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  1. aarinfantasy
    @silvis: Yes, if I get the movie file... AarinFantasy team will fansub it, because we got a Korean translator for it. This Korean girl is someone that I know who helped me during the past few years on translations, so it will be cool!

    @iruka92: Yeah thats what I heard... I am not a fan of Korean dramas though but apparently many ppl loves it. Working with Korean script will prove very challenging for me since I don't know Korean language compared to Japanese, but the translator should be able to help me out.

    @Miory: Well, to be fair for other Social Groups (so it wont be messy also), you can talk about sharing here, but ask the ppl who wants it to PM you for the links? That should be ok.
  2. yukitouya_83
    hello all!! a newbie here, a very green one in yaoi world!! ^_^ never known there's a group for malaysian until valkyriensz-senpai told me woot! i need to take my time & enjoy surfing this wonderful forum slowly...muahahahaa!!

    she asked me to send her regards & miss u to all this group members. currently she's in a very terrible shape & bedridden since last weekend. her asthma triggered again by some active chemicals in cleaners when she was doing bathroom cleaning at her home TT let's hope she'll recover soon! i'll have her tell u guys the details after she's in good health again...
  3. evangeline90
    Welcome newbies~
    O_o... get well soon val, dun overtax urself!!!
  4. cheezy
    @MioryQuu: Nah, got Brother x Brother till there too... D8 It's the latest...

    @evangeline90: Lol, looks like you've found out the cause of why we're losing like mad on matches XD Does that mean no black bras D8 That's like so cham... Our we weren't allowed to wear lacy ones... I think D8

    @zehroshi: Banned D8 Omg, does that mean no Naked Ape D8 I wanted to order Switch and Dolls in chinese... And they're not yaoi, but the mangaka does BL doujinshi =D Vassalord, to me, I think buying the Rm4.50's better lo D8 Quality not bad somemore, I bought Kuroshitsuji by the local publisher, printing not bad =D

    @Rage78: No, I'm betting it's because the plot is about vatican =D Well, not them, but the word appears a lot, oh well, gotta stick to Jap book for a while TOT Males who never seen bra... are males who never step into department stores =D And they don't watch porn, that's sad O.O

    @iruka92: That's why BN lost =D *ends here before it goes political* Took off her bra? That's worst than being "see-through". Why not just parade around without wearing one >_> And *pats iruka92* I pity prefects, though I was a librarian back in school, always bergaduh with them one =D But prefects in my class was a special case though, they always bocor when got spot check, so nice =D

    @suicidal_yaoilove: \o/ YESH! KL-LANG! WEeeee! Welcome =D

    @yukitouya_83: Welcome!! *hugs* Send my regards to valkyriensz TOT Hope she's doing alright and force her to rest, no more cleaning toilet >_<. May the yaoi be with her =D

    There'll be a korean version of Antique Bakery D8 Wow, more nice cakes to drool and feast my eyes one D8 I drooled with I watch Tackey's version... They're so delicious q:
  5. aarinfantasy
    Welcome yukitouya_83!~
    I hope val get well soon >.<

    lol @ cheezy's "May yje yaoi be with her" XD
  6. Rage78
    Now I'm beginning to wonder if I should start reading the Antique Bakery manga..I avoided it coz it was by Yoshinaga Fumi. I have mixed feeling bout this mangaka. I didn't like Jacques & Gerard, but I absolutely loved Ichigenme and Solfege.

    @cheezy - this probably bordering on religion/politics but I don't think the plot being about the Vatican is a factor. I mean they did show the anime twice on TV. If I'm being offensive I'm sorry but I personally thought that as long as it's not about THEM, it doesn't matter if it's about the Vatican or others. IMHO, Father Abel was too damn hot or maybe they saw the satan-like image of him when he transformed with scary wings and tail and whatnots. I love it when a man takes charge LOL!

    @ yukitouya_83 - Welcome, welcome! Good thing Val sent you over here. Poor thing. Say hi and get well soon to her for me. Kawai-so...looks like her asthma is worse than mine.
  7. valkyriensz
    hi everyone...hope u guys r fine, health is no.1 priority no matter how bz ur life is *cries* pls excuse my junior's perkiness n her big mouth ^^' she couldn't bear her joyfulness for taking over my old account coz she's kinda lazy to make 1 =___=' that yukitouya_83 used to be mine n i gave her since she's old enough to access this forum...if she done any wrong just kick her butt out from our BL's sacred haven *evil laughs*

    let her be...i'd like to share my unfortunate to u guys as i promised her ^^' this happened last friday when i decided to clean up bathroom which my brothers use =___=' that was the only thing i won't do in cleaning but my mother insisted me coz both of them were hopeless...very pemalas! when i looked @ the poor bathroom i was kinda disgusted...a room with blue floor+wall tiles became darken & mouldy n also slippery *YUCK!!!* n so, i collected every kind of cleaners from liquid till powder n prepare for the 'war' =___=''' i started cleaning (without glove n face mask which i knew later it was my biggest silly mistake) by using "Harpic Toilet Cleaning Bleach Powder with corrosive level no.8" for starter since I'd like that thing to get rid the moulds 1st, the so-called 99.99% kills germs guarantee ^^'' I sprinkled the powder every single places n the bleach gave corrosive action by producing loud 'hiss' sound which kinda surprised me...but the problem is, it was releasing a very smelly gas which i had been inhaled so much that it hurt my chest...i started coughing with tears n felt 'sesak nafas', really hard to breath as if my lungs were really hard to function =___=' i really thought that i was gonna die that time coz i was suffering like i had been poisoned (memang pun kena poison, gas poison?) i called my mom n told her about the incident happened n she quickly brought me to clinic when she saw i started vomiting with non-stop coughs

    during @ clinic i inhaled gas given by doc to relieve the pain n he gave me some medicines including ventolin pills (again) for my asthma coz after all the vomiting, i sensed there was phlegm inside my breathing canal (again!! after i've been struggled to get rid of it!) so guys...pls treasure ur health n safety...don't act tough like i did when dealing with cleaners contain active compound *drop dead* i've been tired of coughing that it makes muscle in my tummy strained again n major headaches...anything i do will followed by coughs...gelak-gelak/getting excited pun batuk jugak *sigh* waaaaaaa!!! i'm also tired of long rest too! *sobs*
  8. Rage78
    @valkyriensz - Lah, no wonderlah you kena gassed like that. Tak buka tingkap ke?? Lucky you didn't pass out in the bathroom. You should get the Purple Heart medal equivalent for tackling a toilet that has been abused by males...I hate it when guys use the toilet.. They have lousy, lousy aim. Susah sangat ke nak pegang betul-betul and aim it properly. Not difficult at all. Tsk.

    I guess you'll have to pantang makan and minum so your phlegm doesn't worsen. Hope you get well soon *huggles* Better not watch or read any yaoi/bl manga/anime. We don't want to overstimulate you again. LOL!

    Will take your advice about yukitouya_83..muahahaha...CCS fan, huh? LOL! I remember when I saw TouyaxYuki flirting with ea. other wayyy back when I didn't know what BL/Yaoi was, I was very surprised. I thought I was imagining it and wondered, "Ai, tak kena censor ke?" and I was wondering bout the ahem, one-sided girl-love between SakuraxTomoyo. IF only they knew what lies in CCS, and they thought that the final YukixSakura battle at the temple was worth censoring that they langsung tak air that episode. Cheh!
  9. suetlana
    Hi everyone~!

    Ah~~haven't been here for quite sometime^^;. And hello yukitouya_83. welcome^_^.

    @Val~ Awww~~that's really bad and sad news. Never thought detergent/cleaning product could be that dangerous. *pat val* hope you will get well soon. As for brothers being pemalas, welcome to my world. I guess we share quite a lot in common. I kalo balik kg, felt like kicking their asses. too lazy! sabar je la... Maybe this will teach them to be more responsible in the future, but hey it still sucks deshou~!
  10. lovebishies
    Heya, minna-san. Newbie here. I see there is a group for Malaysian too.

    Valkyrienz: I understand how you feel. I've got asthma too and it's torturing. Dx

    About banning Tomboys, I think they referred to Penkid (I don't know how to spell it) cause Tomboys are just girls acting like boys but Penkid, yes they do promote homosexuals.
    About the baju kurung, my teachers separated Muslims and non-Muslims when there were spot check. We, Muslims went to surau and we had to take off our scarf. They even check our 'pusat'. Embarassing. =_= I think it depends on the school to be fair or not. o_O
    I never heard such things as banning white uniform but some students refuse to wear 'baju dalam' which reveals their bras whatsoever. It's not a good thing to arouse the boys. So yeah, I think it is normal if the government decide to ban white uniforms.
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