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  1. sef
    To Koha, eva & Skute....*sigh*, very detail but as eva said Well~ it's different when we're online surrounded by people who love the same thing!!! Luv ya, eva.
  2. evangeline90
    Woohoo~~ Jalur Gemilang!!! You go skutergirl (^_~)v
  3. skutergirl
    Haha.. I just had to.
  4. aarinfantasy
    Ahh the Jalur Gemilang sure stood out and spiced things up! XD

    My family don't know I like yaoi nor my close friends. Most who knows are my online friends obviously!~ My bro suspect something though when I passed him Bishounen (movie starred by Daniel Wu & Stephen Fung) to watch but I had a good laugh when he cursed me none stop in a funny manner!~ lol
  5. evangeline90
    Ahhhh!!! I wanna watch that movie~ I went and looked it up on Wikipedia and it sounds saddddd, but still... can't resist Daniel Wu, he's hot<3

    Isn't the plot a bit like Boy's Love though? Just in the way that at least one of the protagonists die... sigh...

    Lol, your bro cursed at you? Mine gave me a dirty look... Didn't stop him from watching Kyou Kara Maoh, he watched Sukisyo too, both my brothers did.
  6. kaguya610
    Gehh I'm so late at updates

    But anyway thumbs up to Skutergirl for the pics uploads
  7. sef
    Juz one thing...wanted to confirm, is veoh no longer available in Malaysia??? I try to connect a few times but seem like my effort is a waste!
  8. evangeline90
    Hey guys, check this out... Japan's going French with their tiny waistlines!!!

  9. aarinfantasy
    sef, I think our IPs have a bad connection with certain sites.
    For example on my side, 124.*** can download YouTube videos no problem while the 118.*** cannot download YouTube videos properly or none at all. Probably is just me... I don't use Veoh though.

    evangeline, the movie is quite good and quite tragic too. Do check it if you can.
  10. sef
    @aarin... I hope so, thanks for the info~cheers
    @evan: thanks for da info, can obtain some tips.
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