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  1. Anko Shirayuki
    Anko Shirayuki
    @Chika - yup! For almost 2 weeks. My sister works there and she spotted Naruto and Sakura cosplayers. Ha ha.. she had a few harsh comments on them >.< at Boulevard? Hum... there was? I didn't know. Very oblivious. Ha ha...if you're going to an anime convention then remember to buy something for me yah~ Lolx

    @evangeline - censored things?? My GTO manga had a lot of censored thingys on them too so my only conclusion is that whatever passes through Malaysia will be filtered!

    Hi lizardboi ^^ *waves back*
  2. aarinfantasy
    Welcome lizardboi88!~ Price of one manga is really expensive, so I can understand... that's why I can't buy more or try other titles even if I really want to. I will only be sticking to those that I really want to collect.

    @cheezy & silvis: Haha yeah, I can eat the whole burger the other day cuz like I said, I am a burger fan... and the fries are really tasty! Price is expensive, yup >.< Eh but when it comes to FOOD, I don't mind spending a bit more for something good... but not all the time lah~

    @evangeline90: heheh, megane fetish. But seriously, nowadays ppl here almost all of them wears glasses, no? Especially boys and girls below the age of 30. This is because of the huge amount of time spent in front of computers/TVs. I can say 95% of all my friends wear glasses!
  3. Chikaru
    >> evangeline90: I'll try and look up for them. Thanks for the piece of information. Have to do that when I'm back in my hometown. Don't have a car here.

    >> LiZaRdBoi88: Heya. Ooh... You're from Cat City??? Me too. Currently studying in Kedah. Too bad it's not USM.

    >. Anko: Yup, there was in Boulevard. It's a no wonder. You live nearer to The Spring. And I live nearer to Boulevard. It's understandable. I'll try to get you something but I don't want to promise. Will be back soon...
  4. LiZaRdBoi88
    @Anko: *continue waving*

    @Chikaru: Yup a proud Cat-izen! Kedah as in UUM or other private college? Do think are there any outlet in Kuching that sells BL as well? Maybe it was me that wasn't doing enough research...and my home is closer to Boulevard since my home is over Kota Sentosa.

    @Aarinfantasy: Hi! I think I will stick to online scanlation for now...maybe, JUST maybe I will buy one in the future for special occasion maybe...
  5. kavz30
    *LOL* oh man, i missed out alot of posts!

    *waves hello to new members* hello minna-san!

    @aarin, i agree about having the YnM DVD - really worth spending money on! the lousiest DVD i'd spent money on was City Hunter - peeps, DON'T bother getting this anime - seriously! when is the next mag coming out? read AarinSecret 2006 and 2007 - i was super impressed! so professionally done! and the interviews on the seiyuus ... ah, nice to see to see the face to the voice we hear so often! and Heise! i drooled over their art!

    @Rage78 - yup, at the way things/prices (and the global economy) is going, i guess it's cheaper to buy via Akadot? *sweats, thinking of the busted savings account which will be broken again in the near future*

    @all our Muslim members - a belated Raya greetings from me!

    i'm currently downloading so much stuff, and right now, i'm obsessed with getting English subbed game-scenes from Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core. this game concentrates more Sephiroth and Zack and I'm downloading every scene that has my silver-haired anti-hero *chuckles* love Sephiroth to death!

    have already tagged some DMP products to buy the next few months. received the AR newsletter today and i laughed out loud when i read their tag: "Quick, hide that Yaoi!" *shakes head, amused* extremely funny.

    OK, minna-san, gotta go! *bows*
  6. cheezy
    @aarin: You've become one with the Penang "Lang", food is of utmost importance to them =D But food in Penang's really cheap, RM2.80 for balik pulau's delicious bowl of asam laksa 8D'

    @kavz30: I played the jap version of Crisis Core on the psp, is the english version out yet? *_* Sephiroth's really pretty and sane in there

    @evangeline90: It's easy to tell which is locally published and which is not, usually those from Taiwan (or has the copyright to publish them) has better print and paper quality and they cost about RM12-18. If I'm not mistaken, only those from Taiwan/Hong Kong/Singapore has the japanese publisher's information and their copyright at the last page of the volume =D The publishers I usually buy from are "Tong Li 東立", "Taiwan Kadokawa 台湾角川", "Jien Duan Chu Ban 尖端出版", Square Enix and etc. "Tien Shang 天上" and "Tien Xia 天下" are local publishers, D8 most of the time the shoujo mangas sold are just reprints of the original ones or taken from the internet =D Hope this helps...
  7. zehroshi
    Wow this place is active. Since I'm a little lost as to who I'm replying to I'm just gonna do a topic in general. XD

    Re: Kichiku Megane novel
    The one I tried to order was the Katsuya/Midou storyline novelized. There were really hardcore images in there so it got caught by customs... Not to mention the cover wasn't exactly worksafe.
    The Kichiku Megane manga should be released by now too.

    re: Chinese manga shops with yaoi
    The Novel House in Summit USJ also has a small collection of chinese yaoi manga. I go there occasionally. =D
    I get my chance to purchase some BL manga when I survey manga shops here and there. I found Mizushiro Setona's 'Douseiai' series near Kota Raya! (guuuh)
    There's BL manga in Sunway Pyramid's manga shop too. (But the ones currently there aren't those i like. =/) It's a hit or miss, really. ._.

    omg. I want so badly to buy a PSP but there's no point in me buying because all I want to play is the Japanese version of Crisis Core~!!! (SuzuKen~~)
    The english version's out for quite a while already~ Go go get.

    And you're right about the difference between the original publisher and local ones. The only thing I hate about buying from local publishers is the lack of mangaka notes in between chapters. =/ It makes me wish I had bought D.gray-man and Gintama in original Japanese.
  8. valkyriensz
    *waving @ all members*

    hello friends, i'm back!!! *panting* had been dragged by my parents to many relatives' places for 'beraya' =___=' never knew driving long distances would be this hell of tiring ' <--- 1st time being the all time driver XP hehehee! oh ya, i've collected big sum of duit raya, so i can donate some 4 this forum (good news 4 u aarin!! ^^) n the rest would be spend on yummy yaoi mangas whichever caught my eyes *evil laughs*

    *sweats* so many posts i missed here XO dunno which topic should i give reply 1st XD need to do revision on the topics then i'll be pestering with u guys later...kukukukuuu~
  9. Chikaru
    >> LiZaRdBoi88: Other private college. In Kuching? BL... Hmm... I know you can find some discs. And if you're lucky you can find a few doujinshi scattered around. Very randomly. But, BL mangas and novels, not sure. Since they've new shopping malls, we should go look around when we return. Ooh... 7th mile, I see. Yup, not that far. Mine's around 4 1/2 mile. Boulevard is within a walking distance. I wish there's a store in Boulevard that sell all this things. It'll be super convenient.

    >> kavz30: Hello!

    >> cheezy: Thanks for the information. I'll be sure to look out for all those details next time.

    >> valkyriensz: Revision? A word that sounds awfully familiar to me. Hmm...
  10. aarinfantasy
    @kavz30: I'm not sure when can release next AarinSecret. Got plan on it since May 2008 but I was too busy until now I finally got time to get going with it. Secured an interview with a fine artist like Heise too for this version, I am sure ppl will love this artist's artwork as well. I will try to get it out by Dec 2008, but with JR season 2 and Ikoku Irokoi Romantan OVA2 coming out this month, I am even more busy >.<;;

    @valkyriensz: Thanks so much dear!
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