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  1. cheezy
    Hey MioryQuu! XD

    @aarin: Many hugs and kisses and thanks and bows and *ahhhh~~~* for the release of JR2 <3 *cries in happiness*

    @valkyriensz: Glad to know I'm not alone X3 (about shouta and Yuki XP)

    @evangeline90: XD It's nice of your brother to help you dl them... Over here, we're fighting for bandwidth amongst 4 comps >_<
  2. kavz30
    hello minna san! *bows*

    welcome, MioryQuu!

    @cheezy & valkyriensz - can i join the not-into-shota group? *grimace* i just watched Okane Ga Nai...granted the uke is of legal age, but his appearance was so young that i still can't get over it. the manga and anime was quite funny though... and yes, i like Yuki in VK!! *snorts* Zero is a spoiled brat! why do people like him so much, i just can't understand! valky, thanks for the seiyuu info

    @aarin, many thanks for JR season 2, ep 1 *grins* this episode closely follows the manga and this manga volume is my fav *grins* can't wait for the next episode ...
  3. Rage78
    @valkyriensz - KKM ep. 22 - It wasn't so much the childish game...it's what they did to end the game...It was just, bad. LOL!! They must never do that again LOL!

    @kavz30 - suspend disbelief at Ayase's (OgN) age. He'll probably be one of those really, really, really ageless bottoms in the history of yaoidom. I'm just waiting and waiting and waiting for him to be enlightened on his circumstances...but at the rate the seme keeps 'raping' him, I doubt it will happen anytime soon.
  4. MioryQuu
    Looks interesting in here.lol

    @aarin: Just finished watching JR2. Finally T.T Even though I got listen to the JR Drama CD, it still feel so nice to watch it. When will episode 2 release??

    @evangeline: Your brother actually help you dl yaoi O.o I'm surprise.
  5. evangeline90
    Lol, I have a surprisingly open minded family. I don't tell my parents bout it (yaoi), but i have a feeling they know, and they don't care nways~ It's cuz i have a halo over my head from being such a good kid for extended periods bwahahahahahaha~~~

    My two bros on the other hand are very liberal like in their attitudes, or they're juz afraid of my pleas~ Lol, they like saying things like "yala yala dun kacau, later i help u dl"

    I liked OgN~~~ My complaint is, why are the shota like ones (OgN n Pico), hotter than the two full grown up ones? It's so not fair!!!

    Ugh, I want a spoiler of wat happened in KKM 22!!! Wat was it!? I can't remember for the life of me... =.="'

    How many ppl here actually love spoilers? I know I do, I never watch a movie or a show or read a book w/o knowing what's going to happen. I usually go on wiki to get my summaries~ But unlike the pricks who tell ppl who don't want spoilers, me keeps it to meself, hehe!
  6. kavz30
    @Rage, i LOL when i read your comment! *chuckles* i am always so amused by Kanou (the seme) - he's such a bad tempered alpha male but he always ends up doing things to please Ayase. i guess he's my second most fav seme after my blond god, Iason Mink! *LOL*

    @evangeline90, Ayase is kinda cute - i just can't help getting amused that some of the characters in the anime keep likening him to either a chipmunk or hamster *chuckles*

    and yes, i love and appreciate spoilers!
  7. valkyriensz
    @cheezy == *pats* indeed, we're nakama desu ^^' shota ga hantai (me against shota) it was my biggest mistake to watch boku no pico once, really gave me chills...thanks to my yaoi sensei's sweet pleas =.= *yikes*

    @kavz30 == with pleasure!! ^^ yeay! i found more nakama who is not into shota!! oh! i see Ayase OgN more of a girl rather than shota ' (weird huh) he just so...kawaii & beautiful? >.< lucky kanou-san to have him though he's such a beast!! poor aya-chan XD XD XD aiyak! u like yuki? i hate her both with zero =___= gomen..it's just they're being unfair to kaname-sama *sobs* poor him...he already pampered yuki too much but yet being treated quite harsh, i mean...yuki always siding zero...have u watched ep.2 & 3 VK guilty? i got mad @ those 2 (yuki n zero) *teary eyes* luckily kaname-sama is a very strong & patient vampire veteran..erk!?..leader..ah! pure blood vampire ^^ it can't be help that he's plotting something but those plans r for the sake of yuki n himself...u'll know if u read the manga XD

    @rage78 == LOL again n again...ya laa! i felt kinda awkward they need to do 'that' to end the game n poor that skull =.= hahaha! unexpectedly a kakkoi ojisan did 'that' 1st, really surprised me! XD XD XD n yeah, i also hoping they never do that again, otherwise i have to LOL till dead XP luckily shinou didn't join the play...pfft!

    @eva == i love spoilers too...i like to spoil u about KKM3 ep.22 but izzit ok with other members here (except kavz30 ^^) ' if not then, i'll PM u later..or else, i just continue serving the spoilers 4 u in the group chat XD really envy u have sporting family (especially ur brothers)...i only share my yaoi interests with my friends...none in my family even among my cousins know about my outrageous interest here >__<' i wouldn't take any risk to "kantoi" myself...hahahaaa~
  8. aarinfantasy
    Actually I don't mind spoilers at all... just that I will feel "lack" of suspense only ^_^;;;

    I am really into Vampire Knight Guilty now - the silent feel and relationships between the 3 main characters are just what I like.

    As for JR Season2 Ep2, I can't give any date for it yet because the translator haven't finish it. She's a law student (I think part time study and work) in USA, so can imagine how busy she is.
  9. cheezy
    Well, for me, sometimes I love spoilers, sometimes I hate them, it depends D8 Like for suspense movies, I rather not get spoiled, but manga however... the more info the better =D I'll be tempted to read the manga even more D8

    @aarin: Just take your time =D It's hard to translate JR as it is >_< Thank you so much for the effort (The team I mean.)

    @valkyriensz + kavz30: 8D We shall form a union XD I find Kanou-san really cute, though I really pity Ayase sometimes, but, where are we going to get some action if Kanou-san doesn't force him ne =D In my guilty pleasure I shall say that I like Kaname and Zero, together, as one, even when I read the manga, I'll imagine them together in my head... Fanfic does wonders to ones brain and imagination D8

    @evangeline90: I'm willing to bet my parents know about my obsession, though they choose to be ignorant...

    Just a question though, anybody here reads Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru by Odagiri Hotaru? It's shoujo but, both the main characters are males... *imagines XD*
  10. MioryQuu
    @evangeline90@ you ever get caught reading or watching yaoi? I doubt my parents know anything about me into yaoi and I don't think I want them to know about it. XP I always make sure I'm alone when i'm doing something that are related with yaoi. I'm quite different when i'm with my friends, I admit I like yaoi. But they are not into it, so i'm alone. how sad......no one to talk to.
    Maybe because Aya chan is innocent and clumsy??o.O He is always taken on unwillingly or by force =.=" I think its because of the attitude of kanou san that makes it hotter. Trying to be a bad guy but actually just want to protect someone he loves.
    I'm fine with spoiler as long its not about the ending part. It'll ruin the fun of wanting to know what happen at the end. My friend told me about the ending for Code Geass R2 and I'm like so piss off.

    I'm not sure whether to dl VK guilty or wait for the whole series to end then buy it. I usually buy complete series anime to watch but VK is too tempting.
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