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  1. iruka92
    @aarin - I tore the plastic covers. pppppp

    And I'll be looking forward to see you guys in this year's cf. xO and I'm a yuri-hater. No offense but that genre would do serious harm to my sexuality.

    @cheezy - I'm always a yullen fan. Ever ever EVER! xD and I love ZeroXxYuuki.

    See you guys in . . . a few days. Exams.. *sigh*
  2. cheezy
    @valkyriensz: That site rocks! I remember one image on China's food menu translated into English, and I don't know how they come out with those words too O.O

    @iruka92: Good luck for your exams =D I'm fine with Shoujo-ai, yuri's a little to heavy for me though ^_^;; Since you're a yullen fan, hope you can help me identify the doujinka for this doujin TOT the art's really pretty...

    Here's the link to the image so I won't spam this place XD
  3. Rage78
    @aarin - So what you're saying is that you don't need a bank account with your issuing credit card bank in order to get money from PP? Like for instance, you have 1K balance left in your card and your PP has RM500...and you can use up to 1.5K for that card? Sorry if I sound confused or dumb...just want to be clear.

    @valkyriensz - OH YES!!! your friend is SOOOOO right! There is a lot of slashable potentials there AND there are VERY kakkoi characters in the 10 years later arc...there is no 20 years later. Currently they are in the 10 years later arc (TYL). Someone had been sending the younger versions of the Vongola core family 10 years into the future. Seriously Tsuna in his Hyper mode is a thing of beauty. You should've seen when we finally got to see the past Vongola leaders - MY GAWD!!! The first Vongola is ALL KINDS OF HAWT AND AWESOME!!!

    What are you waiting for, my friend!! Start watching!!! I'm following the manga impatiently every week...they always leave us at cliff hangers...Tengok, jangan tak tengok!! I mean look at how kakkoi Tsuna is in Hyper mode (rokusasu13's avvie)

    @ general - I have no quarrels with yuri, but I tried reading the manga once and I was scarred for life...particulary cos the storyline was SOOOO boring and almost non-existant. The art was just fugly. And I wasn't interested in watching them show parts that I already have myself LOL! I guess it's the same when guys watch yaoi? I wonder if majority of yuri mangakas are males?
  4. Rage78
    @cheezy - I forgot to add this in my earlier post...The cost of the EMS for akadot/yaoiclub is USD60.50. But this is the rate they calculate based on the nearest country to us on their list - which is Australia. Malaysia is not listed on their list of countries that they ship out to, so you have to pick the nearest country to us, which happens to be Australia. Unfortunately. But I don't think it'll work out cheaper even if Malaysia is on their list. The only good thing with EMS is it'll get thru Kastams easier with minimal or no fuss at all..60.50 already includes their 'blood money'

    So, even if you order like USD15 worth of goods, EMS is still gonna be 60.50..no other way around it. They only ship EMS internationally. Tis expensive I know but if it were up to me, I'd save up to at least RM600-700 first then order goods that is at least equal or more than the EMS costs..which means including EMS should be bout USD150 (or more if you can afford it). (You pay about 500+ in our currency. If the exchange rate of 1USD = RM3.52 is maintained)
  5. aarinfantasy
    @Rage78: EMS isn't that expensive from my experience, probably less than $15... $60.50 is too much and not worth it at all!

    If you want to withdraw money from PP, you do need a credit card from a bank. Example: What you can do is send your PP's $500 to your bank credit card account. Your bank will then enter that $500 as your debit (so you can use your credit card to spend the $500). Note that there is a $5 fees for the transfer and the currency exchange rate can be fluctuating a lot with the current economy, and only $500 is allowed for transfer per month to your bank. All example I mentioned is in USD. So basically you are right from your example, you can use up to 1.5k.

    If you want to receive money to PP, then you don't really need a credit card. Just an account will do but if you want to validate your account, you need to have a credit card account also. This is convinient if you setup credit card to PP payment system.

    @cheezy: Sure, I will take note of that~ But I don't know how good he's done so far with that game.
  6. Rage78
    @aarin - Ah, thanks for the explanation. AT least now I can see how one can use the money from PP.

    60.50 is very excessive - I'm not sure why akadot/yaoiclub is SO freaking expensive. I wonder if it's to offset their other overhead expenses? I think the next time I'll just order manga from Amazon and use EMS from there..probably work out cheaper..but Amazon they charge a nominal fee per book or something, right? I'll have to check their FAQ.
  7. evangeline90
    Skip beat? Where have I heard that before?

    60.50 is ok if you have a lot to buy, but it's a bit much if you're just buying one manga. The good thing bout akadot tho is their prices are much lower than amazon's on average.

    Amazon charges about 4.50 per book for intl shipping. Their books are in the $10 to $15 range (pricey for me unless is 4 for 3).

    I'd say, before you order, do the math. Check both prices of all the stuff you want from both sites and list separately. Afterwards compare the prices~

    Lol, just my thoughts~
  8. evangeline90
    Ok, I remember where i heard skip beat b4, it's a shojo manga!!!

    Are you guys talking bout another anime series, cuz it sounds cool and I might wanna check it out~
  9. Rage78
    @evangeline - exactly. Like I said earlier, buy loads of the goods that you want while they are still discounted so that you won't feel too horrible at the 60.50 like you would if you bought only 12 bucks of goods only. Make it worth the expensive EMS.

    I usu. calculate how much I can afford to pay for my card bill and calculate how much goods I can get + the EMS so that they fall within or below what I can afford to pay...tis the only way to make sure you don't go into huge debt at the end of the month.
  10. zehroshi
    Thank you so much for the info. It helps a lot. *_*

    Skip beat is being made into an anime. (I can't remember if it's being released as an october anime or it's still further ahead) I hear the manga's really good, so the anime might be worth checking out.
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