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  1. kavz30

    gotta agree with you, valkyrienzs& Rage78 about MOB - the only reason why i downloaded the OVAs was cos of the eps 1-13. i love the series even though the timeline confused the heck out of me. you should have been there when i finally finished watching it (i did a marathon - watching the entire thing straight in one sitting). i was confounded for a few seconds after it ended that I practically screamed at the screen, "you CAN'T mean to end it like that!!!" - this at 4am, no less *LOL* i so love Naoe, and Takaya/Kagetora is a damm fool! *growls* gonna spend this weekend watching the MOB OVAs and see what happens between them. i quite like the seiyuu who did Naoe - damm his voice is sexy!

    Hooray for the JR vol 7! will have to stalk out Borders at MidValley this weeknd as well! *grins*

    ROFL at the gila cukai remark ... i attended a Budget talk and the speaker said that sooner or later the GST tax will be implemented in the future *sigh* so people, brace yourself for paying more! *sweats and curses*
  2. Rage78
    OMG! OMG!! I just received my akadot parcel just now!! All 11 mangas are safely in my hands...I must admit that the night before I was fretting worrying that maybe the Kastams might not let it pass since there's 11 books inside..but luckily it went thru..I was so paranoid that I even checked the Pos Laju package tracking and my heart nearly stopped in excitement when I read that 'courier is attempting to deliver'...HEE...I can now have a really good good weekend.
  3. Rage78
    @kavz30 - Takaya, IMHO, might be warming up to Naoe (could be wishful thinking on my part lol) but Kagetora is a vengeful master. Kagetora knows that Naoe has the hots for him and delights in torturing his loyal 'dog'..I like Takaya but Kagetora, not so much. I can't believe you stayed up til 4 a.m, and watched it all at one shot LOL! Dang it! now I'll have to rewatched the eps to hear Naoe's voice again coz I can't recall how he sounds like.

    About the GST, hasn't it already been implemented already?
  4. Whazzup
    Hi,sef told me about this group..I should be more aware of stuff here=.=....oh well,nice to meet you all...hope we can be good friends^.^
  5. kavz30
    @Rage 78 - i'm SO glad you finally received your parcel! wow, 11 mangas! what titles did you get? yeah, GST has been implemented already ... hmmm ... i guess i wasn't paying attention at the talk *grins*

    btw, i just found out that Akadot Retail has opened up a separate online store for its yaoi goods: http://www.yaoiclub.com. check it out if you can! (yes, i have become a fan of AR!! *grins*)

    *waves @ whazzup* hello, welcome!

    OK, i is going to have the marathon on MOB OVAs now! *LOL*
  6. aarinfantasy
    @Rage78: Great to know you received your parcel~

    I ordered the yaoi anime DVDs mostly from CDJapan. Their delivery is fast too, from Japan to our Post Laju. No questions asked from Kastam.

    And I see you guys are talking about Mirage of Blaze? That show really brings back memories, one of the very first I've fansubbed... I couldn't really get the storyline after a few times working on the video of it. (I was quite new to anime, Japanese language and yaoi back then) =x
  7. valkyriensz
    hello+good day minna!! ^^

    @rage78 --- happy 4 u got ur 11 MANGAS (O__O wow! what titles r u buying?) safe n sound! ^^ *wiped sweat* finally eh! ^^ u can enjoy ur relaxing weekends

    @kavz30 --- i did almost the same as u when i ended my 1st marathon of MoB...i guess we need to follow its novel to have better clarification eh, naa rage78?...thinking of its 40vols of manga ' how in d world i wanna read it...i thought AnK novels is d only novel has most vols...araraa~ luckily its haven't been licensed yet! oh! oh! another useful link of yaoi purchase!! thanks!! >.< *excited*

    MoB naoe's seiyuu = hayami shou sensei (same VA of: bleach's aizen, bronze-zetsuai's nanjo kouji, YnM's muraki, yakitate JAPAN's meister kirisaki, etc..)...he has a great deep voice which can melt the fangirls including me o>__<o <---gila japanese seiyuus

    haiyaah...more tax? =___=' until to what extend they wanna implement these bothersome things...tsk tsk tsk...now i need to drastically tie up my stomach T___T oh ya, need to implemet my wallet diet too

    @aarinfantasy --- thanks 4 d useful info!! i wish i can master my japanese ASAP so that i can watch original DVDs like u!! q>___<p nyao~

    @whazzup --- *waves* welcome to the club!! irasshaimase!! willkommen!! selamat datang XD XD XD have pleasure with our group chat here!
  8. sef
    Minna.......I just got a call from my sis that the parcel has arrived safely... but I will surely get EMS next time...

    @Whaz: welcome

    btw....is the cd drama for Only the ring finger know still on sale or can anyone provide a link for me to purchase???
  9. kavz30
    good afternoon!

    @sef - this is good news indeed! u have fun with your yaoi goods. yeah, i think all of us would be using EMS from now *chuckles* i have heard of Only the ring finger knows - is it that good, meh? what's the storyline about?

    thanks for that wonderful advice about using EMS, aarin! i will NOT complain about EMS from now on - even though it costs more than the actual purchase *sweats* and yes, i am still hung up about MoB *LOL* i quite like your fansubs - it's actually MUCH better than the DVDs' quality that I get from S&M House (Petaling St).

    @valkyriensz - thanks for the info on Naoe's seiyuu! Now i know why i am so hot for him! *LOL* DoD/YnM was the first anime i watched and it was love at first sight/hearing from the moment Muraki-sama made his appearance! *goosebumps* he is so so so gorgeous and i still wish for the Muraki+Tsuzuki pairing!

    OK, this is all i have for now ...
  10. Rage78
    Hullo, welcome to the group, Whazzup. Hope to see you alot here.

    @kavz30 & valkyriensz - I bought the following titles:
    1. The First Stage of Love
    2. Kimi Shiruya - Dost Thou Know?
    3. Little Butterfly vol.1 (now my collection is complete)
    4. Love Control
    5. My Only King
    6. Passion vol.1 (collection now sorta complete)
    7. Rin vol.1 - 3 (collection complete)
    8. Sunflower vol.1
    9. Ruff Love

    I bought Rin coz Kavz30 was raving about it and now that I have it in hand, I just realise why the artstyle looked familiar, the mangaka is same one who did one of my fave titles, Constellations in my palm (tenohira no seiza). Sooo, without reading Rin yet, wanna thank Kavz for bringing Rin to my attention lol.

    What were you doing during the GST talk, anyways? LOL! Thinking yaoi ka? HAHAHHAHAAHA...I checked out yaoiclub and not much diff from AR..but I don't think I'll buy from YC. I'll stick to AR...IMHO tis better to buy from a company named AR rather than YC...lest some Kastam fella gets all twitchy or something lol. I am SO not taking any risk where manga supply is concerned. AR is now my God. I'm really tempted to order more mangas but I think I'll wait till my card debt is cleared before I launch the next assault. I'm waiting for October so I can get my vol.2 of Mister Mistress.

    Oh, Kavz, you have not tried Only the Ring Finger Knows??? Tis blasphemous!!! I'll make sure to um, rectify that lol! Hope you can wait till tomorrow.

    Tell me you weren't all on the edge of your seat during the poker scene..muahahaha Hisoka was like the avenging uke come to save his defenseless seme's virtue roflmao! and that rape scene of Hisoka was soo beautiful and yet violent.

    Valkyriensz - Oh yes, I am enjoying my weekend, going thru my mangas slowly, savouring every moment. Currently reading Sunflower vol.1 now.

    For MoB novels, I really hope that AH is really up for the task and committed to translating all of them coz 40 sure is alot. I think it's 40 and still ongoing..Will Naoe and Takaya ever get together??? EH??! Naoe's seiyuu is the one that did Aizen??? No wayyyy! and Muraki too??? I'm all for Muraki but Aizen not so much. My favourite seiyuu is the one who did Eiri Yuki and Tomomasa's voice..I LOVE that bass voice..so sexy.

    @Aarin - CDJapan. I'll go check it out then. Thanks for the info. I wish I was fluent in Japanese so I can at least do translation works - but I have the attention span of a flea sooo I doubt I'd make much progress in Japanese class. Sobs sobs..I'm a useless fan after all sobs sobs...But seriously your fansubs rock!

    @Sef - *GLOMPS* Congrats! Thank the powers of yaoi that your parcel arrived unmolested..there, there, you can cry in relief now. Yes, EMS is the only way to go - even if it's very expensive.
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