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  1. Rage78
    oh yeah by the way, any news on JR 7..is it in Borders yet? *keeping fingers crossed*
  2. kavz30
    hmmm, not so sure about whether JR 7 is in Borders yet *keeping fingers crossed too*

    my purchase from AR was minimal *LOL* - Hybrid Child, A Gentleman's Kiss (vol 1), Fafner Dead Agressor novel and the Pop Japan Travel's Essential Otaku Guide! heheh ...
    Rage, thank me AFTER you've read Rin! *chuckles* not much smex in it but i quite like the story. katsura is so damm cute, lar! and so many people chasing after him, how not to love this story?? *grins*

    oh, man, EVERY scene that had Muraki+Tsuzuki together had me on the edge of my seat! yeah, the poker game was, um, interesting to say the least *sweats* Hisoka's appearance always makes me scream even though he was saving my fav shinigami!

    oh yeah, folks, i have uploaded this song i was telling you about in one of my previous posts - the song "inu ni naretara" by Yukihiro Takashi. damm nice to listen to! if you have patience for downloading give this song a try: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7P4BJUAQ. it's not exactly an J-pop, more like Japanese R&B! *grins*
  3. valkyriensz
    no sweat, don't mind @ all sharing d seiyuu info XD love to see u guys surprised XD XD XD i'm not mean to tease but @least i'm glad u can recognized them (^^)v no way!!! u haven't read Only Ring Finger Knows?? please read it, or else u'll gonna regret XD

    haven't see JR7 yet coz i went to borders yesterday, grabbed myself a copy of silver diamond v1...i felt so heart broken didn't get a chance to buy 3 copies of AnK novels (v1-3) which r nicely arranged @ d display shelf TT___TT my status is still broke *sniffs* owh! u're collecting passion manga!!? ^^ me too!! it's completed @ vol.4 right? i wasted my ptptn loan buying the manga until completed during my U life ' hehe! n i'm craving 4 love control >__<' my friend forgotten to pass me d manga in her thumb drive *sigh* i wonder how she got most of the licensed mangas n surprisingly she doesn't want to share the download links with me *sad* oh well, as long as she permits me to request n copy any mangas from her downloaded collections

    yuki eiri & tomomasa's seiyuu = inoue kazuhiko sensei (other anime roles: naruto's kakashi, KKM's gunter von christ <--would u believe this? i was kinda "WTH!!!?" when i knew 4 d 1st time ^o^, junjou romantica's miyagi you, fruit baskets' hattori, etc.)...his voice not all d time in bass only if he gets kakkoi characters in stead XD XD XD obvious example: gunter.....(>___<' it's funny to hear how he yells "heika!!!" so many times calling 4 yuri *roflmao*

    my fave seiyuu is okiayu ryoutarou sensei (think i have told u guys but oh well XD just slipped it again)...his roles in BL r not much (distinguishable):

    kizuna's ranmaru
    okane ga nai's gion
    fujimi orchestra's morimura yuki
    gakuen heaven's koji shinomiya
    gravitation's mr.K
    ikoku irokoi romantan's gondou
    junjou romantica's asahina kaoru
    marginal prince's joshua grant
    pls save my earth's issei
    vassalord (drama cd) as charlie/cherry
    chintsubu (drama cd) as toride...etc...

    that's all from me...sorry 4 d long crappish talk above XP
  4. Rage78
    @valkyriensz - I guess you can say I have the vol.1 - 4 of Passion now...that is to say, I have vol.1 in my hands and vol.2-4 in the form of licensed scans copy that I found by accident online. Yup, it's completed at vol. 4, but I kinda wished that it went on to maybe vol. 5 & 6 just so I can see Hikaru graduate from uni. lol.

    Love Control surprisingly was a delightful read, I found that I like how the relationship unfolded - it didn't feel rushed or left me blur, blur like Kimi Shiruya did. Reading this I saw two side characters that was really familiar and checking mangaupdates, I found that they were the main characters from Anato no Tonari ni Suwarasete. I think I'll have to re-read that one just to refresh my memory.

    I don't understand why your friend doesn't want to share where she found the licensed scans. Kinda stingy of her...but as long as she keeps sharing them with you, it's ok I guess. But you should get Love Control. It's a good read. Kept me engrossed.

    Now that you mentioned it, about Inoue Kazuhiko, I totally left out Gunter from his list of works ahahahahaha...but definitely at certain phrasings or words that he uses, you can hear that deep bass voice. I really 'tabik' the Japanese seiyuus - they are really talented with their voice acting that you can't tell them from their previous characters. Unlike our Malaysian ones...I mean you can hear Nobita's voice distinctly in other animes they dubbed and it's kinda funny and annoying at the same time. Can you imagine watching Dgrayman and hearing Nobita's voice, or Sailormoon's voice there and there's no difference which character they play?

    @Kavz30 - I totally THANK YOU now for Rin! It TOTALLY fulfilled my fetish for bishies in school/uni archery club dressed in HAKAMA!! GAWD, you have no idea how I love seeing bishies in hakama! I mean that slit thing at the side of their hips, is so suggestive, inviting and sexy. You can just slip your hand in to caress-*massive nosebleed* They look so manly-men, their stances, their concentration....sighs...*continues to nosebleed*

    It's absolutely delightful to read and I can't wait to read it again. But then I'm not surprised that the storyline is good considering how much I throroughly enjoyed reading Tenohira no Seiza. I remember the group that scanlated one chapter of it years and years back before it was licensed and till today I remember how much that one chapter captivated me.

    But to be honest, I somehow like Kouichi's character LOL. I don't necessarily want him to be with Katsura but I like him and I wonder if there'll be a spinoff on him...it'd be a pity if there weren't any.

    I guess JR 7 isn't in Borders yet. Sigh...
  5. aarinfantasy
    Eeps, I am not that good in Japanese language myself actually but enough to get by at least half of the show raw.

    I LOL-ed when Rage78 mentioned about M'sian dubs and agree with that Nobita's voice which is like in ALL of the Malay dubbed animes. But then again, I never really watch Malay dubbed version since it's badly done, not to mention many Eng dubs also are not that good too.

    Well, I am not a big fan of Inoue Kazuhiko, not sure why... maybe he plays all the mature guys and funny person in a mature way. I guess I prefer voices like Seki Tomokazu (since years ago and not knowing he was also a BL seiyuu) and only last year started to like Sakurai Takahiro... if you noticed, I think I prefer those who are flexible and can play very different characters.

    Anyone has the complete version of Ai No Kusabi novel? I saw it on the shelf too but not sure what to expect.... the English translated version is good?

    How do you all like the new forum structure??
    Especially those who's been here in the forum for a long time...
  6. kavz30
    minna-san, i am SO glad to be back! i missed this forum more than i missed MySpace or FaceBook! hahaha!

    @aarin chotto, there is already a complete English version of the AnK novels??? Where is it at???

    @rage78 - i know, i feel the same way about Rin! *blissful sigh* i actually hope there will be something out on Yamato - it's a damm shame he's single *winks* and yes, Love Control is a delight too. i can't wait for vol 2 to be out!

    @valkyrienz - i will educate myself on Only Ring Finger Knows soon! i promise!

    ahhh the seiyuuss *swoons*

    yeah,, i have to rant and rave about MOB! it's official, i hate Kagetora. my poor beloved Noe! *sobs* openly insulted like that....ARRRRGGGGHHH! that poor beautiful man .... *goes to a corner and cry*
  7. suetlana
    Hi everyone! I'm suetlana. New in this social group. Just want to say hi and totally unexpected that aarinfantasy is from Malaysia (^_^). Gave me quite a shocked but felt great as well (^o^). Hope to be friends with everyone. Have a nice day~~
  8. valkyriensz
    @aarinfantasy & rage78 === *nodding agreed* years ago i had to hear the typical malay nobita voices (in various malay dubbed animes) coz i was too noob dunno how to get animes in real japanese version =___=' after i used n familiar with downloading & buying from anime store, thinking back again i was so foolish how desperately i followed them (the malay dubbed animes)...n even the english ones...there was once i tested to change english dub version of slam dunk @ animax channel n i was almost screaming frantically hearing the voices plus they simply changed n called rukawa kaede's name to KAIDA!!! (>.<' poor my #1 fave slam dunk bishie *sobs* it doesn't bother me if they wanna call the characters @ their 1st name but to change characters' names, i found it so pathetic...even some animes in malay dub also found changing the characters' name TT____TT uwaaa~ now, i stick with japanese version with english fan subtitles XD

    whatever it is, the original japanese seiyuu are the best! really 'tabik spring' to them!! XD unlike others, japanese seiyuus r more professional & committed in the seiyuu work (even in BL ^^) n i was so surprised to learn some of them r so serious doing voice recording until to extend that he spat out blood ' "he" who i meant is morita masakazu (VA: bleach's ichigo) u can hear his comment >>>HERE<<< during MMU's GACC'08 event, morita was the special guest invited...there was once when he screamed "getsuga tenshou!!" n his spat little blood out during the process ' (that's really...what could i say....harsh+overdid it?) *salute man!*

    @kavz30 === yeaha! that's the spirit! XD have ur pleasureful time reading the manga k? n it also has 3 vol of novels which completing the whole story <--- currently i'm persuading my sensei to complete the novels collection...she already got the 3rd but got to hunt vol.1 n 2 to complete! *sigh*

    @suetlana == *waves* welcome!! i felt the same like u b4 XD XD XD never knew this wonderful web is from m'sia even my yaoi friends also didn't know about it until i told them so...*tumpang bangga* XD have a nice day to u too!! ^^/

    @aarinfantasy === i see the forum looks more organized n systematic XD but i don't mind @ all even if u not doing any restructure coz i love ur site very much! thanks 4 d hard work!!! otsukaresama!! sorry couldn't help on giving the info about AnK novels...maybe kavz30 can help, ne kavz30?
  9. kavz30
    @valkyriensz i noticed you just changed your avatar who are the couple? looks cute!!!

    Rage78 directed me on finding ORFK *LOL* yes, I will read them this weekend

    a friend of mine (married) came by my place yesterday afternoon...since my internet was on, i told her if she wanted to surf, it was OK. she logged onto a site and started showing me pictures of her friends and all. the pics were nice, but i was more anxious about logging into aarin when the site was up again *LOL* finally when she logged out and asked me which site i wanted to go, i immediately logged on here! she was a bit shocked when i told her i was reading BL manga and that this is the site i spend more time at! *LOL* she was curious about the smex scenes and i gave her my copy of Alcohol, Shirt & Kiss (it's quite tame, yeah? *winks*) to just glance through...when it was time for her to go home, she asked if she could borrow some of my BL anime *LOL* i told her she has to watch it in my house - my DVDs are NOT leaving my house! i loaned to her Devil May Cry (her hubby plays the game) and Angel's Feather (not one of my fav BLs - the ending always makes me short tempered!)...

    have any of you introduced a BL to an outsider before? i think i shocked my friend! *ROFL*
  10. aarinfantasy
    @suetlana: Hi suetlana, welcome welcome!

    @kavz30, I am 100&#37; sure I saw AnK Novels in Kinokuniya before (before yaoi was banned there), and also at Borders. It should be in English since it's also on the English manga shelf. I just didn't buy it YET... wanna know the reviews on it. I thought 1-3 are complete??

    I have introduced my straight guy friends and even a reluctant girl friend to try yaoi. Guess what... some of the straight guy friends like it! And the girl got interested! hehe
    They are from M'sia and Singapore. I kinda "turned" them heheh, which is cool =x
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