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Malaysian Fans!

  1. Koha02
    @sef: I'm afraid veoh is no longer available in malaysia (sorry to break the news!). here's more info on it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veoh#Av...s_of_the_world
  2. skutergirl
    Heh... That's okay. I like youtube anyway. lol
  3. sef
    Really Koha...thanks..I always thought technical problem
    @skute: I like veoh more but I guess haf to switch back to youtube now..
  4. evangeline90
    Ok question, there are only 11 of us here right now but I'm pretty sure there are more m'sians, so for those here, who's a girl and who's a boy?

    I'm a chick~<3

  5. DarkAngelTrish
    Hello minna!!! I didn't know there are Malaysians here...

    Btw,I'm a chick too...
  6. evangeline90
    Hey Hey Trish~ NIce tO meET yoU~~~

  7. skutergirl
    Hi DarkAngelTrish.
    You all can figure out that I'm a chick too right. Hahaha...
  8. evangeline90
    I wonder if there's a skuterboy around aarin...

    *wanders off to poke and prod*
  9. valkyriensz
    GYAAA!!! i never notice there's group 4 malaysians! *bang my head on d wall* ^___^/ hi there ppl! just joined here & hope u guys don't mind i'm pestering...fufufuuu XD XD XD
  10. sef
    me...proud to be a Malaysian & an AarinGirl~cheers
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