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  1. zehroshi
    I wanna know what SF is too. D:

    Anyone going to Comic Fiesta? XD

    Re: Vampire Knight
    How is the anime series? I read the manga but I'm still somewhat wary about starting on the anime.

    oh dear. XD; Well, reading online is a good thing. No money spent. Cept for internet fees. Heh.

    Good luck with exams!
  2. Rage78
    Hi everyone - old members and new members alike..haven't log in for a few days and I've missed so much. Today was the only day I finally completed my work with a clear conscience. LOL! I'd love to live a privileged Datin life but the money at the end of the month keeps me going.

    @iruka92 - I didn't know that you have to apply for a US bank account to use Paypal? I applied for Paypal a couple of years back and I didn't have to open a US bank account for it?

    Oh yeah, I ordered some novels thru Kino and I saw that Silver Diamond vol.1 and Loveless was still on their website so I sent an email to them and asked if this meant that SD and Loveless is on their OK list for special order and they said NO. What I don't get is why are they still on your site if they aren't allowed? I mean it's ridiculous isn't it?

    @cheezy - If you wanna order online and don't want Kastam to mess with it too much just do what Aarin recommended - pay thru your nose for the very expensive EMS. Apparently the super expensive fees covers our Kastam duties etc. If your books aren't on the list of no-no by the Home Ministry, it should get thru with no problem. Kavz & I managed to get our Akadot orders, Sef managed to get her amazon order (after some delays)..Aarin even got her yaoi dvds with no probs. LOL!

    OT, is SF by any chance San Francisco?
  3. Rage78
    Just wondering is there any Hitman fan here? OMG I just gotta squeee at the TYL picture of several characters drawn by the mangaka...Sweet mama, who would've thought that Xanxus cleaned up SO HOT!! Hello, hello, hot man! But no sign of TYL Tsuna or Reborn..mangaka is evil, evil!!
  4. valkyriensz
    @rage78 === TYL? as twenty years later version?? unfortunately, i just starting to watch earlier episodes of Hitman Reborn so i have yet to know other characters ^^'

    @zehroshi === VK anime is much the same as in manga but i'm kinda disappointed for 1 thing >__< the blood sucking scene of zeroXkaname wasn't as hot as in manga
  5. Rage78
    @valkyriensz - TYL, as in 10 years later...Can't wait for you to catch up!! Dino's hair looked like it was styled by Scrappy Coco (Zohan fame) roflmao! but Xanxus was totally awesome..you'll meet Xanxus in the Vongola Ring arc.
  6. aarinfantasy
    Hi hi~ I like Vampire Knights (watched the anime only, not the manga) so I am not sure if there's anything going on between Kaname and Zero ^^;; Only the anime part got the bloodsucking thingy heheh. The artwork draws me to watch the anime. However, Dai-kun find it too boring to watch and he stopped at Ep5 lol. I am watching VK Guilty. Is the manga more towards BL??

    @Iruka: I think Vampire Knights manga is find to be read publicly... won't get weird stares. The WEIRD stares will be from those 100&#37; yaoi ones and especially those marked with the pink "YAOI MANGA" at the bottom of each manga XD

    @cheezy: You really can order BL manga ya know... my Yaoi DVD (heck even with obvious two men having sex pic on the DVD back cover - Winter Cicada OVA2)... that DVD was checked by the Kastam and they chopped OK! But you have to pay EMS cuz that covers Kastam duty fees... so they should be able to let it pass.
  7. evangeline90
    SF is San Francisco.

    So ppl, which volume (manga) and eps (anime) is the man-sucking in? Cuz I need to see it again and I don't have enough patience to look through all the stuff.

    And Aarin, wat's VK guilty?
  8. aarinfantasy
    @evangeline90: VK Guilty is Vampire Knight Guilty... the second season to Vampire Knight anime.
  9. iruka92
    @aarin - Yeah, I know. But little kids asked a lot of questions when they read the contents.. :o Hahahahaha. My sister knew about my fetish and when we read yaoi at borders.. (lol) I crammed myself at the darkest corner of the area. Muahahaha

    @Rage 78 - Ma.. I didn't know about that. -_-" Because it was not approved in Malaysia last time. At least that was what a friend said.. I guess that we can use some other card as well... Haha.

    @Zehroshi - Thanks! and I'm going to the CF!! Woot ~ ~Can't wait to see Uruhara!!

    I'm sooooooooo dissapointed with the VKG's and the 1st season anime. The seiyuus were a total babe (Mamoru Miyano, and the seiyuu's of Yunoki Azuma and Tohru Honda respectively) but the animation suck, BIG TIME!

    @evangeline - Chpter 30
  10. zehroshi
    The manga feels shoujo to me. But I can see BL happening between Kaname and Zero. XD (just not in the series proper. ceh. ._.)

    I think I'll be going just to see my friends cosplay. Heh.

    I think paypal still doesn't allow you to transfer money to and fro the banks in Malaysia, right? I've only ever used Paypal when I was in the U.S. Stopped using it in Malaysia. ._.

    Has anyone here ever tried to sell things overseas and what not? I'm trying to figure out the best way to do transactions. ._.
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