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  1. valkyriensz
    konban wa / good evening!!

    @seraph == thanks 2 those idioms, i'm battling with my asthma & it worked! ^^ now got little coughs only *blushed* wooa! ur course of study sure is interesting n all i can say is GANBATTE KUDASAI!!! *raise 'faito banner' n showing to seraph* XP

    @kavz30 == hi! thanks 4 ur concern XD i'm recovering faster than i thought thanks to seraph's advice...u should collect all AnK drama cds ^^/ riki's voice is really.....errk how should i say 'mesmerized' me? hahaha! i can't help thinking of overlapping riki's image with saiyuki's sanzo or MoB's takaya <--- i like toshihiko seki sensei's voice as an uke!! XP other drama cds i would like to recommend: yamane ayano's viewfinder n ikoku irokoi romantan (the seiyuus totally made me "kyaa kyaa kyaa" hearing their voice) ^o^ i'm so hoping d viewfinder anime seiyuus could perform as great as d drama cd's - since they had changed all different seiyuus from d drama cd's i'm in process of collecting hakushaku sama series, my yaoi friend introduced it coz she said got tomokazu sugita (gintama's gintoki seiyuu) played role as hakushaku n d story is funny <--- since i followed gintama, i'm kinda curious how d seiyuu perform in BL drama cds XD nevertheless, this seiyuu also had 'BL scandal' with another seiyuu sometime ago (i think it was nakamura shuichi) which makes me more 'excited' ^^ mwahahahahaaa!

    @everyone == wanna wish y'all have very nice days from time to time!! ^^/
  2. sef
    @kavz30: the system in amazon indicates that my parcel had been delivered!! I guess the kastam had my parcel "captivated".

    @Aarin: I bought 3 titles of yaoi novel + others reference book...I'm getting worry now. I guess mine's is the normal delivery type. Gosh. I don't know what I'm suppose to do now~ and, how did you retrive from their office?

    @eva: I saw your joke & I'm actually laughed like crazy

    @phloem....*let me be your xylem*-..Joking!

    @val..*finger crossed* I hope so
  3. sef
    btw...regarding the loveless manga which is still available in Kino~ they mentioned they will continue bringing in the manga if the content is mild & acceptable, but it will be discontinue if any inapproriate content!!

    @seraph: good luck & gambate kudasai

    and, it's a fasting month!!so, selamat berpuasa!!
  4. Rage78
    Hi ya all,

    @kavz30 - I can't wait to get my copies of Rin since you raved about it so much...Just keeping fingers crossed that my package will reach me safely. Is feeling nervous and impatient at the mo.

    @aarin - am I correct to assume that EMS sorta bypasses the Kastam checks on parcels compared to the normal posts?

    @sef - if the amazon systems says that parcel has been delivered, and you still haven't received it, there's a high degree of chance that it's been tahan by the Kastam if you say it came thru normal post. My friend sent me a parcel from the US once thru the normal post (I think) and the Kastam went thru my parcel but luckily it only contained Anne of Green Gables series video tape. They even opened my parcel from Amazon.UK when I ordered Dark Angel videotapes once a upon a time ago. That's why I'm very wary of ordering anything online. I hope that your parcel has been delayed and not kena tahan...

    @valky & kavz30 - I'm not much for CDdramas coz I prefer to see the anime or read the manga. But yeah, watching the AnK anime, Riki and Iason....sighs....and OMG, you're gonna watch the MoB OVAs, kyaaaa~ but the MoB animes always leaves me with a sense of dissatisfaction coz Takaya and Naoe's love-hate relationship really leaves us hanging. I suppose it eventually gets resolved in the novels. Are the novels licensed or something?

    @ Seraph (even if you can't read this for now) - Have faith. I believe you'll make it to the uni of your choice!! q(^ ^)p

    Regarding Loveless - So, far to our eternal despair, there hasn't been any inappropriate content in it ---yet..'cept the implied loli-con, shota-cons, yaoi and yuri. Funny how I saw that Gravitation is still listed in Kino's bookweb. Perhaps the covers were too deceptive and harmless looking? Even Silver Diamond was still listed...so that gives me hope that maybe Silver Diamond is appropriate since there's been no inappropriate scenes whatsoever in it - if you ignore the persistent hugging of Rakan by Chigusa...XD
  5. aarinfantasy
    @Rage78: Actually EMS includes those "kastam tax fees" (which pays to them) so that's why it bypassed them 'easier'. They DO check your parcel's contents (even EMS) though cuz I got some of the tapes opened and re-sealed back by kastam ppl. The good news is that: They never question me on all the yaoi anime DVDs I imported even after they saw the covers lol.

    Here's my experience with the Kastam officers in Penang:
    I bought 3 Hong Kong concert DVDs all in one parcel from YesAsia.com (the online website is based in HK), I bought it with YesAsia's "Free Delivery" method. So the Kastam tahan(held) my parcel and sent me a note to go to their office to claim my DVD. So I went to the office and the Kastam took me into this office room (it's like police interrogation in movies zzz), and he asked me to pay tax fees to them so they can release it. They wanted RM150 for my parcel of stuff (OMG! It's so expensive! Way more than EMS itself and I could buy another DVD!) and then he asked me singers of the concerts and all because I do not look like I wanna give RM150 to them for it. So after 15mins of talking, he said he will discount the fees down to RM80 for me. Because I don't wanna waste anymore time there, I just paid it. Then he advice me to use "EMS" to avoid getting charged like that. I calculated EMS is even cheaper than RM80 if I paid it >.> There is actually NOTHING wrong with the concert DVDs contents (not banned, not porns) and yet they have to tahan it cuz of the tax. So at the end is: You MUST pay the tax fees anyway, and plus for faster way to receive your stuff... use EMS.
    Oh ya, the Kastam ppl also told me they dont trust YesAsia because they always put a very low price for value estimation in the parcel. After that one day going there, I used EMS even through YesAsia.com another time and no problems - it was delievered straight to my house. It also says that Kastam will hold on to things depending on what online website the thing is sent from.

    No matter what, Kastam checks all parcels. While I was waiting at the office for the "interrogation", I seen them opening boxes and even open some covers with penknife and then simply taped it back.

    My advice: Pay EMS if possible... your petrol fuel price to go their office, your time spent, pay extra tax all total more than the EMS fees.
  6. aarinfantasy
    I've called up Borders Bookstore (Penang branch) and they told me Junjo Romantica Vol7 has been ordered, estimated about 2-3 weeks to arrive. My guess is anytime within next week to beginning of October. So it should be the same for all in M'sia... except that I think the KL Borders will have it earlier than other states.
  7. Seraph
    Hey guys and gals, thanks for all of your regards... I still able to read them since i haven't log off. Anyhow, this will be my last post for a long time, or last so thanks to everyone and I really enjoyed my stay. Wish everyone a good life and this group will grow larger and larger. Last but not least, hope everyone will get their beloved yaoi-s again in no time.

  8. aarinfantasy
    All the best to you Seraph~~
  9. valkyriensz
    @aarin == gee, that was a very tough one 4 u dealing those 'robbers' XP i remembered there was once a foreign man (mat saleh) i met in McD complaining @ the cashier that m'sian gov is like 'gila cukai' when he was abt to pay his meal n i was barely holding my laughs (indicates i agreed with him) when i Q-ed behind him *seriously i was trembling dat time until my friend patted me n told me i overdid it* ^^' n thanks 4 d junjou manga news...good to everyone who collect the mangas! XD happy 4 u!!

    i checked my email n still no luck of finding any replies from KL Borders *patient*

    @rage78 == i'm so agree with u! when i watched MoB series n OVAs, i was like full of 'whats' n 'whys' in my head ' i was so blurry to understand n catch up d whole story n need to do re-marathon d anime again XP n i feel AnK is better than MoB tho i like naoeXtakaya angsty love stories as well as iasonXriki's (^^) i also have no idea whether MoB has its novel published *immediately hunting 4 info* woah! if kinokuniya willing to sell out Silver Diamond, i'll make sure to grab them 4 my new collections...it's been so long i've stopped reading its downloaded manga =___=' i missed chigusaXrakan!!!

    @seraph == *waving handkerchief* i wish the best 4 u in pursuing ur study in japan!

    @sef == *hugs back* there..there girl, i wish there's nothing bad happen even if kastam check ur parcel...hopefully they go lenient during this puasa month *i'm hoping so*


    i happened to know just now from : BAKA-UPDATES MANGA that MoB novels (40 vols!) hasn't licensed yet n d latest chapter released so far is vol.5 ch5 *gulp* <--- imagining that we need to wait until reaching vol.40 n i dunno whether it's completed or ongoing *sweat*
  10. Rage78
    @ Aarin - No wonder EMS so expensive. Our Kastam tax is included. My EMS cost is about equal the cost of my manga purchase from akadot (give or take a dollar or two). Your experience with the Kastam is horrible, instead of wasting your 15 minutes, the man could've just gone straight to the point. I'm actually surprised that we can get the yaoi anime dvds in..where did you go to to order online? I'm actually really excited about it even if the EMS costs more than the merchandise LOL.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for JR 7, dying to get my hands on the copy. Hope it gets thru the Kastam's unmolested.

    @ Seraph - Hope you have a good time in Kyoto! Come back and see us when you can!!

    @ Valkryiensz - ROFLMAO at the gila cukai remark. I totally agree with the poor fella. He must've felt robbed eating at our McDonald's. Hee.

    40 volumes and still ongoing...OMG, soooooo long lah the series...I don't think anyone wants to license it coz the series is too long..I'd rather they make more anime series based on the novels coz TakayaxNaoe deserves some closure and darn it I want them to consumate their, ahem, love. But seriously Takaya in his master mode really knows how to make Naoe really guilty about his dead gf. So unforgiving. I really felt bad for Naoe *huggles Naoe, 'you poor poor thing'*

    Iason and Riki...sigh...cried buckets of tears at their demise. The AnK novels, do they say what happens after IasonxRiki died? I read a really excellent fanfic for AnK..But I can't remember what the URL is sobs sobs sobs...it was really really good. Lots of S&M scenes etc...*drools* of course there's a plot in it too lol.

    Ditto bout Silver Diamond, I just wish Tokyopop would hurry up with the next volumes to catch up to where the scanlations stopped...I really, really wanna know what happens next and the suspense is killing me.

    I just realised that our Malaysian members count here just went up..good for us and welcome to whoever you are.
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