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  1. suetlana
    Hi! valkyriensz, kavz30, aarinfantasy!(^o^)

    You know guys uh girls is it..which ever lah...it feel good to have all of you as malaysian yaoi fan friends muahahaha. Its kinda lonely before.

    @valkyriensz yup. bangga seh!(^_^). I was telling a friend about it, and she was surprised as well. Oh she haven't join aarin yet. I'm in the middle of dragging her to aarin (^o^)

    @aarinfantasy About the forum structure, more organize and user friendly. I'm always lepak at the fiction section, before it kinda hard to check whether the fiction was finish or not since some of it didn't have marking as completed or not. Thank you for the hard work, all of you mods of aarin~~
    () yaoi was banned in kino???? when? Shiranai...Hmm, haven't been there for a long time. But even if they were there, (T__________T) too takai!! + let just say I'm a closet fan (^^.

    @kavz30 only a friend. the one that I'm trying to drag to this forum. There's another friend, but i think she kinda freak out hehehe...but its ok. At least I have this one friend that i could talk and share yaoi stuff was good enough (^^). and i have you peoples now.(^_~) (^_~)
  2. kavz30
    @aarinfantasy nope, DMP is producing AnK in 6 volume installments, 1-3 are out but the rest have yet to be published. Vol 4 should be out in either late Oct or early Nov. Which is why when you said you saw the complete English version (meaning all 6), I was ready to break my bank again and buy the entire set! *grins* i personally love the AnK novels cos they give the details that is not in the anime - very rich background info about Tanagura, Iason's thoughts etc. Although vol 1 & 2 translation was a bit choppy and the timeline seemed to jump here and there (i later found out that it's the same with the Japanese version) but vol 3 *nosebleed* gives a lot more detail of the time Rikki spent with Iason (my dear blond god!). vol 4 is when our dear Blondy schemes to get Rikki back and rebind him with the pet ring *grins*

    *waves at suetlana* hello hello! tell your friend to join us soon and quick! the more merrier!

    i've already raved about AnK to a friend of mine in SG (non yaoi), and sent her the first 3 volumes. she said it was ok...my mind was going like "WHAT?!?!? It's not just OK!!!" but i guess everyone has his/her preferance *grins* anyways, she's more into the vamp story. she was the one who introduced me to Hellsing - it was love at first sight with Integra and William! *romantic sigh*

    i've raved about my yaoi to my sis who's working overseas at the moment. she's curious now *LOL* can't wait for her to come back so that i can make her read Rin! and Jazz series!

    @Rage78 - can you write a Rin! fanfic about Yamato? *winks*

    oh yeah, a piece of non yaoi news: Takeshi Kaneshiro's new film "Accuracy of Death" is now showing! *drools* gonna watch him this weekend! my god, he's such a gorgeous man!
  3. ~silvis~
    Thanks for the new forum features. Just got on myself haven't really fully explored it but its looks neater now. Maybe I'll go to ficition and read stories that are completed.

    Lol I introduced all my close friends to yaoi. xD
    Some likes it while some are more open minded to it now. omg I can't wait for the last volume for Only The Ring Finger Knows!
  4. valkyriensz
    @kavz30 === oh! u noticed XD the couple in my avatar is my #1 fave non BL manganime couple: TEZUKAxFUJI from Prince of Tennis (shounen anime) ^^ they are cute aren't they? if u watched the anime, u can noticed every OP n ED song, these 2 always side by side n there's also few hints shown in the episodes >__< especially the chibi version! *evil laughs*

    oh! u collect jazz series? ^^ nice story isn't it!? >__<' 1 of the yaoi mangas which makes my heart 'aching' coz of the story...so angsty!!

    i've been introduced yaoi to some newly-made friends (mostly in friendster) n also to 1 of my 'kamceng' yaoi members (when she was innocent long ago) but i never introduce to guys<---feels like somehow guilty? heeheehee! 1 thing that i can't forget, the very 1st time i introduced her (refers to my yaoi member, as my 1st prey), she was so puzzled...i felt i need to influence her so much that time coz she also like me: obsess with bishounens XD i 'taught' her from the basic: shounen-ai n then slowly reaching to yaoi...when i tried to give her some shounen-ai 'samples' (KnMnM & silver diamond mangas), she asked me for explicit yaois =___=' (lawan guru nih) but then, i gave her midare somenishi XP soon after she read the manga, she was down in fever 4 a while *evil laughs* but she craved for more n wanted to collect whatever yaois i had that time...bwahahahaaa! sadly now she had surpassed me coz she has watched real action yaoi/gay movies while i'm not so into them *kyaaa! what an embarrassment 4 a guru* >__<' 1 thing i adore her is her drawing skills...! my fave artist! i'll post some links here if u guys wish to see >D

    @suetlana === yeah, kino already 'disposed' all yaois from their store...totally! thanks to our gov n that idiots who reported & wrote articles in d kosmo newspaper TT___TT luckily borders is still selling though n i'm hoping they r freed from being raid *sniifs*

    @aarinfantasy === sankyu 4 d message *relieved* ^^ now i'm trying to save up 4 my next donation...d donation already reaching more than half eh!? yosh! ganbatte minna!

    @rage78 === *hugs* thanks 4 introducing me that good stuff >__< *happy*

    @silvis === *waves* me too!<---in process of persuading my yaoi friend to complete her Only The Ring Finger Knows novel n mangas! *evil mode ON* XD
  5. Rage78
    Hullo! A belated welcome to suetlana!! Glad you could find us here. I didn't know bout the social groups myself and I've been here for a quite a while. *embarassed*

    @Aarin - I really like the new structure of the forum. Things are easier to find now, more organized and thank heavens the fanfiction section is easier to browse thru...although I wish that there were other ways to comment on the fic without posting on the thread coz it interrupts the flow of the fanfic and it is tedious to wade thru the loads of comments before picking up the thread of the story again..

    AT least you can get by watching half the story in raw with no problems - I only pick up a sentence here or two and there and it makes no sense coz you miss out on a lot of important stuff. LOL!

    As for the Nobita voice dub hate, you can throw in the Sailor Moon voice and there was one voice that was really grating on my nerves in the the dub of Jubei-chan. She dubbed for the character of Freesia and OMG, it was high pitched and breathy..Every sentence..Freesia really sounded like a stereotypical dumb blonde. I have to admit though, that the Malaysia stable of seiyuus have grown a little from pre-Nobita and Sailor Moon only voices but it's still not enough. At least it's gotta be better than the ojisan type voice that dubbed the cantonese dialogue for Initial D. I think the voice was for Takahashi Ryousuke. So totally uncool and really like lecherous old man. LOL!

    I like voices like Inoue Kazuhiko coz it sends shivers down my spine and sigh-worthy..But I don't just worship him alone, I like Shinichiro Miki and Akira Ishida's voice...there's a kind of distinctive tone in those voices that I really like.

    I did see AnK vol. 1 - 3 in Borders at Curve the last time I was there, but like you, Aarin, I didn't buy it coz I wasn't too sure if it was worth it or not.

    @kavz30 - Yamato ka?...hmmm...he didn't really gave me the gay vibe sooo, that man's gonna be a het for life..but Kouichi and Takatoh, now there's an interesting pairing...hee both of them suit each other don't you think? LOL! Gomen, though, I'm afraid writing fanfic is beyond my meagre capabilities...I tried writing fanfic for the Dark Angel fandom and oh gawd, twas a massacre...I totally gave up at chp. 3 - it was just really SO hard. While I can't write a fanfic to save my life, I have no problems commenting how I feel about a fanfic LOL!

    Sobs, sobs, it seems that everyone has managed to convert straight people to our world 'cept me..I haven't been able to convert anyone at all. The people I know are too resistant to it. Sobs sobs..Hope you manage to convert your sis though. I did send one chapter of UGH to a straight guy friend of mine since he did ask to try it. I didn't take him too seriously but I did send one chap. for him to try..dunno if he even had the time to check his emails.

    But you sure are kind to your friend by starting her off easy. If it were me, I'd just dump her straight into the deep pool, but that's just me. muahahahha! But to be honest, I started off with Sakende Yaruze, then Gravitation and YnM..Sakende Yaruze was sweet...

    As for AnK, maybe I should just skip vol. 1 & 2 and go directly to vol. 3 for more details of the time spent together between Riki, and the blond god. hee. Personally, for me I avoid reading yaoi novels as much as I can (exception made for OtRFK) coz well, the charm of the original novel is always somewhat lost in translation and it doesn't feel same as when you read it in the original language. But, I guess this is all just personal preferences.

    Maybe that's why your friend was not too keen on AnK after reading the novels? Did you let her watch the anime first before the novel? IMHO, I don't think I would've like AnK novels as much if I hadn't watched the anime first.

    Join the I hate Kagetora club. Watching him torture Naoe is, just really tragic. I feel like smacking Kagetora around and telling him, "Listen up you piece of hair, dude is loyal and in love with you. Stop throwing your female lovers in his face and pretending you don't know he's madly in love with you. *huggles poor angsting kavz* dere, dere, in my fantasy world, they end up happily together.

    EEEKS! How could I have missed seeing that there is vol. 2 for Love Control *goes into corner and bangs head against wall* Hope vol. 2 comes out soon...can't wait, can't wait! Sooooooooo, how did you like OtRFK? Was it as good for you as it was for me? *leers at kavz* (ROFLMAO!) I think not eating breakfast has made me a lil mad today.

    @ valkyriensz - Ah, you mentioning of foolishly following the malay dubs of animes has brought back memories...there was no internet back then and
    we had no knowledge about fansubbed animes...at least Streamyx did a good thing, even if they do lie alot. I don't know bout the name change thing but I'm guessing that it was frustrating at a lil funny at the same time. Kinda how I howled in laughter watching the Cantonese dubbed version of Initial D...The names were just SO horrible sounding in Cantonese eventhough they followed the kanji of the Japanese names...it was just SO wrong.

    I remembered following Samurai X - I think it was the English dub one...Kaori or Kaoru had a very annoying voice. OT, you watched Slam Dunk??? I never liked SD coz well, the art was so fugly..gomen, gomen to the fans, don't pelt me with tomatoes. I hope I'm not the only one who hasn't watch PoT ...I just couldn't get into the series when they started showing it on Sunday morning..but it sure disappeared fast from TV..I don't think the series was that short. Ah, one of the great mysteries of Malaysian TV.

    But can I ask if your friend can tell you where she found the ahem, real action yaoi/gay movies? I want to broaden my knowledge. Let's hope Borders survives the yaoi crackdown.

    Still no news of JR 7 ka?
  6. valkyriensz
    @rage78 - thanks 4 ur PM this morning ^o^ i was so delighted! regarding the real action movies u asked, (other than movies in aarinfantasy provided) there was once my friend told me she watched CDs bought by her ex-room mate (gay porns) i'm not sure where in d world her friend got all those...i only know my friend had downloaded from here n bought herself 'another gay movie' pirate CD from a pasar malam *roflmao*

    interested in joining kagetora haters too! ^.^/ what an ungrateful master he was =__=' naoe is so loyal n so in love with him until to extend he did that unbelievable things (kill d woman whom is kagetora's n transferring his soul) XD a total daredevil huh *kyaa* naoe-sama!!

    aah! samurai-X...natsukashii nee...surely brings back memories as 1 of my old time fave anime...hearing the english dub, yeah the girl's voice was so irritating...got the example changed names in d anime: supposed to be kaoru but they called kaori, yahiko changed to yoshi/or yohji? (=__=' ayayaaai...what a disappointment...my otaku excitement also spoiled by them...i haven't encounter any cantonese/chinese dub so i don't have any comment about it...but reading from ur comment rage78, i think i understand u totally how u felt XD i watched FMA malay dub once on tv3, the VA for edward was totally suck n out of tune, sent me off madness n frustration! paku romi is way beyond perfect than him, not to mention a woman, dude!! XD

    owh, i don't mind...*already out of tomatoes in my fridge* SD is also one of old time animes which i never miss along with samurai-X in our mysterious malaysian TV...i admit the anime is fugly as u said XD but the manga is quite ok

    haih forget about the stressful things, lemme entertain u guys with my friend's art (the one whom i mentioned in my previous post, with great art skill)...she gave me permission if i wish to post her art in this forum XP heehee

    click #1-----> (((OtRFK couple: wataru n kazuki)))

    click #2----->(((J-rock band the Gazette's Ruki x Reita)))

    click #3----->(((her random bishies @ theme park)))

    click #4---->(((her random bishies, cornered against d wall)))

    my fave of her PoT's tezufuji art:
  7. Rage78
    @ valkyriensz - I feel like want to pinjam your friend's gay porn collection..hee. At least Naoe went ahead and did the bad thing for love. Kagetora was just, um, being the sadistic b*****d that he was. But seriously I think Naoe would have a happier ending if the hero didn't go Kagetora mode on him all the time. Kinda annoying when he does that. "I am your master, you dog-who-is-not-fit-to-lick-my-toes." Did he really love that woman that much that he'd hold a grudge against Naoe for eternity? Or was he just pissed that his dog dare to touch his property?

    Oh, oh, oh, I tried watching FMA (Malay dub) on TV. I just had to find out for myself what the big fuss was about. Still haven't figured out why people like Naruto and Inuyasha so much (no offense meant to the fans). And as you said the VA for Edward...kahkahkahkahkah, he was just totally playing Ed like you know, a budak mentah, I didn't think he showed much depth that was supposed to be Ed. The voice was just totally like an annoying lil kid.

    I mean if we're talking bout young boy voices but with a mature touch to it, I love the VA that did Ritsuka's voice...the tone is just so distinctive and lovely on the ears. I couldn't believe when I found out the VA was a woman. XD.

    Your friend's got talent..and she might wanna consider dabbling in trying to create a manga of her own. I don't know who Gazette is but the art is cute, well, the scenario is cute..heehee
  8. valkyriensz
    @rage78 === too bad those gay porns aren't hers but her friend's >_< if not, maybe i could make 'selamba' face ask her directly XP do u download torrent files? there was an aarin user introduced me gaytorrent web 4 downloading movies n porns i'm not sure which of these 2 but u can try out *sorry couldn't help much coz i don't have any courage to download real action BL movies* XP heeheehee...as i said b4, my apprentice has SURPASSED ME <--- what a useless tuk guru *embarassed* shame on me! XP :



    oh! ritsuka's VA = minagawa junko! (i like her voice too! kakkoi ne!! ^^) her other anime roles: echizen ryouma (prince of tennis), ion fortuna (trinity blood) n genbu (shounen onmyouji)...that's the only i could think of ^.^ not many BL roles except loveless but i'm not sure if she has involved any BL drama cd projects

    the gazette = one of d japanese rock bands (visual kei type) n this "minah" (referring to my friend) is so obsess with J-rock bands n their fan service acts (smutty) which bring loud squeals from the fans heehee...n she also likes to pair her fave rockers in her arts XP she used to draw gacktXhyde or hydeXtetsu but since she had broaden her J-rock interests, she has diversified the pairings whomever she favors but mostly r from the gazette band (as the example given in d prev. link)

    PoT is a sport anime genre...there r total of 178 episodes for tv series n the OVA is still ongoing up till 22 episodes so far (for the national championship tournament season)...currently i'm waiting for next episode here *grins* speaking of PoT, our ntv7 once shown the malay dubbed anime but as u mentioned, it just disappeared & leave it cliff-hanged @ 1st season (i heard from a friend coz i already bought the complete boxset cd plus i never bring myself to watch them since i know the malay dubbed is always sux) T___T

    oh ya, here is a 5-page PoT doujinshi made by my friend…oh! Forgot to mention, she’s an aarinfantasy user too (ID : maxsama) but she couldn’t enjoying internet much lately coz bz with her work (what a workaholic woman) ^^’

    max's unofficial PoT dj (read from left - right) enjoy!

    page 1

    page 2

    page 3

    page 4

    page 5 (end)
  9. kavz30
    *LOL* i truly enjoyed reading the posts here ...

    @valkyriensz - i am not into porn, even gay porn. it's so aesthetically unpleasing! the guys are more likely to make me throw up rather than go "SQQQUUUUEEEE!" *LOL* that's just me - or maybe i was exposed to ugly men in porn flicks in my youth and have now forsworn them. about your friend's art - LOVELY!! my favourite is the random drawing ... i was just sighing away when i saw the couple's lovey dovey posture - now why can't i get held like that in real life??? *geram*

    when i was young, i didn't mind watching cartoons with English dubs (ie Capt Harlock, Transformers, Saber Rider etc) but now... now i always want to watch my anime with Jap audio and Eng subs. i watched Gunslinger Girl once on Animax (Eng dubbed) and i totally hated it! i preferred the Jap seiyuus...seriously really tabek them!

    @Rage78 - yeah, Yamato is so straight he's not funny! the only thing that interests him is kyudu! remember how he praised Takatoh's skill? i was like, "dude, T is also good looking, yeah!!" *LOL* i'm not a fanfic writer but my guess is for someone to get Yamato's attention, it's through a bow and arrow and unsurpassed skill! and yeah, a LOT of sexual harrassment before Yamato gets the idea he's being pursued! *winks* i actually have the AnK anime *nosebleed nosebleed* but i also want to collect the novel as i believe that Reiko-sensei's work is an utter cult classic! something i personally must have on my shelf...

    hmmm, i first started on yaoi/shounen ai when i first watched YnM and then picked up the Alcohol, Shirt and Kiss manga...both were quite tame actually ... then i bought the Jazz series and that's when i knew i would be in love with yaoi forever! (i know, sounds so drama, right?)
  10. valkyriensz
    @kavz30 === *cries* thanks 4 d info u gave in PM XD i'm in d same shoes as u *give a big hug to kavz30* i don't even feel wanna have a glimpse @ real REAL GAY PORN videos...there was a friendster gay friend asked me a favor to download a BL movie, title: coat west from the gaytorrent web using her ID...the moment i logged in n saw few pics of naked gays (which were definitely very unpleasant n no bishie @ all) i barely held myself from crying n vomiting well... hahaha! pls excuse me if u find me pathetic =___=' *sigh* luckily that time my yaoi sensei n max was going out, otherwise they will madly burst their evil laughs @ me...among my 4 "kamceng" yaoi buddies, my yaoi sensei & max r d most advance ones ^^' me n the other one have yaois enough only in mangas n animes...real gay videos r just like taboo to us >__< heeheehee *hides in with embarrassment*

    oh! ooh!! u like the random couple @ the theme park?? ^o^ i like it too!! very loving though the seme looks kinda pissed off or tired with his uke??? XD n her Only Ring Finger Knows couple art also sooo romantic, very sensual!! o>__<o *squeeee* yeah, this minah max is very talented in bishounen arts...i can't win against her though i can draw <--- beginner level only XD XD XD

    my 1st experience of yaoi started when my yaoi sensei (who is 2 years younger than me ) introduced AnK...soon after she "sumbat" me the AnK fanfics n doujinshies, she dragged me along to watch the OVAs after she managed to get to download them...later she introduced me this wonderful forum & asked me to work out with her to collect other yaois: gravitation, YnM, sukisyo, etc. ^^ haahaahaa...n we're both were actively leeching in mIRC for collecting yaoi/shounen-ai mangas n doujinshies long ago when i was 20...the very 1st shounen-ai manga i read was Koori no Mamono no Monogatari (mangaka: sugiura shiho) n yaoi: LOVE MODE (shimizu yuki) *i was craving for this manga madly b4* ^^ sadly we were unable to complete the manga coz it has been licensed (KnMnM) i wish i can find n buy for my collection since i've started 1st vol. silver diamond...speaking of love mode, my collection only left 2 more vols. to complete until that banning disaster befallen to our bookstores TT___TT *cries hysterically*

    @rage78 === i haven't get a chance to check for JR7 but maybe tomorrow i could drop by @ time square's borders after my japanese class XD it should b available already kan? u guys r anticipating it this week right? n to make matter worse, i haven't yet receive any reply email from borders which i sent not long ago DX *sigh*

    has aarin check @ penang borders for JR7??
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