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  1. valkyriensz
    @koha & sef: do u guys have VeohTV installed? mine is working ok although i can't view its homepage anymore but i seldomly use it since have bittorrent downloads

    anyway minna, forgot to mention i'm an Aarin's ojouchan (gurrrrl) X)
  2. evangeline90
    Hehe~ this is gonna turn into a girl's group soon!!! o(>^<)o

    Hihi val, nice to meet you~<3
  3. riona_chi
    i wanna know some homo friends but none around me.
  4. valkyriensz
    *grabs eva's hand & dance around* o(^.^)o myahahahahaaa! girl's group eh! girl power! how abt rionachi? u're a guy huh? poor u~~~
  5. aarinfantasy
    Well, most ppl in this forum are girls... but I am sure a few of you are guys (if I am not wrong judging from the way you talk).

    EDIT: Oh ya, for those of you who still dunno...I am a girl XD
  6. evangeline90
    @riona_chi: they keep quiet and hidden in our country... it's sad actually, but now I'm in San Francisco I see em all the time~

    @val: power to the people right? turns out most of the "people" are girls~ but I went and peeked in the social group for dudes, they talk about some interesting stuff... (>^<)

    @aarin: Hehe, if you were a guy, I don't think this forum would have ever started, then we wouldn't have a source for yaoi goodness!!!
  7. sef
    @eva...what you say is true about aarin
    @Val.....high five & I installed veoh tv, but never try, thanks for the suggestion
  8. MalilithIla
    I'm new in the group!~ *bows*
    And call me Ila!~ Malilith is my twin.. ^_^ I mean real twin..
    he is too lazy to do everything and keep on plastering around and share accounts. -__-
    anyway, yay!~
    Malaysian group!~ ^_^
  9. evangeline90
    Ooooooooo twinsssss~~~ nice to meet you!

    So are you two boys or boy girl? Who's older?
  10. MalilithIla
    nice to meet you too.. xD *excited*
    oh~ well, too sad so say that I'm a girl.. haha~
    so.. it's girl and boy.. ^^"
    and I'm older.. >] hehe~
    Mal got born a minute after me.. xD
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