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  1. suetlana
    Hi minna! *waves at valkyriensz, kavz30 and Rage78*, thank you for the warm welcome.

    () so sad about the kinokuniya thing. I just been there one time and now its gone...

    (^_^) about my friend, don't worry, i will sure drag her here! Hohohoho *evil laugh*

    As for my encounter with yaoi...my university years. during matriculation year when i didn't know what yaoi is, but despite the warning i still read it. It's about slamdunk doujinshi (^_^), then i'm into all the jyanis bishounen, and happen to fall in love with the tomaxyamashita a.k.a tomapi, even still voting them as a couple now muahahaha, reading fan fiction and walla, i found the wonderful world of yaoi.

    AnK novels still pending. dl four of them, in my waiting list to read. With all the work, reading and a little of effort on writing, there are still lots more to read. Yosh! Ganbare!!

    So minna, I'm still catching up with all the short forms and unfamiliar stories. will join the conversation when i do (^o^)

    Oh, i was wondering if it's ok if i add you minna as friend? Tell me if it's ok or not. Later then~~
  2. Rage78
    Just a really short note for now to say how sad I am that one of my favourite and top-notch scanlation group, Forever-More have now officially disbanded. Sobs sobs sobs, their projects will be taken over by the good ladies in DP..I shall now go cry a little in my corner.
  3. suetlana
    EEEEHHH? Maji? so sad. There are many of their series that i really like. Before it was hochuuami..now forever more...but luckily DP kind enough to take over. They took over some from hochuuami too if i'm not mistaken...*join Rage78 crying*
  4. dohkajou
    ehhhhh???!!!!!not forever more too!!!!aww man.
  5. valkyriensz
    TT___TT hush, there there dears...*big wrap to rage78 & suetlana*...dohkajou, wanna have my hug too? ^^' umm dunno whether this consider bad news to JR manga collectors here, i didn't see any copies of vol.7 @ borders time square yet but it might be i've overlooked or missed coz so many people were crowding @ the manga section n i didn't get to ask the staffs @ the counter coz i had to rush back, my parents were waiting & need me to drive them to my dad's office =___=' haih...i wished i could 'lepak' @ borders longer T___T uuu...
  6. sef
    minna-san, sorry for not visiting here lately!

    @kavz: erm...if I were to explain the story for OTRFK, it would be very long. so, if you don't mind I can be at your service. I started scanning (the novels) for my friends sake.i can't share it here, but I guess it wouldn't be a problem if I email you a copy! but scanning is difficult for novels~ I'm actually advising my friend that I will type in the story for her sake and only scan in the picture ...i'm not sure she likes the idea or not and I'm waiting for her reply. as for the manga, you can find it from LJ. btw....where did you get your "devil may cry"??

    @Rage:*glomps back*...and I'm praying for JR vol.7 as well. and, both of the anime & novels for AnK I still haven't touch! I'm busy reading my others yaoi novel!

    @aarin: i only managed to buy AnK from Kino up to vol.3...I'm not sure it's good or not since I still haven't read & as kavz mentioned it's until vol.6..(I'm dying to buy all first then only i read...but wondering how long it takes for the next vol. & most importantly..I wanted to purchase from amazon but our current country turbulence..I might scare my books will be in hot-soup again..)
    and about the restructure... some part of it was good...there's many section I didn't notice before become noticable to me. but since the forum has been restructed so I need time to do some exploration..I'm still a bit lost for some stuff & trying to obey to the rules! gosh, I might have cause you & the mods so much trouble (sorry!!).
    aarin..i wanted make a little comment.~ it's regarding the guide for newbie created by dm.su. When I registered I actually very lazy to read on the rules..so, it's best that the guide should appear *like a pop-up* when they first log on to the forum/ profile page. I was so blurr back then and the introduction section it took me about half a year to notice.

    @suetlana: welcome *hug & kiss* I bet I should bump into you in fiction corner. btw..i only manage to catch up with narda's & s0ubi's updates lately >.<

    @silvis~ sorry about the contest earlier & I can't wait for the final volume as well.

    @valk: The pictures were beautiful...your friend really good in drawing. and, speaking of movie...actually I bought a tv series, it's name "Dante Cove"~ I guess the title it's something like that- the whole series it's so *porn* (what I meant is should a tv series be as such??)~ i only can managed to watch for one- hrs (with all the fastforward)- it's ...and I didn't know there's a link to download POT latest chapters here! could you provide the link ....
  7. suetlana
    Minna-san, genki desu ka? It's quite lonely here (T__T)....sabishi yon....

    @valkyriensz: thank you the hugs *sniff*...still sad...and thank you for befriend me back \(^o^)/.

    @sef: hey! Add you as my friend (^___^).Hahaha..we might bump into one another. I post a fiction there. If you have time, come and visit but i can't guarantee that it's good. I looovvveee s0ubi's fiction! esp 'Firebound'. Hmm...haven't read narda's though. Any recommendation?
  8. sef
    @suetlana: Thanks *hug*. You should provide me your link. I posted one OS as well and entered in willow's hyaku monogatari but I didn't win any- only entry point!
    I like s0ubi's "One Fine Spring" & as for narda's~ you should try her "first love" (completed) & November Rain (WIP)...on top of that Mirai's The Art of Sex is not bad too!! and, lovelesssoubi she's back..I was so worry she's going to stop her "Stargazing"~ it's definitely a cliffhanger (but I think the story is towards the end)
    btw...why don't you try the random drabble contest by s0ubi??
  9. suetlana
    @sef: hey! just woke up from sleeping. So tired...thank you for all of the recommendation. will definitely check them out! ahh yes!Lovelesssoubi...one of my favorite aarin author too! Now i'm in the middle of reading all lovelesssoubi and s0ubiloved completed stories. Random drabble contest? will check it out.
    I'm warning you, since English isn't our first language, it might sound crappy. My English isn't good just so-so. Here's the link to my fiction: The Sweet Annoying You
    Link me to your OS as well ne~~
  10. kavz30
    hello minna san!

    just a short visit - i was at Borders' MidValley and no sign of JR 7 yet *sigh*

    oh yes, managed to read through OtRFK *SQUEEEEE*

    @valkyriensz, i changed my mind now - now i prefer your friend's art of the OtRFK couple *LOL* i'm rooting for Wataru!

    OK, this is all i have to say ...

    @sef, got the Devil May Cry DVD in Petaling St- but the Eng subbing i bad though ... which is kinda good cos it made me practise my English *grins*
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