by protocol, as long as you're using some BT program they don't know about, you're fine... Like Deluge, it used to be really fast, but I guess the people at streamyx caught up with that... *sighs and stabs steamyx*... Will USD rate drop next year .-.?
  7. suicidal_yaoilove
    same here.. i spend my money on DVD than mangga. its too expensive if i really wanna have a mannga collection. btw does anyone know where can i get Ai no kusabi in dvd?? or does it even exist as DVD in the 1st place??
  8. MioryQuu
    @Ikura92: Yup saw it. Even though it stated there DVD but it's in TV version.censored dy.

    @Aarin: I'm 100% Original supporter when comes to Anime. Hate pirated, the sub erm... isn't accurate. The Anime they pack with nice packaging with LF logo and cost around RM 40++ for whole series is original rite. I scare they aren't. I wish I can order online or something. I don't know how to pay.

    Food also kind of tempting me to eat them. Since I'm a student in a Art college, money is always not enough. I try to save my money but always ended up spending in art materials
  9. cheezy
    @MioryQuu: Which art college are you studying at =D I was a graduate at The One Academy XD So, I know how it feels to buy those watercolour/acrylic and all when I wasn't even planning on studying illustration in the first place... and prismacolour makers... *dies*

    O.O I always thought it's cheaper to buy manga as compared to the Anime... D8
  10. MioryQuu
    Hey senior I'm at TOA too. Are you a lecturer??
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