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  1. Demonic Angel
    Demonic Angel
    KL girl here!

    talkin bout yaoi mangas.. i've a couple.. around 10 books?
    ahh.. very expp...
  2. aarinfantasy
    *dishes out Malaysian English*
    Eh... I only got ONE yaoi manga >.<;; cuz buying one whole set is expensive! But if I ever see what I really really want, I will buy lah... no choice~ Have to support original ~

    Wow, I envy you go Japan study... what are you studying there?
    Interested to be AarinFantasy's translator? XD
    (cuz I know a few Malaysians who go there work/study come back very good in Japanese)

    Wow, quite a lot of you from East Malaysia eh besides KL... that's cool

    @Koha02: Me too... eventhough I still stay in Malaysia, I hardly use Malay language in my daily conversation especially since after Form 5. So it's rusty too >.<;;

    Guys, I got to know a guy here in Penang who creates a game that works like the regular yaoi game (like Silver Chaos). He is now working on a yuri game project as his first project. I was wondering if I should work with him to make our very own "buatan Malaysia" (made it Malaysia) yaoi game? Dunno if ppl will buy it or not =.; But it's just a "dream" only lah for now~

    I will try to check here at least once every week... cuz sometimes too busy till forget
  3. evangeline90
    Hey~ I'm a Melaka girl now studying in US. Nice to meet you guys! My yaoi loving started when my friend bought two yaoi manga by SHI RAN and another mangaka for RM2. They were on sale. *sweat* She didn't know but when she read it she realised it was gay. Pretty easy revelation seeing SHI RAN gets into the hard stuff FAST~

    I went over to her house and she told me about where she bought it and how cheap it was only to be "tricked". I was already an avid manga and anime collector so she gave it to me and told me to make a gay shelf in my room. Course she was joking, but the next day I went to the same bookstore and bought all their dua ringgit titles~

    They were in chinese, didn't know if it was China or Taiwan publication but all the good parts were censored, not like japan's invisible glow rods, but just plain blacked out like someone used a can of spray paint on it. The store went out of service a few days later. =.="' After that, I turned to the web and found you guys<3

    Now I'm able to buy yaoi manga from Kinokuniya and I'm "giving back to the BL society" by being a translator for the aarinfantasy scanlation team~

    Nice to meet you guys!!!
  4. skutergirl
    I'm studying Electric and Electrical Engineering here. Trying to survive. Ganbaru!!^^;;
    Thanks for asking. I would love to join the scanlation team. But I can only do oneshots... And I'm not good at translating the SFX...^^;;

    Wow.. RM2?? That's cheap.

    And I heard the chinese yaoi manga is cheaper. But I can't read chinese since I'm Malay. Huhu....

    Any anime related convention or event this August or September??? I was shocked to hear that Morita Masakazu(Kurosaki Ichigo's seiyuu) was in Malaysia... I wanna meet him too...
  5. sef
    Hi there, everyone!!! I have another confession to make. I'm actually afraid to reveal that I'm Malaysian in the 1st place cuz from my previous experience in a "X" forum I was bother by a so- called "hentai" person!!! So, I'm hoping that u guys don't mind especially Nadia.

    I lived in PJ my whole life...I juz complete my studies in UPM & planning to continue my MBA...recently started working...life's pretty hard.

    My addiction of BL starts when a Malay frenz of mine introduce me to Gravitation & memoryforyou.net (it's no longer avaible...but change to other name, can't remember) & my passion accelerated during my uni life...And, I'm now aiming a whole set of love mode from Kino (release until #9...2 more volume to go)....I'm bought a lot of title but still very hardworking sourcing for other alternative to buy...

    And, I found that being a translator is a really hard job....I've actually requested to translate as a part of my contribution to aarinfantasy but it's really hard...but I will try my best & hope I don't turn up to be a loussy fella!!!
  6. Koha02
    @ Aarin~ Yea, I really need to brush up on my Malay ^^;; My family back in Malaysia would be so disappointed otherwise..they actually said I sounded like a foreigner during the last phone call -sigh- ... and I can't even speak the tribal language (Dusun) so it'd be really bad if I don't speak Malay too >_<

    Awwe, sef thank you for your hard work with the translating ^^

    Hmm...I don't know about you guys but I'm actually quite scared to reveal to other Malaysians that I like yaoi stuff. I dunno what it is...I mean, I know if my family and friends in Malaysia found out that I like stuff like these, I think they'd disown me straight away xD
    It was a very religious community where I used to live ^^;;
  7. sef
    @Koha: I don't care how other ppl look at me...my parent/sisters knows about it...it's just add to another reading pleasure!!!My close frenz also know, maybe in the first place they might thought I a bit abnormal..but then I reassure them that I'm still me & straight!!! Oh...my Malay also not really good, but my English also "mada mada da ne"...sigh.....
  8. skutergirl
    Well, lately, I'm not that shy to reveal that I'm a yaoi fan.... All my close friend knows... My sis likes it too.. And luckily I don't have a brother.^^;; My parents don't care about what I like that much. Thank goodness for that.
  9. evangeline90
    @skutergirl: Yeap, it's dirt cheap, if you can find it... I CAN'T FIND IT ANYMOREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! But even if it's cheap, all the good stuff are censored... Sucks also... I've bought about 5 titles since I came to San Francisco, Thunderbolt Boys Excite and Scandalous Seiryo University - best buys I've ever made~<3

    But now I'm broke...

    My brothers know I like yaoi and they stay away from my com, but they like watching the lighter titles with me, we've watched Kyou Kara Maoh together. They enjoyed it too~ Mum and dad don't know though...

    @ Koha02 & sef: As for the looks, I don't really care about them, but I don't go out of my way to tell everyone either. There's an aura about people who like boy on boy you know? Like you can sort of tell if they'll be ok with it even if you've only met them for the first time? That's how I decide whether to tell people or not, I look for the "yaoi vibe"~ (You can usually tell if someone says: "this artist-boy, and this artist-boy, look so cool together!!!") lol~

    All my computer savvy friends -boys- know, they've seen weirder stuff online than yaoi so they don't mind. Some even help me download stuff and tell me about the newest updates. They're straight so they keep complaining they're "scarred for life". Wonder why they help anyways~

    Funny thing is only 2 of my best girl friends know, it's harder to let my girl friends know because girls have this tendency to remember things... Guys just shrug things off you know? But girls, they somehow look at you different if you let them think you're not the same as them...

    Well~ it's different when we're online surrounded by people who love the same thing!!!

  10. Koha02
    Oh lol, I don't care if anyone in England or wherever else finds out I love Yaoi xD
    My brothers know I love these kinds of things and they tease me about it but overall they don't really care.

    I don't mind anyone knowing as long as it's not my family and friends back in Sabah xD
    They'll probably fly over here, drag me to the church to have me exorcised or something ..and I'm not exaggerating. Or maybe they'll just hit me...lol xD

    I like an easy simple life, so if I can get through life without them ever knowing, that'll be great :3 I just can't be bothered with the hassle. It's hard to convince people when they're so narrow-minded =/
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