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  1. aarinfantasy
    Hi all, I realized some of you kept calling me "aarinfantasy" instead of "Aarin". Do call me Aarin cuz that's my name in real life

    @val: Borders still displays yaoi manga on their open shelf, but not Kinokuniya. Why I got it from the counter yesterday at Borders Gardens was because they were just about to wrap the book and put it on the shelf but I got there like 12:30pm, so it was quite early still. Anyone can get 20% off if they buy a magazine.

    Ahh... I got to tell you all something though about myself if you havent know:
    I do not download scanlations because I like reading manga on hand. However, I have been staying at Penang and only recently Borders is opened there... so I didn't have the chance to buy many titles. Also, the price of ONE book turns me off, but I start buying one Gakuen Heaven manga to try (it was just okay), and then started JR which is much better than I thought... but still it is expensive for a manga. Long long ago I was hoping an English manga will cost like RM15 to RM18, haha. That's why I don't really know what BL manga is good out there due to all the above reasons. But I will be getting this brand new white shelf at my new home just to put and display manga! So if there's any good manga out there, do recommend it to me here.

    All these years, I have been indulging a lot only on yaoi/BL animes and this forum/site, so I don't have much time to really check on manga...

    Oh and thanks so much for those who donated to this forum!! I was so touched when you said "donate duit raya", it does made me feel bad but I am happy everyone is so passionate about helping to keep this site up. Seriously - Arigato gozaimasu!
  2. zehroshi
    Kino still has BL, like I said. Just not in English anymore. And they're subjected to customs check so if you order from there, it's a by-luck basis. My only attempt at ordering a BL from that corner was a rather hardcore title so (Kichiku Megane novel), naturally, it got held at customs. Whoops. XD

    I don't read a lot of BL manga either. (I'm more on the BL drama side) These 3 are the only English BL manga I own. >_>; so I'll recommend them because I like them.
    Fukuyama Hyouta's mangas. I enjoyed Lover's Flat (1k Apaato no koi) and Freefall Romance (Rakka Sokudo).
    For total crack BL: A.N.A.L (All Nippon AirLines)

    I really want to recommend Mizushiro Setona! But none of her works (except 'After School Nightmare') are licensed in English. ;_;
  3. Chikaru
    >> aarin: Thanks for that piece of information. Still... It's better than nothing. I need to find time to go there. Hmm...

    >> cheezy: Bug them, huh? Okay, I'll do that. That'll have to wait when I get the chance to get there.

    >> valkyriensz: I guess it's really depends on luck. If you're lucky, you'll get the ones with very good subtitles.

    Well, then, people. Here to wish all of you who're celebrating, "Selamat Hari Raya!!!". Hope everyone enjoy their holiday.
  4. Hime-sama
    Tomorrow morning around 7am...me and my siblings will drive to our kampung which is in Terengganu. I won't be around for a few days so I will miss you all and the forum! Have fun guys and see you all later this Sunday *hugs and kisses*

  5. evangeline90
    Hehe, there's a pic of Aarin in the first edition of AarinSecret, so you guys can recognise her if you bump into her at Kino or Borders lol~~~ Still wondering bout Dai-kun tho...

    But anyways, zehro (0) chan, WHAT MEGANE NOVEL!? I did not know there was a novel, seriously I need to go get it!!! I have a few DJs but that's all I picked up from AnimeExpo.

    Chika chan, I alwiz purchased my titles from TeenCom, they have pretty good subtitles, but you need to ask them for imports from Taiwan, not China. I lived in Melaka tho, dunno if they have a store in KL or any of the big cities...

    Have fun Hime and everyone else!!!
  6. sef
    @Aarin: ...I just came back from Borders Garden. I didn't get to go yesterday! JR vol.7 sold out and I did refer to the customer service counter and he mentioned "someone" also looked for the similar book earlier- meaning lots of great competitors around! But he promised help me to get it from others branch! *finger crossed* hope he can get it.
    Also, he mentioned Borders might be able to help us to get yaoi title through special order (if not too extreme title) but we must bear the shipping cost of RM5.00 per book and place a deposits. Plus, he mentioned the books ordered normally would go through random checking at kastam- so far the yaoi manga they brought in is simply pure luck for pass through.so, if the special title you ordered been confiscate by the kastam- the deposits will not be refund to you.

    That was the first anime con i went but it was really bad! I didn't notice any BL cosplayer- I only recognized luffy, gara, tsukimori len & kino (la corda), L, kyouyu (saiunkoku)...but there two really cool cosplayer- but i can't recognized them (does that mean they failed in their cosplay???)
    I guess i should check out for the anime con in s'pore or japan- maybe should attend once.

    Plus, the funny comment that yaoi manga as "bahan lucah"- that's so not true...after all it's only 2-D drawing. I found that most of the movie contain more sexual content!
  7. sef
    I don't really like to read scanlated manga as well but since the source is so limited- I guess when i'm really desparate I will have no choice. As for manga recomendation, all the available title on sales in Borders/ Kino (previously) is really limited- and I guess only Love Mode, JR, The Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy (by Youka Nitta), Only the Ring finger know, & Passion worth the money. If you are able to get hold of Haruka Minami I think it's not bad as well- but as far as I can remember only one title released!
    But I almost bought all the yaoi novels- I like to read the novels more!
    I also bought manga by Riyu Yamakami (Vanila) & Toko Kawai (Our everlasting, bondz, loveholic)- it's just so-so...i like both of the author espcially Riyu Yamakami (Aisarentairo) & Toko Kawai (CUT) but I counldn't find the book.
    Haruka Minami- I rather like some of her title but the manga on sales in our local book store "Renai......" (sorry, i forgot the title)...it's just mada mada da ne!

    And, for those who know Chinese- there actually 3 comic shop in SS2, pj that are able to satisfied your craving for yaoi manga. The shops namely Star bookstore near KTZ/ OSK, Walk-in- rent- a- book & HQ ( both on the same row). But the shop only allows you to borrow the book for up to 2 weeks. I think they have the bookstores in KL as well but I dunno where's the exact location.
  8. sef
    Hime-sama has some yaoi manga for sales...but I reserved some - some are interesting title which I didn't come across in the stores (or maybe I'm not so observant & I missed out)....
    and, speaking of anime- i only bought a few cuz there's not much choice availble as well-gravitation was my 1st then sukisyo, descendent of darkness, KKM, gakuen heaven, angel feather, loveless....erm- i guess that's all- the rest of BL/yaoi anime i got it from this site

    ...extremely long message..I just have too much to share. and, i so happy for many Malaysian here sharing the same interest!
    Extra note: I willing to share my yaoi novel- if you are really interested in reading,you can pm me and I can upload the scan files in megaupload,k?! But, you will have to wait for sometime- need to scan in the novel.
  9. sef
    @eva: actually Aarin posted her pic in the photo album section (i'm not sure izzit post a pic of yourself 7 or 8...) as well & i remembered in viewing her friendster before -
  10. aarinfantasy
    @sef: Aww sef... guess there are many JR fans in KL. I remembered Book6 was sold out in 2 days in Penang =x But that was only like 4 or 5 books on the shelf at one time.

    Yeah, my pic is in AarinSecret first edition but it's purposely photoshopped to partially hide my face (since that mag is available outside the forum) and I am a bit shyyyyy hehe. I posted my pics which is very clear in the forum, I think got like 4-5 times I posted my pics in the main picture threads. Just wave if you see me hanging out at Borders or drooling around the yaoi mangas XD

    Yami no Matsuei (Descendant of Darkness) is one of the first few animes that I bought on DVD and never regretted getting it... JR, Kirepapa and Ikoku are good enough to spend money on the DVD (that's just my opinion). However, I actually do regret getting Angel's Feather and Okane Ga Nai on DVD ~_~;;; All the yaoi DVD I got is original frm online stores and not those from AnimeTech, cuz I bought this set of Fushigi Yuugi from them... I feel like crying when I saw the subtitles translations.

    I can't read chinese although I am a chinese... I heard chinese manga (yaoi or not) are way cheaper! >.<

    Anyways, I am back in Penang already... I makan (ate) a lot in KL with all those rendang and lemang. I didn't know Hard Rock Cafe KL was closed... walked there from KLCC all sweaty and only know it's under renovation! Love the cheese macaroni there~ The other day when I went to Gardens to buy the JR7 manga, I went to eat this tasty burger at Carls Jr, it's really huge! Should try if you are a burger fan like me XD
    (and THAT IS WHY I am actually not as slim as my pic appears although I never photoshopped any of it except the AarinSecret pic) hehe.

    Oh, if anyone wanna add me at Friendster, my username there is: aarinfantasy
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