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  1. cheezy
    @rage78: D8 I laughed so much watching Bishounen, even though it's suppose to be sad... Am I cruel? USD's price went up T-T

    @aarin: Your brother's so cute XD Did he watch Formula 17 too, it's really cute XD

    @Zehroshi: I read Gintama's manga though, does it count? Though, I did watch the tamakin episode =D It's hillarious! I'll guess I'll bring birthday wrappers when I go traveling XD
  2. valkyriensz
    @zehroshi == i follow gintama anime too!! never had enough LOLs when watching it >_< so funny!

    @rage78 == itu laa pasal..this makes me "pening" to choose which of those i need to do the marathon *fainted* luckily KHR download had been tasked to my friend without fail so i manage to get all the episodes from her

    by the way, my friendster friend told me Kuroshitsuji has yaoi hints in the episodes anyone watch it already? i haven't watch it though already finished downloading it >_<' n currently i can't wait for next KKM episodes since ep.22 (3rd season) is the final filler (according to some LJ KKM community spoiler) gyaaah! more animes have to watch!! <<< so tamak XD

    @cheezy == i'm reading the manga @ onemanga...never knew it was there already ^^' n yes, Skip Beat manga is interesting too! hopefully the anime is as great as the manga XD
  3. Rage78
    @Aarin - Ooops - sorry bout the spoiler thing...can you tell me how to do the spoiler thingy? Sorry to everyone who hasn't watch it..

    @cheezy - I didn't watch Bishounen but I believe I read the manga version and I was like WTF and never looked at it ever again..I have to admit, it was an interesting end. Depressing and funny maybe but twas interesting XD.

    @valkyriensz - I watched ep. 22 y'day and I couldn't stop laughing towards the end...it was just....bad ROFLMAO!! Lucky you got someone to dl KHR for you...can't wait to see if our squee-list is the same or not. Hee!

    @general - I finally gave into temptation and watched the TVB drama, Moonlight Resonance - and I'm hooked against my will. I thought my lady boss was lying when she said that the drama is really good and you'll be hooked and watch non-stop...I'll have to believe her now...I'm only at ep. 6/40...sobs sobs....
  4. aarinfantasy
    You just type ((spoiler)) and close it with ((/spoiler))
    Replace (( )) with [ ]
  5. Rage78
    @Aarin - tried the spoiler code but it says that BB code not allowed..Maybe it doesn't work for social group boards?
  6. cheezy
    @Rage78: Manga... didn't really do justice to the movie, just my opinion though... D8 If you're into hilarious movie, try Formula 17 XD It's so cute <3 Good luck watching the drama, once you're hooked, you're a sinker =p

    @valkyriensz: Kuroshitsuji... I don't remember having yaoi hints while I was reading the manga D8 Is the anime different from the manga? Hard to imagine the lil 12 yr old and the big *coughskipspoilerdemoncoughskipspoiler* butler doing it D8, since I'm not into shouta...
  7. MioryQuu
    New comer *yay* Just found out about social group. ~outdated~
  8. aarinfantasy
    @Rage: Oops I think so... lol I never tried here before, so probably in the main forum ^^;;;

    Welcome MioryQuu!

    To all: Released Junjou Romantica Season2 Ep1 subbed version today if you don't know yet ^_^
  9. valkyriensz
    @aarin == otsukaresama!! have been waiting for it hunter mode ON!

    @rage78 == just watched KKM3 ep.22 too...pfft! i was LOL until got cramped in my stomach >__< to think of those jiisans playing childish game *LOL again* fuaah...can't wait 4 the next kawaii ep XD XD XD

    @MioryQuu == welcome! join the fun chit chat here!! =w= nyao~

    @cheezy == really? i dunno how in the world that guy saying the anime does have the hint n yeah, to think of the kakkoi butler serving 12 years old kid ~kowai desu (i'm a shouta phobia too) =.= oops!

    *cries* aaa!!! why do i have the same feelings when i read Skip Beat manga with VK!!? >.<' i feel so irritated & hate that Fuwa Shou guy as i hate Zero (coincidentally, the anime seiyuu for both is also the same person) n then i feel so pity @ Tsuruga Ren as I do towards Kaname Kuran (though the seiyuu for both are different) =___=' luckily i don't really dislike Kyouko as i do in Yuki *sigh* btw, VK fans! the new manga chapter (44) is out on onemanga already XD

    just to share seiyuu info:

    1-VK's Kaname Kuran is voiced by Kishio Daisuke (same as JR's Shinobu the terrorist desu!! )

    2-Skip Beat's Tsuruga Ren is voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki (other role: KKM's Shibuya Shouri, Loveless' Soubi!! )
  10. evangeline90
    Lol, all this talk of anime is making me hungry, but i'm too lazy to cook, whoops!!! I meant download. I'll get my bro to do it 4 me. One serving of KKM and JR coming up, Kuro too~~~ I've read the manga, art's super hot, but no yaoi, sigh...
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