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  1. zehroshi
    Ooh you can actually get pirated psp games? XD
    I think I would actually play the games on DS. Since I can list out more games I wanna play in there than I can for a PSP. (though I probably list out quite a few if I start searching for PSP games.. *sweat*)
    Oh I didn't know the reason for the PSP being RM700+ is because of it being modified. o_O What's the difference?

    Oh yeah... they did, didn't they. .-. I regret buying local ver of Gintama too.

    Seeing you guys talk about Crisis Core makes me wanna go and watch the clips again. =_= Zaaaack.
  2. Gayhomo
    @Silvis-Oops,i mean shonen ai,couldnt find yaoi.Thats where i bought Sukisyo n Gravitation lol.

    @Kazv30-Ok.I will.
    Lol!Theres season2 for Vampire Knight?!Cant waitXD

    @Zehroshi-Both will do!XD
    I have 1 chinese BLfic,kinda blur but still got some smexay sceneX-D

    @Cheezy-Gaaaa u have PS2 BL.gm!!XDWhat BL games?Are they hard?;-D
  3. kavz30
    @gayhomo, yup, we're all talking about VK season 2 at http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/f158/t...the_anime.html i sorta knew there would be a sequel with the way things ended in season 1 *LOL* now the wait for the entire 13 eps will kill me!

    @cheezy, yup, there's just something about Sephiroth ... he's my desktop wallpaper now *LOL*

    @zehroshi, gotta admit, i wasn't drawn to Zack but somehow that guy just managed to turn me into his fan. boy sure has a way about him! *LOL*

    @evangeline90, VK was one of those series that just HAS to be finished in a marathon...i mean, although i was abit tired (watched this in the wee hours of the morning) but i just couldn't bear to stop halfway through. and watching this in one seating kinda made me understand the characters at face value. during the first few episodes, i wasn't drawn to Zero and i thought Yuuki was just too flat a character. of course, Kaname... *swoons* by the time 13th episode came around, at least i didn't think Zero was that much an ass. just wished Kaname would be more assertive about Yuuki. and i definitely want that girl to stop being so goody two shoes!!! *grins*
  4. cheezy
    @zehroshi: yea, you can dl those psp games, they're loads of site/torrents up for grabs =D RM700/modified psp allows you to play those ISO file/ripped psp games, without it being modified, you can't play them O.O And I heard you can't upgrade the firmware on the modified psp... =p never tried updating mine, don't wanna risk it >_<.

    @Gayhomo: They're not really hard to play, I bought Apocripha/0 and 帝国千戦記 (Teikoku Sensenki?).

    @kavz30: XD ... I played FFCC just for his story... *sigh* I wish I manage to combo with him more often *stabs her fingers*
  5. zehroshi
    I've liked Zack since the first time I played FF7... I think it's because of that flashback scene at mansion that really left the character's image stuck to my head. The part where he got shot so many times by the shinra soldiers. (So yeah, not exactly my favorite scene in CC either. )

    Yeah, probably not a good idea to update. o_O
    mm I shall... consider.

    I usually go hunting around manga shops, especially those that looks pretty old or has manga from closed down Star Bookstores. (a lot of my BL manga still has their stamp on it. Guh.) I've found mine in Summit, near Kota Raya, in Sunway Pyramid's manga shop at Asian Avenue, in Penang.... everywhere!
    I think someone posted in previous posts about where else you can find BL manga for rent. The one I frequent that's near my place is Reader's House in Summit USJ.
  6. Gayhomo
    @Cheezy-I meant r they hard(with noosebleeding smexay role)XD. Gaaoo..U have ApocriphaOXD Wow~that reminds me,i saw this game once but i didnt buy it cuss my sister was with me=_=,when i went back,its gone!!

    @Zehroshi-Pwetty old mangashop u say eh n they're everywhere...im gonna search harder next time,3Q
  7. zehroshi
    They are. It's a hit or miss, really. But they're good for finding gems of old manga and such. So good luck. ^^
  8. Gayhomo
    @Zehroshi-Yeah.Say,u play togainu no chi?
  9. zehroshi
    Yes I do. My previous computer crashed before I finished the game though. So I'm playing it again.
  10. Gayhomo
    @Zehroshi-Cool!Shiki with Akira,right?I wanna knowXD
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