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  1. aarinfantasy
    I am getting Skip Beat too... it's been released and you can download it from the General Section of the forum. Won't have time to watch it yet I guess...
    I got so many to download! Hitman Reborn, Skip Beat, Chaos Head, Tales of Abyss... to name a few. Heck, I haven't watch Antique Bakery also! >.<
  2. cheezy
    @Rage78: O.O 60USD is a lot. Another question though, lets say I buy my mangas myself at another country, and if I bring them back to Malaysia in my luggage, will they check them? =D

    @aarin: Woopie! Maybe my dream of making yaoi game will come true here, instead of going to Japan and make it XD Skip Beat's manga is really interesting XD and I've only watched Antique Bakery's drama cause Tackey acted in it D8 I was such a fan girl then....

    @everyone: Thank you so much on the info on EMS, Akadot and Yaoiclub. 8D I guess I'll have to take out the calculator now and count them price TvT
  3. aarinfantasy
    @cheezy: I made my brother buy this Ai no Kusabi DVD (cover is obviously gay) for me and bring it back in his luggage from USA airport back to Malaysia airport. The kastam checked through his bags but let it pass. And from what I experienced through my travels, bringing anything in a moderate amount/quantity is fine... as long as it's not a lot like one huge stack of manga. However, porn magazine (like a friend of mine bought this obvious porn mag from London) will be taken away at kastam checks. So as long as the covers are nothing explicit (show 'those' parts) then it should be ok.
  4. valkyriensz
    @everyone === wawaweee! everyone is into skip beat XD XD XD eventho it's a shoujo but i like the heroine coz she's somehow an independent+strong n not that typical "weak" girl type XD n she's a psycho too...bwahahaha! i love how she turns herself into devil mode...can scares away everyone even the bishie heroes ^^v

    @aarin === bringing in directly as u told seems easier to get through...i wish i have someone from my relatives could do the favor but it would be a hectic chaos if any of them knew my "unusual interest" *sweats* especially my own family uwaaa...luckily all my BL mangas are being kept safely...i guess EMS is the only choice huh ^^ really looking forward to the Malaysian made BL game XD XD XD

    i also downloading too much of new animes: skip beat, kuroshitsuji (the black butler << very kakkoi one!), kurozuka, VK guilty, mouryou no hako, earl & fairy, nodame cantabile paris chapter & the already following bleach+naruto shippuuden n waiting for PoT next ova >.<

    @rage78 === i'm in process to continue my Hitman Reborn marathon...got disrupted by newly bought Special A & Keroro Gunsou dvd ^^' aiih...too many commitment laa
  5. cheezy
    @aarin: If they show those parts in the cover, can I just past something on top and cover them =D So, this means no buying things in bulks D8 *sobs*

    @valkyreinsz: Skip Bea's such a fun manga to read, can't wait for more, hopefully the anime's good too XD *waiting for BT to move faster TOT*
  6. zehroshi
    I've brought back yaoi (kinda) manga for my friends before. The thing is, I was a student returning from US. So when I was supposed to be checked by the customs, they just let me pass when I told them I was a returning student. (*_*)
    Like everyone said, don't buy in bulk. Maybe wrap them in birthday gift wrappers? And also put them like way deep in your luggage, to be safe.

    I don't download anime. (oh, lack of broadband. T__T) But I recently stole a hoard of anime from my friend's harddrive. So I have more than enough to last me quite a while.
    Anyone here watch Gintama? =P
  7. Rage78
    I guess there's still no escaping our Kastams even if we are bringing in manga from other country.

    @Aarin - The AnK DVD your bro brought back, was it his hand luggage or check-in luggage? I dunno bout how the procedure is but my friends say that check-in they usu. x-ray the bag instead of going thru it one by one? Is that true?

    @ cheezy - looks like we'll really have to decide what you really want to buy instead of buying everything at sight. Yea, 60 bucks for EMS is exorbitant, but at least they're not charging me a certain amount per manga...that's how I console myself LOL! The last time I ordered, I ordered 11 mangas...so yea...I guess it depends on whether you are willing or not to pay. I think the best time to buy is when the USD is cheaper..but you never know if it'll drop or not. Sighs...

    @ valkryiensz - Ish, banyaknya yang u tengah ikut LOL! I'm only following 3 so far - KKM, KHR and Saiunkoku II is really frustrating me coz the last 3 eps still hanging pending subbing from the fella who was doing it...haiyah....
  8. aarinfantasy
    @Rage: He brought it in a hand carried luggage. The thing is... he didn't know it was gay until he got it in the parcel. But he NEVER question me what was that. I think he knew what I've been "up to" when he saw that DVD and then later 2 years I let him watch the Daniel Wu's Bishounen, and he scolded me (jokingly) and I laughed the way he's blushing ^^;;;
  9. Rage78
    @Aarin - LOL at that. Good thing he didn't know or he would never consent to bringing it back for you XD. Daniel Wu's Bishounen...is that the one where one of the guy commits suicide at the end? or did I get it mixed up with something else?
  10. aarinfantasy
    @Rage: yes that is the one... lol u should edit that off so no spoilers XD
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