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  1. kavz30
    @evangelinge90 - wow, business and econ! you must have a head for numbers then, to me that's good. i'm so bad at maths, scrapped thru my maths with a pass (read: near fail)!

    @seraph & phloem - hi hi again! hope to see you around this page often!

    @valkyriensz - how's the puasa coming so far? the first week is always tough, i heard!

    @Rage78 - ooohhh, i finally have a Gentleman's Kiss copy on my bookshelf can't wait for vol 2 to be out!

    minna-san, btw, i finally have Shungiku Nakamura-sensei's Hybrid Child - the storyline(s) are incredible but i find the artwork so similar to JR that my mind kept confusing the HC characters with JR! It's like, "hmmm, he looks like Misaki", and at another page "Oooh, Aikihiko!" and so on! i don't usually collect an author's publication of different series and this is the first time i have two manga series by the same manga-ka. i keep comparing the artwork. does anyone have this issue as well?
  2. Rage78
    @kavz30 - Paid my $$ to akadot on Friday night and I hope they process my stuff quickly..Should I be expecting an email from them telling me they got my payment and the ETA of the goods arriving at my doorstep?

    I don't have a copy of Hybrid Child but I do have the scanlations (LOL) and I never had the guts to revisit HC anymore coz the last story in the series just made me bawl my eyes out...twas just SO SO SO sad. Tis a good choice you made.

    You've must devoured A Gentleman's Kiss in no time LOL! You should devour the rest of the related series too...good good stuff.

    @valkyriensz - Hope you're not still down with fever or something and Selamat Berpuasa.
  3. valkyriensz
    hi minna! == woah, i missed so much the chats here...i couldn't get to on9 like usual coz of weather condition here n it was so hard to detect wireless signal TT___TT 1 more thing, sadly to say there's still no news from the Borders which i have sent my emails to *waiting again patiently* T__T

    @kavz30 == eto from ur previous post & rage78's, u can download the D.Gray-Man's "musician" mp3 from gendou music ^^ it has been my "ubat tidur", i let it play endlessly until i really get to sleep n it works! XD u asked abt my puasa? heehee, already skipped 4 days in d 1st week coz of my bad health *eeep! kantoi!*

    @seraph == ur japanese is really: sugoi!!! ' thanks 4 ur comments XD it was really sad to think how that kuso jiijii insulted me...he had hurt my otaku's pride! =___=' if i spread around to other manganime fanz like u guys here, he'll be dead 4 sure! the funny thing is, he used his english to condemn me n my poor english, not to correct me on the science facts...weird huh...there's such people exist...tsk tsk tsk...good luck in ur entrance xm & ur japan study! i believe u can do it well, no, excellently! *thumbs up!*

    @rage78 == still waiting my friend to pass the tea *sobs* apparently she's too bz with her practical training...oh well, my fever is already gone but the remaining problem is my asthmatic...my breathing canal is so itchy that i feel i wanna slay my chest open & scratch the effected areas >_<' grrr...n again, i got 'jangkit' with my mom a sore throat that even worse that puts me into silent mode ' i lost my voice!

    @phloem == welcome to the club! i'm a yaoi amateur too but don't wanna act like one ^^' *waves*

    @dohkajou == there's used to be an incident where people sent letter of complaint & condemn dragonball n they labeled the anime as a violent one =___=' malaysian adults (non otakus) r still mada mada mada mada far away to understand anime huh? *sigh* but since naruto n bleach is very well accepted, i think there's no problem (hopefully)

    @evangeline90 == ne! ne! where did find the chinese version of loveless?? *kitty eyes* i feel like to collect some & try to read them on my own since i've been collecting some shoujo manga in chinese <-- tho i dunno how to read but i'll learn the language later XD XD XD

    @sef == aaauw poor thing...ur parcel will arrive safely sooner / later...just need to wait a lil bit more...i wish u 4 d best! X) *hugs*
  4. Seraph
    Just to mention, Rin volume 1 is on Borders' shelf but I guess it is kinda old book? And others could be done by Special Order... There's like more than 100 books of yaoi which is available for special order. I guess maybe this is a safe way?

    @kavz30 - You won't be seeing me that often since my internet line would be cut off by 10th of this month, which is kinda fast...

    @valkyriensz - Thanks for your compliments. I am not that good compared to Japanese and it is not tooi (far) but it is haruka (beyond view)... Anyway, hope you get well soon and I know how bad it will be when you are sick.

    A japanese idioms:

    yamai wa ki kara
    病は気から - Sickness is from what you think.
    It means, sickness will feel worst if you think that you are sick.

    warau kado niwa fuku kitaru
    笑う門には福来たる - When you smile, good things will come.
    So, try to make yourself happy, don't feel blue since it will not help. Smile always!
  5. aarinfantasy
    All the best to you Seraph and remember to come visit here when you are in Japan!

    "Selamat Berpuasa" for those who are fasting.

    and "WELCOME" for those who just joined us here like phloem~
  6. Seraph
    @aarinfantasy - Above all of this, is it possible to go to Japan is a problem I have to face now... XD
  7. ~silvis~
    I saw Rin 1,2,3 still at borders in the curve.

    @seraph: that's so cool! Studying in Japan! xD
  8. dohkajou
    btw seraph,studying in jpn taking what course?
  9. Seraph
    I am thinking of game producing, but I am bad in drawing so my choice is very limited and actually there is only one university which offer such course so I guess it is my only choice. But the entrance exam is on the same day with EJU (which is a test that would reveal my fate on Japan study visa) so it is impossible for me to get it. So maybe I will go for a vocational school and then get my ass into that university by next year... Hope everything goes well again... Since I can't get to know any results by now... Sigh...
  10. kavz30
    good evening everyone! *bows*

    been busy these past few days. coming back here and reading all those posts ....fwaaahhh! i missed alot! *grins*

    @rage78 - fingers crossed that you get your AR stuff faster than this Friday! *crosses fingers* still love HC but damm, am i still cooing over Rin! (all 3 volumes). so much so that i wrote my own review on my blog *grins* am so waiting for gentleman's Kiss vol 2!

    @valkyriensz - thanks for the recommendation! i will download the song soon - am currently downloading Mirage of Blaze OVAs. u make sure your health is OK, yeah?

    @seraph - u have a good time in Japan and take care! hope you get to read this post before your internet subscription is off.

    @everyone else who is fasting this month - selamat berpuasa!

    downloaded a Jap song, but i dun think it's an anime soundtrack, very R&B-ish, i'm so in love with it! it's Inu ni naretara by Yukihiro Takahashi. ever heard of him? i dun mind uploading the file somewhere here in AF for y'all to listen, but i dun know how :-( gotta read the download and upload section i guess...anyone can PM me the exact instruction as i'm sooo clueless about stuff like this? (i very pandai to download but hopeless at upload!)

    i keep listening to AnK's Dark Erogenous over and again - the seiyuu's voice is ... wow *romantic sigh* any other Drama CDs to recommend? but i gotta confess, i'm not much into Drama CDs, i'd rather read manga and watch anime....funny, isn't it?

    OK, this is all i have to say for now!

    take care!
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