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  1. cheezy
    @valkyriensz: *hugs* Glad you're okay (somewhat >_<). Rest well and hopefully this teaches your brothers to clean up after themselves... How could they stomach bathing in molds >_< And I'd definitely wear a mask and all >_<

    @Rage78: LoL so the only reason the chinese version got banned was... the bishiness of the character? D8 the kastam must be really jelous D8 Yoshinaga Fumi, I don't fancy her art D8 Lousy aim... I think they're trying to target something in the bathroom when they are peeing... I mean, the hole in the toilet bowl's kinda big, how could they miss D8

    @suetlana: XD Long time no see *waves*

    @lovebishies: Hey! Welcome XD Well, the baju kurung thing came out in the Star, if I remember correctly... D8 Banning it is kinda silly as they're the one who implimented it in the first place...
  2. lovebishies
    cheezy: Thanks. ^^ I guess they decide things without thinking. Dx
  3. suetlana
    hey lovebishies~ welcome!(^_~)

    Cheezy~~~♥. Yeah. I've been busy. Now end of the year, so many things we need to do before school closed. I've been around aarin though in the fiction area ^_^.

    As for school uniforms, I guess peoples now days are more perverted?
  4. valkyriensz
    @rage78 === that's the problem...the toilet doesn't have any windows...only few little holes for ventilation & they're connected next to my parents' master bathroom wall n that toilet got windows =___=' i had went to field trip once to a low budget hostel with my colleagues, that time i need to use toilet but unfortunately all women's already occupied...n then the hostel staff asked me to use the male's since it was vacant n no boys were using it for the moment...i asked a friend to accompanied me & "jaga" the entrance so that there'll be no male entering...the moment i entered the toilet, uiyooo! bau urine kalah bau moth balls scattered dalam tu *puke* lastly tak jadi i nak buat 'business'...pening!

    ahaha...that CCS couple (TouyaXYukito) sure brings me back memories the very 1st time i watched the anime...i was having hard time to explain my 'innocent' friends about those 2's relationship >__< oh ya, till now i still wonder why that battle episode was banned?? haih...malaysian tv channel~

    ^___^ too bad this afternoon i got overstimulated thanks to my friend who came over n gave me IIR ova 2, but the anime is in chinese sub!! she found & downloaded it from LJ >___< we're both squealing n as u imagined, my room had been non-stop filled by my coughs' noise =___=' very loud one...tu laa, over happy sangat...i wonder izzit ok to upload in this forum??

    @suetlana === wooaa...b4 this i also didn't know there's such hazard handling detergents/cleaners except in lab punya ^^' now i have to be careful handling clorox bleach...even the normal liquid one also produce gas which can irritates our eyes during that incident, i also thought i'll become 'buta' since my tears won't stop welling '''''

    @lovebishies === welcome!! my 1st time meet ya...have fun chatting here!! yeah asthma is really a torture!! *cries*

    @cheezy === thanks! *hugs back* naah, those 2 stone-heads r hardly to learn their lesson unless they experienced themselves in some other way *burning with anger* well, if their bathroom is critically dirty, they'll run to my bathroom & 'tumpang' doing their business+bath <<< i definitely hate this since i know how filthy they did to their own toilet =___='

    @aarin & evangeline === thanks for ur concern girls *touched* i'd love to control my emo but when it comes to yaoi, aiyoyo...my excitement scale went over the limit allowed (lupa sendiri sakit daaa) oh ya eva, i'm working on the photo snapshot from KKM ep.22...after finished taken few interesting+funny pics, i'll post here later & put some spoilers since most of the members don't mind with it (the spoilers) ^^v
  5. lovebishies
    Hello to suetlana and valkyriensz ^^ I'm sure will have fun chatting here with Malaysian people

    I heard Ikoku Irokoi Romantan has been removed. Will Aarin sub the 2nd OVA cause I don't understand the Chinese subbed. . . =_='
  6. evangeline90
    Yay~ Val back to yaoi hunting condition, tho she's not in tip top shape yet. GET LOTS OF REST AND CHICKEN SOUP!!!

    Eh? Why was IIR removed? Is the second OVA any good? Where to dl?
  7. lovebishies
    Because of the request from Drap Comics. I don't know where to download it. I watched it at youtube. x)
  8. valkyriensz
    @lovebishies === i thought aarin will continue subbing the 2nd OVA, written in AF announcement which i read few months ago...but still i dunno the current status though

    @eva === wooah, nice big font of advice >__< i'll bear that in mind though i'm getting bored of rest n still i'm not sure whether i'm healthy enuff to go my japanese class tomorrow coz i afraid i'll disrupt the students n sensei with my coughs =___= IIR ova 2 didn't have much diff with its manga though they did little adjustments @ few scenes n somehow the H scenes between ALxRANMARU @ the ship's pipeline (or boiler?) site i found kinda too quick? *sweats* oh nvrmind, the primetime studio had done their best...can't wait for the next OVA & kirepapa 2nd OVA...i'll ask my friend which LJ she found the link for download coz she brought the anime in her pendrive to me...i'll let u guys know when i got the link ASAP ok! ^^v
  9. aarinfantasy
    Yes, Ikoku Irokoi Romantan OVA2 is being fansubbed as we speak. I am actually done with most part of it, just waiting for a check and I can encode already.

    If all goes well, probably release early in the morning later or tomorrow.
    Here's a teaser of the softcopy version I had on my pc (not officially released):

    Will let you all know when it's out.

    I must say OVA2 is definately better than OVA1, so it's well worth the wait for it
  10. suetlana
    ♥♥~Weeeeeeeeeee~♥♥!!!! *jumps up and down happily*. I'm so happy. Yay~ that picture look so sweet aarin~♥♥♥. *sit and wait patiently*
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