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  1. zehroshi
    You can't order manga from chinese BL publishers in the chinese section of Kino. They've all been banned.
    Hell, for some strange reason, chinese version of Trinity blood (i can't remember if it's novel or manga) got banned too. (Which really pissed me off since the English version is still there. and the bloody thing isn't even BL)
    So honestly, it's only the BL that manages to get past customs in the Japanese sections that'll be available in Kino. ._.

    Is Vassalord worth it? Thinking about buying. Hmm...
  2. aarinfantasy
    Hi all, if got licensed manga talk is ok... can discuss here, no problems ^^
  3. MioryQuu
    *cry* why do they have to be that cruel. Be considered to the 46 yaoi fan here. Not a big number but still we have the rights to read what we want. Trinity got banned hmm..... Maybe we should teach them about BL wahaha...
    I uploaded some scene from Vassalord manga in my profile album. If you are free you can drop by and have a look. Am I allow to upload it?? I'll delete it if its not allow.
  4. Rage78
    Trinity Blood probably too violent or something? LOL! Chances are they took one look at the art cover and conclude that something as pretty as Father Abel is BL. But that can't be it if the English version is still there. I guess we'll have to see if the new volumes of English TB will be on the shelf or not..that's the acid test. If it's not then we all know that they've banned that as well. Shouldn't be surprised that they did that - hell, they won't even allow special order for Silver Diamond and Loveless...I have no idea if it's the management of Kino being paranoid, put a blanket ban on everything that has more than one bishies on the cover or the Kastam is the one that won't allow it...One can only wonder how long Borders continue bringing it in. I hope they kept it under counter and only sell it to those who know what they want - like asking for specific titles and not reporters going undercover. I was really cautiously excited when I saw that JR made it to the #7 spot on the Borders manga top 10 best selling list..Hee.

    Today tomboys, tomorrow, girls who like yaoi/BL. The white baju kurung issue was ridiculous. Why didn't they think of how indecent it was when they first designed it?? Jeez...but to be fair, there were some girls I know back in school that deliberately wore the baju kurung and um, got wet in the rain. I wasn't quite sure who they were trying to attract in an all girls' school but I guess it'll stay wet when they leave the school to go home.
    You'd think that the males have never seen bras before LOL!
  5. iruka92
    @cheezy - the white uniform *haha* that brought laughs in school. How stupid could the government be? As if the world is getting more 'warak'-er (if you know what I mean) Haha.

    @evangeline90 - I'm a prefect and I'm the one who does that! >_>" You know, sometimes school prefects gotta check those private areas for cellphones and illegal stuffs. REALLY. A teacher even made a girl took off her green bra because it was too see through. WTF.

    I have a tomboy friend and hell, there's a whole lot of pengkids in Shah Alam. Some of 'em openly hold hands at the malls. *gross* -Sorry. I don't really like Yuri but I don't think its fair that the government bans pengkid or dressing up as guys. So much for the Islamic Rules. I'm a muslim myself and heck, a whole lot of muslims are worst than that.

    @MioryQuu - TRINITY GOT BANNED??!!!
  6. zehroshi
    Took... off her green bra. Wait how is it not wearing any better than wearing a green bra?!!? o_O;;;;

    Only the chinese version got banned. The english version is perfectly safe. Since I found this out sometime early this year. A friend of mine asked, they said Kastams is stricter when it comes to Japanese and Chinese manga/books, that's why a lot of titles are banned. *sulk*
  7. ~silvis~
    @aarin: Is AF the team of translator for yaoi anime here? Cause Dai-kun said they might sub Antique Bakery movie!
  8. suicidal_yaoilove
    so here's the place where m'sia ppl hang out eh... hi all =P i'm from KL. yorushikun
  9. iruka92
    @suicidal_yaoilove - hey! I live in Shah Alam.

    @aarin - I heard Joo Ji Hoon (the crown prince in goong) would be starring in the korean's version of antique bakery. 0_0

    @zehroshi - You don't wanna know . . . but that girl called the mom and she fetched her home or something. She hid in the toilet and begged her friends to call. Jeez.

    Dang. . . so, they're stricter when it comes to Japs and Chnese manga/books ey? Che. We have Neko Tales for that. *muahahahahahahahahaha*
  10. Rage78
    Welcome to suicidal_yaoilove!! Yup this is where the M'sian fans hang out. Feel free to order teh tarik satu LOL!

    @iruka92 - Holy COW!! You mean the girl had to go braless and the teacher confiscated her bra??? Is that even logical???? Hope the mother told the teacher off for doing something so idiotic.

    @zehroshi - AH, I see. No wonder.
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