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  1. lovebishies
    Kyaaa~the 2nd OVA is hotter than the 1st OVA! Ranmaru is so sexy~~
  2. aarinfantasy
    It's not licensed but the manga company told me not to host from my site... that's all.
    They are more picky on the manga actually, not the anime. But we removed it just in case lah~

    silvis, I will PM u the link.
  3. MioryQuu
    Where can I find JR in Malaysia? I saw some shop in Sabah got sell but it's in tv version. If the whole DVD version is out, where can I find it?
  4. cheezy
    \o/ I'm still recovering from nosebleed attack D8 *hugs aarin* Thank you so much <3333

    @lovebishies: Well, I tend to just leave my comp on while I'm somewhere else, so I usually queue my dl up at BT XD I guess it's a habit for me to use BT now... *wipes blood away from her nose*
  5. lovebishies
    MioryQuu:Never saw JR's DVD before. Sorry.

    cheezy:I'm using laptop, so I can't let it on for long. ^^ Usually how long it take to download 1 epi using BT?? *gives cheezy tissues xD*
  6. iruka92
    @cheezy - I AM the head of the prefect's spotcheck cases. xPPPPP But.. I'm a bad one for a fact.. as I bring dvd(s) and *coughs*dirty*coughs* cds all the time. Hahahahahahaha. Since my face is childish much so people wouldn't notice the dark side of me. Haha.

    @aarin - Wow. That's good to hear. The actors are so pretty ~ ~

    @rage78 - YES. She did..

    @MioryQuu - They have it in Sabah??!!! Fuiyoo... I saw one in Shah Alam.. Haha. But I didn't get it. Aside from being (obviously) pirated, I can't trust the subs. Certain companies have sucky subs. That's why I love aarin so much.. Hehe.

    Welcome newbies!!! ))
  7. aarinfantasy
    Miory, there's no legit DVD of JR in Malaysia actually =x
    You might have to wait till next year. I must say the one you saw MUST be my fansub rip off or some Hong Kong bootleg with bad subtitles.
    The only legit JR is from Japan only or any online store that has the official JR DVD.
    Remember the official JR Season 1 dvd is not completely out even! Dec 2008 is the Volume6 (Ep11-Ep12), so there is NO WAY there's complete set for Season1 at this moment.

    If you can afford, just import it in... My DVDs all passed Kastam, using EMS service.
    But if you must have Eng subs or dubs, you probably have to wait for it to be licensed or something. Our website will surely let everyone know once it's licensed, so that you all can get the real thing. Let me say that the official/legit versions have goodies and covers that's worth it really, especially when you liked the series a lot. Although I must admit, it is pricey for us Malaysians. But kalau boleh support, then support ~
  8. aarinfantasy
    @iruka92: Hehe, thanks for not supporting those pirated version. I have bought it before I am into fansubbing and I almost cry when I saw the translations! LOL I must admit I also bought pirated DVD movies to watch, but... animes, I won't compromise because I watch anime for the art which is a huge factor for me, then of course the subs cuz I am still not very good with Japanese yet. At least we have a very good translator who speaks both good Japanese and English!~ Our editor never had any hard time working with her too... simple and accurate to understand. I do feel really blessed she's helping to translate.
  9. lovebishies
    aarinfantasy:How much it cost, the DVD and the import fee whatever it is??
  10. aarinfantasy
    Depends on what title, what type of edition and the delivery service you chose.
    For an average DVD, let's say Junjou Romantica, the whole thing may cost about US$50.
    So that's kinda expensive for us really, especially students.
    As for the limited edition Ikoku Irokoi Romantan, it's about US$100 (thought it comes with other goodies like Drama CD etc)... Actually put it simple, I don't buy mangas a lot at all... so I invest my money on DVDs instead... cuz actually if you count manga volumes add all one set is more expensive than one DVD =x But nowadays I do take my time to look at what manga I can buy (I don't read scanlations cuz I like the book on my hands). The bad thing about me is, I spend a lot on FOOD lol...
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