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  1. kavz30
    ahhh, finally watched VKG ep 3!! SQUUUEEEE!!! the chibi characters were so cute!!

    @valkyriensz, i actually checked up on VK and VKG in some wiki sites so i know a little of Kaname and Yuki's background, even though i haven't read the manga. i gotta agree with you - Yuki always sides with Zero (i really dislike that boy!!). i just wished Kaname-sama would be a bit more assertive about Yuki!!

    @valkyriensz+cheezy, yes, i am so in for the Kanou-san union! he makes me laugh, and that height and build, wahhh, i like! for some reason, his bad temper and actions always make me laugh! plus i kinda like the seiyuu *smiles* i am so in love with the OP that i downloaded it but the version is kinda scratchy :-( but i so love the chorus: Zettai ni ROMANCE (pardon my romanji spelling!)

    @aarin, yup, VK+VKG is addictive *LOL* this series plus Neo Angelique Abyss Second Age (oh, to be surrounded by bishies!) is keeping me sane while waiting for JR...

    i actually like spoilers, be it movie or books *shrugs* i still haven't read the last Harry Potter book but i got a friend of mine to tell me the ending *LOL* now i only gotta buy the book!

    @MioryQuu, i also felt the same way whether to wait until the VKG season ends and then download it at once or buy the DVD and do a marathon...but now i think, with the dammed yaoi manga ban on Kino, waiting for the weekly series is keeping me sane!

    Oh, yes, found out from my sister what my mother REALLY thinks of me reading yaoi, said i am a "SINNER" *LOL* told my sis that my yaoi reading obsession doesn't get me pregnant, doesn't give AIDS/HIV/STIs and doesn't break my heart. to me, that way outweighs the "morality" issue *ROFL*
  2. Rage78
    MioryQuu - LOL at the CG 2 ending...my friend told me and I said, "Thank God that I didn't waste my time following the series." To be fair I really, really tried to follow it but, it was just TOO difficult and our so-called broadband was too slow in loading the video that I gave up. IT took a freaking half-hour to load just half-way the OP in ep. 3. I got so fed-up I told him I give up. But seriously, I'm sad for Schneizel-sama...*SQUEE* my heart beats only for him. I hate, hate, hate Lulu and Suzaku.

    @kavz, cheezy,valkyriensz + Miory- I just think Kannou's plan of wanting to boink Ayase till he remembers the small random act of kindness he did for Kannou years ago ridiculous. Can't you just freaking tell the lil hamster that I'm boinking you coz I was touched by your kindness to lil old yakuza me donkey years ago. It might help hasten their non-relationship on the way. Ayase's kinda like Misaki...I got the feeling that he likes Kannou but is in denial...^^' Well, the mangaka did a great job with Ayase's eyes...he does sorta remind me of a chipmunk/hamster...must be that shy-ish, easily startled by loud noise personality of his. You have to admit, can you resist those liquid puppy-dog eyes..or in this case hamster eyes of Ayase's?

    @valkyriensz - Valtrana must never do that again...but Cherie-sama's was not bad...the beginning was rather awkward LOL! but bila dah sampai tengah tengah tu, it was not quite bad. ROFLMAO!!! Which brings me to wonder, just how many men exactly are sorta in love with Julia?????

    Spoilers - I'm okay with spoilers for manga and animes but I'll kill anyone who tells me spoilers for horror movies...tak best lah nanti!

    Oh yeah, is anyone going to watch the Japanese movie, 10 Promises (I think that's the title). The one about the girl and her dog? I went searching for the 10 commandments that day, and crap, I was crying when I was reading it...jeez...I cry too easily. I just wondered if I should go watch it or not..I want to but I don't want to malu myself crying in the cinema. When I watched Quill on TV, I cried till my eyes all bengkak, bengkak. It was just TOO sad.
  3. MioryQuu
    @Gage78:Actually I don't think watching the whole series its a waste. The ending is not the main entertaining part, its how the story goes. Since my friends dled the whole series I took it from him. Its so nice that I only used 2 days to finish the whole thing. I even skipped my assignment. I could have finish it in 1 day but because of my friend only gave me half of the series, I had to wait for the next day for him to pass me the other half. I like Lelouch lo. Sacrificed himself to unite the world. Even though I know he'll die, I couldn't stop crying when I watched it. That moment was so touching and sad T.T If you watch the whole series, I think you'll like him too.As for Suzaku, so-so.

    @kavz30: yaoi is banned in kino(as in Kinokuniya?)?! o.O no wonder the last time I went there I couldn't find some of the yaoi manga. NOooooo....... why they banned it? The last place in Malaysia where can find yaoi is gone. ahhhhhhh
  4. aarinfantasy
    @MioryQuu: Kinokuniya took out all yaoi manga from their shelves because apparently one reporter reported about it on newspaper, so the government banned those manga for display on Kinokuniya. I am not sure if they still take in orders for yaoi manga??
    All I know is Borders are still selling it. "All hail Borders!" (lol like "All hail Lelouch!" from Code Geass).
  5. cheezy
    @kavz30: *pats kavz30* Reading yaoi isn't a sin. =D And you're right, it out weights other moral issues. Ever wonder how Ayase will look like once he hits his growth spur? =D Bishie!! in skirt D8

    @Rage78: Ayase's eyes are pretty *_* Long lashes, I envy him, but it'll look weird on my sepet eyes XD And I guess the Yakuza blood in Kanou-san's stopping him from fessing up =D TOT QUILL!!! I guess I'll watch 10 Promises too, thanks for the info TOT Hopefully my eyes won't bengkak the next day...

    @MioryQuu: It's not ... banned, per se. I just went Kinokuniya today to pick up my JR 10 in the Japanese section. And while I was there, I saw Brother x Brother (same book from weeks ago), Togainu no Chi book 1, 2 and 5 (where's 3 and 4 TOT) and etc. D8 Don't know about the English section, since I don't buy manga in English. That, and I ordered some more Nakamura Shungiku-sensei's works from them =D If you can read Chinese, there are some there too D8 Ah, and artbooks XD. Other than that, like what Aarin say, Borders is your best friend =D.

    Am I the only one here who's not into Code Geass? I couldn't stomach the series after 5 episodes of it O.O
  6. Rage78
    @cheezy - You're not the only one who's not into CG. Add me in to the club too...The art is certainly pretty - as expected of CLAMP but something about it didn't appeal to me...must be the bot fighters and stuff...The only person I really squee over is Schneizel-sama. Suzaku and Lulu gets on my nerves too much.

    Anyone's eyes will look awesome with thick long eyelashes. I just think Kanou is a complete and utter moron sometimes..but I can't blame him for wanting true love with Ayase..but if he keeps boinking Ayase possessively, sampai bila pun Ayase will never say, "I wuv you, Kanou-san". As for when Ayase will hit his growth spurt, I think he's already wayyy past the growth spurt stage..since he's about 20 I think. But it'll be super funny if he does have a growth spurt.

    I hope 10 promises plays a lil longer..wanted to go this weekend with my friend before his exams but I was too broke. Sobs sobs sobs. Let me know if this movie is one of those mata bengkak moments. But I did cry reading the 10 commandment poetry online..really touching.

    At times like this I wish I could read Chinese/Japanese fluently so I can order from Kino too...sobs sobs...

    @Aarin - They don't take order for English yaoi mangas anymore..not even Loveless or Silver Diamond. That reporter, memang penyibuk. I would really hail Borders if they have an online bookweb for those who don't have the time to make it to their outlets.

    Does anyone know what other new titles Borders have added to their shelves? Let's hope no underage kid is foolish enough to get caught again...

    Miory - The reason I said what I said was coz the ending was totally anticlimatic to everything that has happened before and it felt like, to me, they were cheating the fans who have invested their time and love in the series with that kind of ending...sorta like what JK Rowlings did with the last HP book. I was soooo pissed that I gave away my book 1-6 to an orphanage my bosses go to.

    @General - Finally finished Moonlight Resonance...not bad. LOL! But I won't be watching the one about the abalone one...enough is enough lol
  7. evangeline90
    Lol, I don't know the Code Grease anime/manga per se, but I love the yaoi DJs~~~ I have a tonn of em, and my fav pairing is Suzaku and Lelouch, switchable they are, yet I feel the raven is more suitable to be an uke~<3

    And yeah, everybody thinks reading yaoi is like bad, but it ain't comparable to other stuff that's happening round us. We like it cuz it's smexy and pretty. And in my oppinion, it's way classier than porn.
  8. evangeline90
    Dang it I just finished watching the third installment of pico and I was soooooooooooo dissapointed. Not at pico, but at yaoi anime. Why does the hot stuff always have to be so disturbingly young? When's the grown up stuff going to catch up? Argh...

    And wat's up with the increasingy weird plots for pico? The only version I kept out of the 3 was the first one, and even that was a bit pushing it.
  9. MioryQuu
    @cheezy:I bought Vassalord from kino at the Chinese section not long ago. I think that was the old stock. Apparently, they still accept order from customer rite? As long as they don't display the yaoi manga and stuff. I want to buy Brother x Brother and Crimson spell.Do you remember what vol of Brother x Brother is available?

    @Rage78: One of my friend also same as you. Dislike sad ending. Maybe we have different point of view or interest. As for me sad ending is not really a big problem. You can't always expect a happy and good ending. We are not watching fairytale movie where everything ended happily ever after. The world is cruel.

  10. MioryQuu
    @evangeline90: I just finished dling pico. Just a fast look through and its censored version. =.=" Is there any uncensored version??
    As for porn, they do it just for money or fun and you can't see the close relationship beside just a sex partner. No storyline at all. There are few times that I watched until fell asleep.
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