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  1. iruka92
    @Aarin - Does the kastam check all the mangas bought from overseas? Will they take our yaoi mangas (if they notice that it was yaoi) ??~~!!

    How I would love if Singapore is within walking distance..
  2. cheezy
    @mioryQuu: Brother x Brother vol 2 in Jap =D It's around those Code Geass mangas >_> Vassalord isn't BL, it's published under a shounen publisher right? I saw Nagaraja in chinese too, if you're interested. And I bought Yasashii Ryuu no Koroshikata in Chinese, they have like a lot of it on the shelf XD If you find this Terry guy, I guess he'll take your order, usually it's him to takes my orders. Short description of him would be a guy wearing specs with short and almost botak hair =D Very helpful and kind.

    You watch porn O.O

    @iruka92: Singapore... so cheap to go there, but so expensive to come back with a bus. TOT

    @evangeline90: My sis read in the newspaper the other day saying Islam banned tomboys 'cause they promote homosexuality. O.O That's weird, I'm a tomboy, and you don't see me go snugging up to girls and feeling them up... *no offense to muslims here >_< sorry*

    @rage78: \o/ yay! But I don't think anyone with long lashes will look pretty, they need to have big eyes, and not sepet one like mine XD I looked weird with those fake lashes... I thought boy can still grow until they're 21? Ayase has another year to work on it =D I can't really read Jap fluently, just enough to understand, but to translate them, D8 man it saps out my energy just doing one chapter...
  3. aarinfantasy
    @iruka92: They did open the package... they will look at the receipt what's the DVD about and look at the DVD cover. They will not rip open the DVD box itself though cuz the plastic cover is always there. So I guess anything shown on cover not too explicit should be ok. Sometimes they didn't notice the small pics... like Winter Cicada's OVA2 got one pic at the back of the cover with the sex scene! But kastam let it through... so >.>;;;
  4. MioryQuu
    @cheezy: Vassaolord isn't a BL manga I guess but some scene make it looks like it. Charley and Johny are so gorgeous. This is my favourite manga so I'm willing to spend money on it. If they have the Drama CD for sell, I will buy it. Brother x Brother don't have either English or Chinese?? I did go for 3 months of Jap tuition but I dont think I'm good enough to finish a whole vol of jap manga. This think I know the guy you mention. Last time I went to Kino, I didnt see him around. Maybe he was having a day off or something.
    Yes I do watch. Influenced by my friends. Sometimes when we were waiting for teacher, we would gather around and have some chat(usually we make fun of those style and stuff) since we got nothing else better to do.I guess since we were in a private school, we are a bit more open minded. XP Porn is not really an interesting thing to watch, you'll get bored of it soon. Sometimes, I even fell asleep watching it. Yaoi is much more interesting.

    No offense but Islam always like to ban stuff. Still remember last time they said they were going to ban school uniform in white colour. Its like so stupid. Don't they have anything better to do than trying to get everything follow according to their Islam law. I rather they use the time to improve this country. Once again,no offense, its true and its happening again.
  5. cheezy
    LoL, hey I remember that white uniform thing, it's hilarious! I'm still wondering why they made out uniforms white in the first place, makes it hotter in this weather since we have to wear camisoles underneath... But then again, it's better than black... or neon lime, or... *shudders* Well, cut our country some slack, it's only been what 50 odd years since our independence, we're still green behind the ears, maybe in a few century you'll see the vast improvement =D Political system in countries like in England, Japan or Us has been around way longer... Wow, I sounded really mature, tak macan saya la >_<

    Anyway, do what I did, buy first, understand later =D You won't regret it,since artwork always comes first when it comes to buying manga and stuff like these, for me anyway...
  6. MioryQuu
    @cheezy: LOL I did download the raw version of it and tried to read but it ended up even more question and made me confuses. I think I was too desperate in wanting to know what is happening in the story. This is not those look at the picture and understand what is happening type of manga. It has those history background, mysterious and secret investigation going around, so if I don't read in the language that I know well, I seriously don't know what is happening.
  7. cheezy
    Well, doesn't that inspire you to pick up the language =D I think manga boosted up my desperation to learn Japanese D8 And reading them I guess somewhat leveled up my proficiency in it... (only a little though... sigh) But I do understand the frustrations of not fully understanding though, like Silver Diamond, since the chinese raws are typeset in traditional chinese, I'm not keen on reading one whole page of black blocks which are staring at you trying to gauge your eyes out >_< Sometimes I get lost in the story D8

    Btw, are you looking for Brother x brother in Chinese? I have those Chinese scanlations if you're interested =D (Am I allowed to say this O.o?)
  8. MioryQuu
    I have Brother x Brother up to chapter 20 in chinese. You got further than that?? The story is getting more exciting. Can't wait to read more XD Brother x Brother is not licensed rite. I guess it won't be a problem to mention it here.
    Does Borders or Kino sell Crimson Spell and Okane ga Nai??
  9. evangeline90
    Hahahahaha, tomboys promote homos... OMG that is the worst I've heard of all the lame excuses so far. Maybe that's why Malaysia's sports are so bad. Cuz the sports people must behave all ladylike and kenot be tomboy or aggressive hahahahahaha

    I've taken a look at Vassalord. Dang the drawing are smokin, but alas, no Yaoi...

    I remember the time when my school was in an uprise cuz the chinese girls who didn't want to get tanned started wearing the baju kurung, but since they never wear the head scarf it caused a lot of teacher problems lol. But even for the malay girls it was so bad, cuz they could only wear white undergarments and sometimes the guru disiplin would pull them to the side and check. Talk about invasion of privacy!!!
  10. MioryQuu
    OMG thats like so embarrassing. Didn't the malay girls complain about it? But sometimes I think its also good to check the malay. Who knows what they are hiding under them. Lol Be fair.

    Nice rite Vassalord. Did you check on the fighting scene?? The action is stunning. The storyline is very interesting. But since it is licensed, you can't find it here. But you can try listen to the Drama CD. I uploaded and arranged all the Drama CD they have so far.
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